Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and Giveaway Winner

Happy Halloween everyone!! As much as I love this holiday, I can't never celebrate it as merry as everyone else in another part of this world. I come from a pretty religious family that think celebrating Halloween co-exists with "inviting the devils into our house" (pfft!) And here I am, my little girl heart is throbbing on donning a monster costume and knocking on neighbour's doors. (sigh)

Anyhoo .. some of my talented readers have made it up for me this Halloween..have I mentioned how I love seeing my printables actually functional to babalisme's readers? OK, here's one..

2 little holligans' treat bags was including the Halloweenies printables, both boy and girl versions! And yes, she sew that cute little bag herself.

Susan of poca cosas, on the other hand, added much needed embellishment to my Halloween mini cards! Notice the little pearls on Skelly's chest?

If you manage to keep your eyes open until you read this, congratulations. I'm also here to announce the winner of my first ever giveaway!! Chosen by random.org, everyone, ...so congrats to Andi Lia and Jamie Lee!! I have contacted the winners earlier today and if you are them, do reply me back with your mailing address. Thank you all for participating!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

D is for Death

In a Halloween mood, I tried to google up my favorite macabre illustrator name and came up with twentysixtinytombstones. A blog, filled with Edward Gorey's tribute, particularly to his work The Gashlycrumb Tinies (1963). The book itself is filled with alphabet and its accordingly name of objects in pictures, but instead of apples and zebras, we will find children's names starting with each alphabet and their deathly fate.

At twenty sixtiny tombstones, illustrator Patricio Oliver invited his artist /illustrator friends to re-enact any alphabet from the book, it doesn't even matter if one alphabet done numerous times or the artist change the kid's name and how he meet his ill fate. Sounds fun? Go visit or maybe submit your own!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Halloween's coming, so many things to do
Candy shopping and costume making
Fret not, here's a little help to set the mood
A Halloweenies Minicard set for you!

YAY! So how was my poem?
**enter miserable ghoulish sound**



OK, I'm sorry for such lameness. Anyway, I'm not making things up though about the last part. A halloween themed minicard ready to download! Free as always!


On more serious side... I have been receiving a lot of emails asking about downloading problems, so I'm sorry to inform you as well, that you have to be registered at Scribd.com before you can make any download. Registering is easy and free, of course, you just have to upload 1 document (your shopping list would do, if you're really not that creative) and there are thousands of printable, recipes, literature, music sheets, and many more to be find. I encourage you to do so, since I offer many free printables only at Scribd :)

Happy Halloween!


*** October 2013 update : I'm expiring the Scribd uploaded link and move the file to Google docs, which is user friendly and more awesome, so click away on the newly updated link. It will take you to the google docs site! Or Visit this post for a full list of my Halloween printables. Thank you! *** 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why should Pumpkins have all the fun?

All vegetables in your kitchen would feel a little sad and wee jealous when Halloween week's coming. Everyone seems to like Pumpkin more this season, picking a special one at Mr. Bones, hugging him home, carving him till late at night, children laughing at sight.. Sigh. What's an eggplant to you?

Meet artist/photographer Carl Kleiner. Still life has never been the same since. And now everyone in the lower shelf inside your fridge has equal attention they deserve.

Found at little.lovely.

..and don't forget to enter my Circus Giveaway, 11 days more for the chance!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello, Weenies!

Silly me, I forgot that my favorite holiday is coming up! I even have October special blog header and forgot to post it up until 19th?! Though I haven't made anything new on Halloween related section, I promise I will share something good and scary.

For the mean time, why don't you invite your friends (living or dead) to a Halloween party using this invitation? I know, it's from last year printable, probably because either I'm so lazy or are getting chased by zombies, but I want to share with those who missed out. Also come with coordinating paper dolls (boy and girl version) and this pattern (make buntings, envelopes, paper bag, you name it!).

Happy Halloween crafting!

..and don't forget to enter my Circus Giveaway, lasts till Halloween's day itself!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Circus Giveaway!

Hello, everyone, I might have missed a few posts around here, but I guarantee I am back with something special! A giveaway!! I have Baby G's party favors left and I was thinking of sharing them with you, my readers! After all you were there (virtually) at the party, right? I have not one, but two favor bags waiting to be shipped to anywhere in the world!

This would be my first giveaway, so please excuse my awkward rules and giveaway regulars. Ok, here goes...

What you'll win :

8 pcs of crayons
1 pack of bubble maker (blow the glue-thingy and you'll have a touchable, tossable bubble, no kidding! It's addictive)
1 animal shape fold-able, reusable grocery bag (yes, that little piggy is a bag!)

And if you happen to be the one :

Please supervise your children when they're playing with this loot. Not recommended for toddlers and babies below age 3.

How to win :

Please be a follower (that means you have attended the party, right? yes, even new follower! :)) and simply comment below with your favorite Circus memory from your childhood! What did you see? What's your favorite act? What were you eating? I will pick 2 winners with random. org. and the winner will be announced Oct 31, 2010 at 14.00 my time (same day 07.00 GMT)

Want extra entries ?

Subscribe to this blog (put your email in the box on your right) and/or share the link to this post to any social network sites, one site (twitter, facebook, blogger, tumblr, etc) will receive 1 extra entry. Please put each extra entry in separate comment and write down your link too so I can check!

Please remember to :

let me easily contact you by email, just in case you'll... win! If I don't hear it from you after 3 days, I will pick someone new.

So good luck and thank you for reading this blog!

ps. Baby G's circus party also made it to Party of the Day at CatchMyParty! Yaaay!