Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello, Weenies!

Silly me, I forgot that my favorite holiday is coming up! I even have October special blog header and forgot to post it up until 19th?! Though I haven't made anything new on Halloween related section, I promise I will share something good and scary.

For the mean time, why don't you invite your friends (living or dead) to a Halloween party using this invitation? I know, it's from last year printable, probably because either I'm so lazy or are getting chased by zombies, but I want to share with those who missed out. Also come with coordinating paper dolls (boy and girl version) and this pattern (make buntings, envelopes, paper bag, you name it!).

Happy Halloween crafting!

..and don't forget to enter my Circus Giveaway, lasts till Halloween's day itself!


  1. Thanks for the halloween reminder! Got o get my ghoulish gear ready. Will definitely use your halloween invite!

  2. Hi, Ning!

    I love your new header! =D And yesterday the girls got their paper dolls! =) I couldn't see the finished print until yesterday when David sent a pic of it (for some weird reason I can't find a version of WinZip that works in this PC, grr). David told me that the first thing Nathalie said was "Awe! The Twilight book!" Haha. They loved their dolls! THNAK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! =D

    Tight hug!

  3. so cute!! You have an amazing gift!

  4. Thanks a lot for your adorable message... It's the same for me... Your blog is so great and cute !

  5. yeyeee halloween! Love it too, time to start carving those pumpkins. x

  6. Thank you so much for this and the paper dolls freebies. I would love to link to your blog so my readers can enjoy these printables too. I hope you agree. Thanks again.


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