Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October's best

Halloween is one of my favorite holiday, easy to know since my all time favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas and Tim Burton being my favorite director. And it's not even religious nor I celebrate it big here in Indonesia. To tell you the truth, I have never put a single costume on my entire life! Because I would be considered very weird here. I wish I live in countries that put much effort in that festivity.

I know you love Halloween as much as I do. I designed a Halloween print for you to use. Use it as a candy bag (hint: here), bunting, paper bow, garland, candy wrapper, box, anything you can dream on!!

Since the internet has grown into such a big scary place, I beg you for not to use it in any kind of commercial purposes, please, please, please. You can print this into fabric (or upload it to Spoonflower, but in case you were wondering, I have uploaded this to my Spoonflower account ), and sew a skirt for your little one, but please don't sell the skirt. And if people ask you, just say that you are very good with needle and make the skirt yourself but show them where you got the print. I know you're nice as a pumpkin. ;)

If you see this design on sale on anything (bag, shirt, stationary,etc), please report it to me. I will reward you greatly. Otherwise, just enjoy the design and have all the fun you want from it. (Don't forget to share your creation with me!)...ummm did you notice my new blog title?? It's Halloween's special!!

*** October 2013 update : I'm expiring the Scribd uploaded link and move the file to Google docs, which is user friendly and more awesome, so click away on the newly updated link. It will take you to the google docs site! Or Visit this post for a full list of my Halloween printables. Thank you! *** 


  1. I love your new halloween banner! It's sooo cute.. you're so talented!

  2. this is so great. we dont celebrate halloween as much as the usa but i love it too. i have put my pumpkin and ghost lights up... enjoy your month

  3. Sadly, we do not celebrate Halloween here too. I've never been to any costume party as well.. let alone dressing up as a vampire. It would be so much fun going around 'sucking people's blood'! LOL

    Your new banner is cute!


  4. I miss u too!!!!! ^^

    Thanks for your sweet comment...I love the pattern...Also the banner...

    Sayang ya kita disini ga ada perayaan ky gt...Tp kamu bs memberi nafas halloween-nya di pattern km...Very cool :)

    <3 Gita

  5. This is so absolutely adorable. I love Halloween!

  6. This one is SO cute! I'm pretty much obsessed with Halloween at the moment, and this is one of the cutest seasonal prints I've ever seen.

    Have people been trying to claim your work as their own? If so, that's sad.

  7. Very Cute Halloween print, Thank you-if only I could sew :(
    Im needle challenged!
    Just a note on your licensing, I have a business and I think that it is a sad day when people will purposly take another persons images and claim them as their own, without any acknowledgement to the designer.
    thank you for still posting your beautiful designs. Happy Halloween

  8. that is a gorgeous banner!! great design on the fabric too.

  9. Your posts and downloads make me SO happy. I never get the chance to use them though because I have a TERRIBLE printer. Do you ever do Etsy.com? It'd be amazing if you could start your own card printing or whatever, using your patterns. :) I know I'd DEFINITELY buy!

    Belen ♥

  10. Well, I never know if my design has been claimed as others' or not, still it has been a very worrying issue for designers who share their work online. I just want to have some fun, but some people might have their own agenda.

    Belen : gee..you should get a printer for your own!! I offer a lot of printables on this blog, too bad if you missed out. I do consider Etsy for a long time, it's just my offline job is still so demanding, I wish I can reduce it and concentrate more on doing online shop. In the right time, dear.

  11. Beautiful blog, so inspiring!!
    I'm so happy I found it :)

  12. Thank you for halloween print..
    I will definetely use it for a candy wrapper for my son teachers at gymboree...
    I'll send some pict when it's done..

  13. Thank you so much for offering this cute download. I printed it on some cardstock and used it as gift tags for the goodie bags my daughter handed out to her classmates. Too cute, thanks again. I will definitely be back to visit you again.


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