Monday, October 11, 2010

Circus Giveaway!

Hello, everyone, I might have missed a few posts around here, but I guarantee I am back with something special! A giveaway!! I have Baby G's party favors left and I was thinking of sharing them with you, my readers! After all you were there (virtually) at the party, right? I have not one, but two favor bags waiting to be shipped to anywhere in the world!

This would be my first giveaway, so please excuse my awkward rules and giveaway regulars. Ok, here goes...

What you'll win :

8 pcs of crayons
1 pack of bubble maker (blow the glue-thingy and you'll have a touchable, tossable bubble, no kidding! It's addictive)
1 animal shape fold-able, reusable grocery bag (yes, that little piggy is a bag!)

And if you happen to be the one :

Please supervise your children when they're playing with this loot. Not recommended for toddlers and babies below age 3.

How to win :

Please be a follower (that means you have attended the party, right? yes, even new follower! :)) and simply comment below with your favorite Circus memory from your childhood! What did you see? What's your favorite act? What were you eating? I will pick 2 winners with random. org. and the winner will be announced Oct 31, 2010 at 14.00 my time (same day 07.00 GMT)

Want extra entries ?

Subscribe to this blog (put your email in the box on your right) and/or share the link to this post to any social network sites, one site (twitter, facebook, blogger, tumblr, etc) will receive 1 extra entry. Please put each extra entry in separate comment and write down your link too so I can check!

Please remember to :

let me easily contact you by email, just in case you'll... win! If I don't hear it from you after 3 days, I will pick someone new.

So good luck and thank you for reading this blog!

ps. Baby G's circus party also made it to Party of the Day at CatchMyParty! Yaaay!


  1. party of the day!!! YAY and so it should, you did such a good job :)
    i must admit that i have never liked visiting the circus cause i am SCARED of CLOWNS!! but i do love the animals as long as i imagine that they were trained without hooks and sticks...

    thanks for the chance

  2. yeahhhhh, lucky us:-) Favorite memory, wow long time ago. I went with my parents and siblings to circus Renz. I remember being amazed by the acrobats and laughing over the clowns. It was near Rotterdam (the Netherlands). What I ate, don't remember, must have been 15 to 20 years ago, probably icecream, is what we usually got:-)

    xx Julie

  3. I would really want the piggy bag~!!
    Hmm, a memory of circus.... I remember watching tranfixed as the ringleader gave commands to two tigers.
    I can't say I remember what the tigers was to do though. I was about five that time. xP

  4. I love that piggy bag!! I am not a circus girl either cause of clowns!! I can remember going to Ringling Brothers and being amazed by the trapeze act so high and sparkly in the air.

  5. I forgot to add I LOVE bubble maker!
    I did not know it could still be bought. IT was such a fun thing to play with when I was little!

  6. I would really want the piggy bag~!!
    Hmm, a memory of circus.... I remember watching tranfixed as the ringleader gave commands to two tigers.
    I can't say I remember what the tigers was to do though. I was about five that time. xP

  7. so cute! I remember the elephants! such amazing animals.

  8. SO cute and I totally want to know where the piggy bags came from!

    My favorite circus memory was the chance to sit on a camel AND an elephant. Granted its my only memory but still!

  9. What a lovely giveaway. I have memories of a lovely lady covered in sparkles, doing acrobatic tricks while on the back of a horse.

  10. Too cute just like everything on your blog! I follow it for sometime on my google reader but I have just found out that it is not the same as being a follower so I´m a new-not so new follower.
    My best memory from the circus is going with my grandmother, one of the last memories I have from her, and having our picture taken in a thingy they gave that was like a small box with your pic in it and you could use it as a keychain. I haven´t seen on of those in ages!
    Popcorn was the snack of choice by the way!
    Thanks for your generosity, I love that piggy bag!

  11. I'm a follower! I'd love to enter! I remembered going to the Royal London Circus tour stop in Malaysia. I loved the show so much! But somehow, I'm afraid of clowns.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  12. Yaay, an opportunity to win these cuties, thanks!
    To be honest, I had a late circus experience, it was only a few years ago, lol...
    My favorite act was the trapeze. I didn't eat anything during the show because I was too fascinated by the performances, but I bought cotton candies afterward.
    Will tweet this post accordingly, thanks :)

  13. I don't remember the circus when I was little except that I had a circus bday party when I was 5. I loved it!

  14. Great! I wanna be in and win this for my future nieces =).

    To be completely honest, I've never liked the circus much; especially because clowns used to scare me to death! I loved to see the animals, though. I loved the environment and feeling it created: getting ready, going to this place full of other kids, seeing lots of colorful things, not knowing what we were going to see but knowing we would be surprised fot sure. Oh, and eating pink cotton candy was cool, too!


  15. I love the elephants, and I don't like clowns :(, ther best thing going out like a family.

  16. Of course I'm a loyal follower of this great blog!!!

  17. I did put this giveaway in my sidebar at: http://superqtonthehill.blogspot.com

  18. cute giveaway!~
    well, i always remember that i used to nag my parents to bring me up on the carrousel...i love horses! and candy floss that were selling nearby the circus always makes me drool!


  19. This giveaway is sooo adorable I
    love it!!

    my memory of the circus is when i went a couple years back and my best friend (guy) thought a skit was for real.. hehe.

    I've followed you and my email is: xjaime@gmail.com


  20. What a festive giveaway! My little sister would just love to have a favor bag from across the world. I'd be the coolest sister in town (but I already am of course). ;-)~

    My favorite circus memory is of eating cotton candy. That stuff is heavenly! Pure sugar, all pink and fluffy...

  21. I featured you over at Sassy Sites! Stop by when you have a chance and check it out! Don't forget to grab a Featured button! I love your blog!!! xoxo


  22. I loved seeing the chinese circus on tv when I was little. My favorite are the elephants as always.

    Thank you for this fun giveaway!! :D

  23. oh! you have a wonderfull blog! really!
    i found you! im so lucky! hahaha
    i follow you! kiss

  24. I love the cute piggy! I am sure that I have been to see the circus when I was in child but I barely remember what I saw but I remember that I had cotton candy there...

  25. What a super cool giveaway! I am totally obsessed with vintage circus stuff at the moment. I am planning my child's birthday next year with the same theme! I told my husband we could get a bunch of temporary tattoos, and call him the "Tattooed Man." He told me, I have an even better idea...why don't we dress you as the "Bearded Lady!" What a hilarious idea!!!!

  26. ya, i was named after a baby elephant at the zoo. my mother thought the elephant was so cute and tiny. silly lady!

    Tonya ;)

  27. i'm a follower. cute stuff. i love all your fun printables. i'm glad you are so creative and share it with us!!!

  28. What a cute bag! I always loved any kind of animal act at the circus - especially the horses!

  29. I am following your blog!

    My favorite circus memory was always the elephants! They were so big!


  30. ooo Bubble maker is my favorite! I used to always play with that as a child. I would gladly play with it as an adult too :D

  31. Hi, I am a new follower but not a new reader. I am organizing these days a "circus party" for my son's fourth birthday at the end of november, so I am really really interested in this blog, and giveway !


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