Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and Giveaway Winner

Happy Halloween everyone!! As much as I love this holiday, I can't never celebrate it as merry as everyone else in another part of this world. I come from a pretty religious family that think celebrating Halloween co-exists with "inviting the devils into our house" (pfft!) And here I am, my little girl heart is throbbing on donning a monster costume and knocking on neighbour's doors. (sigh)

Anyhoo .. some of my talented readers have made it up for me this Halloween..have I mentioned how I love seeing my printables actually functional to babalisme's readers? OK, here's one..

2 little holligans' treat bags was including the Halloweenies printables, both boy and girl versions! And yes, she sew that cute little bag herself.

Susan of poca cosas, on the other hand, added much needed embellishment to my Halloween mini cards! Notice the little pearls on Skelly's chest?

If you manage to keep your eyes open until you read this, congratulations. I'm also here to announce the winner of my first ever giveaway!! Chosen by random.org, everyone, ...so congrats to Andi Lia and Jamie Lee!! I have contacted the winners earlier today and if you are them, do reply me back with your mailing address. Thank you all for participating!


  1. Happy Halloween and yay for giveaway!

  2. Cool giveaway. Where I live we don't celebrate Halloween very much at all so it really depends on the part of the world.

  3. happy , happy halloween halloween! may you have a fun and frightful one!

  4. Wanted to show you how I used your printables!


    My printer was low on ink so I had to trace the dolls for easier cutting. :)

  5. We don't have Halloween much in Australia but I do love looking at all the great ideas , thanks !

  6. Hey thanks! My nieces LOVED their printables!


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