Monday, October 19, 2009

Curioser and curiouser ...

Welcome into an imagined wonderland, say hello to LaCurioshar ! I was browsing Etsy for handmade Halloween cards, well, the more gothic and adult Halloween, and I stumbled upon this lovely twenty something girl's creation. After a few chat turns up that lovely Shalimma is Indonesian!! Wow, I never expected that!!! Etsy is such a small place after all! :)
If I have to describe her works in only a word, it must be "whimsical". The colors, the tone, the moods, and the overall theme seem to bring you into a world you only dare to dream, a very romantic one I must say, no, not the casanova romantic, but rather a childlike innocence with a touch of romance. You are not only buying prints from LaCurioshar, but also a story, that's what makes Shalimma's print stands out! Check out her 'story' about Handsome Dan, an eagle headed gentleman (or is it an eagle with a gentleman's body and attitude?) :

Everyone would cheered each time Dan Eaglehead walks into a room. Not only he is very dandy, he is also a real gentleman with a very good sense of humor. He is what you will proudly call “a jolly good fellow”. Three cheers for Handsome Dan! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Oh, that naive description. Oh, those cheers. Oh, Handsome Dan!! See, like I told you, you're buying a whole lot of a package here! Want to know more about the lady behind Handsome Dan? Do continue reading, folks!
Tell me a bit about yourself!
I am in my late twenty, love books, and love to try things out , and have an acute scatterbrain problem (mentally I am still a toddler)

What inspired/motivated you to work in this craft?
My growing infatuation with greeting cards and the likes prolly started since I was 6 or 7, as I began to collect them I also began to make my own. Art and graphic design are also a big part, although I don’t really have a background education on both, I am always sort of drawn into it. Now with design software programs and digital printing-shops, it is so much easier to have your own design printed the way you wanted it to be.

Is it your childhood's dream to work as an artist?
Nope, I wanted to be a pirate! Yarrrr!!!

How would you describe your perfect day?
My perfect day would be waking up early in the morning, have a yummy breakfast, then out with my sister/best buddies to go thrifting or museum-hopping continued by browsing bookshops and then we go watch a good movie after dinner. And by the time I come home all happy and tired, there’s an e-mail saying that I just got a sale on my Etsy, YAY!

What's the best thing(s) to get you in the mood of making art?
One of those dream-like state when I get those fuzzy feelings when inspiration struck me and I couldn’t stop working until it is done right.

What is it like living in Jakarta? How does it influence you and/or your work?
Jakarta is vibrant, noisy, and unpredictable. Despite everything, Jakarta is an interesting melting pot where people and their cultures collide. I think I kinda infused those elements into my works, if I live in the country I think my works will be much “quiet”.

What is the most common reaction from people toward your art?
Unusual and un- Indonesian, for whatever that means… hehehe…..(ah, I'm not the only one then...)

If you were able to transform into one animal, what would it be and why?
Dolphins travel in what it seemed to be a friendly and fun-loving pack and yet they have a certain respect from other creatures of the sea including sharks. I think it will be grand to be one of ‘em.

What are we going to swoon over next in your shop?
I will be working on Christmas-themed card-sets and ornaments, while trying out some new craft. I also plan to make a woodland-inspired pincushions , as soon as I found the perfect teacups…..
..and great minds do think alike. If you love craft and tutorials, visit her daily blog for inspiration. I love hanging out at ThisSundayChild for inspirations. Personally love the recycled mailers box tutorial. Thank you for the chat, Shalimma!


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