Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloweenie dress-up printable : accross the blog.

You have the girl dollie, and the boy counterpart. But have you had the dog? This is what I call a lovely coincidence, Amy of LivingLocurto made the dog Halloween dress up printable way before mine came out, and if you already have both of mine, Amy's doggie dress up would be a very nice addition to the family!! And please don't stop there, Amy has dozen of printables and ideas for Halloween, do browse a little more!

If you're thinking of ways to make the printables live longer to (at least) next Halloween (or is it until this year's Halloween?) Amanda of funny days with mommy and maddie has the keys to immortalized the paper printables. Magnets and a cookie tray. I know!! How can I think of this before?! Look for her instructions here.

*update* Now that Amanda has printed the boy version, her little Maddie sure loves cross-dressing them. Bwahahaaha, take it easy, people, she's just a kid and I think it looks cute!

And it seems that Amanda's idea is perfectly suited to Kim's Molly. Look how serious her face is! (notice the Halloween placemats? It's so cute!)

Visit Learning Vicariously and you may never run out of activity for a toodler, seriously, I think Emily is a certified pre-school art teacher, reading her blog is like an endless fun toddler's dream! (And of course, one of the activity includes the magnetic paper doll by me :))

JustPouch used the Halloween pattern for candy bags inside this Halloween treats!

*update* Here are some of the most creative ladies of the blogosphere's more neat ideas :
  • pocacosas' intending to use the dress up dolls for placemats at the kids table for Halloween! Make sure they don't bring their own scissors if you want the placemats still in one piece before dinner's served. :)
  • Have a feltboard around in your home? Glue sandpaper to the back of the printables and there you go, play with your feltbouard, as suggested by Cynthia.
*update* You can also find the printable links at these wonderful places, thank you, everyone! If you have linked and I'm a total moron who miss you out, please do remind me again. :)
kid stuff world
at home with kim vallee
craftgossip's indie craft
small for big

See, what else have you created this Halloween related to the dollie printables? I'll keep this post updated with things I found accross the blogosphere, just give me a head up!


  1. Thanks for stopping by Funny Days! I added another post this morning to include the little boy! http://funnydayswithmommyandmaddie.blogspot.com/2009/10/halloweenie-part-ii.html

    My fingers are crossed you are planning something just as adorable for Christmas!!!

  2. The magnet idea is SO smart! I'm doing that for sure.

    I really had fun creating that little doggie. Next year I'm sure I'll have all kinds of animals and cosutmes. ha! It's addicting. You can do the people, I'll take care of pets:-)

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. What a cute idea with the magnets! I love your printables.. always so cute!

  4. I put your cuteness on my site today! Everyone loves them:-)

  5. I think the magnet idea is so cool. BUT swapping their clothes is even more fun! LOL.

    PS: I bet Nono will love the superman outfit. But he will be happier if he can have a red underwear to go with it.


  6. Yesssss! I was going to suggest the magnets. I made "magnet dolls" once and used them on my fridge. They were so much fun, and I don't even have kids!!

  7. This is so so adorable! I love how she paired a skeleton suit with a flowery headband.

  8. Your paper dolls are so adorable. I would love to link to them. Hope you don't mind! I will send you a link to my post when I get it finished! Thanks so much!

  9. these are too cute! i'd love to see different races in another printable. i work in a school and they would just love to see african american dolls!!

  10. Emily : I'll put one african american (and other races) characters on my scattered mental notes. But I have already some ideas about them. Thank you for asking!! :)

  11. Thank you for putting my craft on your site.. Can't wait too see your printable for christmas..

  12. awww!!! I looove those printables & the idea to magnet them ^___^

  13. I put a post up today about your adorable paper dolls at my blog called "Raising Memories". My daughter LOVES THEM!! I'm excited to print off your latest dolls for her!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!!


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