Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet Thea (pronounce it like "thea" in "theater"). She brings her imaginary friends to life with her outstanding stitchery skill. And do they look good in fabric and felt. ...and she's only 18. Yes, eeeeiiighttteeen!! Envy. Envy.

Thea's shop on Etsy called Lucy's Colorful Dreams are displaying these little creatures here, and if you're swift enough to grab now, you're in luck, she's having a sale right now until Nov, 1st. Her blog, the LoversCanvas can be viewed here.

In all of my interview, I never edit my participants' answers, let it be their notations, use of capital letters, etc, I like the irregularities as they bring out the characters of the interviewees, even if it's only from their typing habit. So, Thea here had warned me about her punctuation and her random mind walking that could put a 4 year old toddler into deep shame. That's what she told me, not me mocking her, I swear! Seriously, I think it might be one of her charm, and please put this in mind while you're reading. You have been warned!

Where do you find the images of your handmade creatures? Do they appear regularly in your dreams, sketches from your childhood, or what?
In all honesty I have absolutely no clue haha. I’ll be in bed (this is why I keep a drawing pad under my bed at night) and I’ll wake up and have this image of something draw it and then finish it in the morning haha. Just little sprits of creativity. I still like to think that I have the imagination of a 4 year old, I’m a total little kid in a big kids body dealing with all the responsibilities of a adult.
Certain sounds in music will set of a design cause I try to think what it would look like in physical form.
Is that just a little weird? Hehe
As a little kid I had tons and tons and tons of plushies I still have them all and sleep with one occasionally I haven’t kept any of my own plushies for myself but I will one day I’m sure haha.
Plushies can be your best friend, another plushies enemy, they’re just such a source of pleasure and imagination, That I feel that everyone needs one cause they just take you back ya know?

How do people around you initially react towards your creatures?
My wonderful amazing boyfriend/future fiancé absolutely adores my plushies.
Just about everyone that’s seen them loves them or just thinks they’re ok (generally those who are closed minded and don’t like out of the ordinary things lol) Me well I’m my best critic and I will admit I have scrapped a couple critters even after the stuffing process cause they just didn’t come out right, but even I’m surprised with how adorable my things are here and there ^_^

How does living in Las Vegas affect you and/or your creatures?
Well living in Vegas is a new thing we only just moved here a few months ago, I’m a California grown girl whose moved around quite a lot, born and raised in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Hawaii (yes Hawaii, Maui), then back to California and now here in Nevada, personally I haven’t found it to affect my business at all, but I don’t have TOO many options for craft shows which is a big bummer when California both north and south have such awesome opportunities. (But living in Nevada will change with the coming of the new year)

Speaking of business, when and how did you first see making dolls as an opportunity?
Another thing I can honestly say I have no idea haha, umm well I am a avid poster on the threadbanger forums and I think it was just me starting to want to sew because I was seeing all these other people creating. A phone call to my mom resulting in my mom buying me a sewing machine and then getting some fabric drawing up my own pattern and going for it. I’ve taught myself how to do everything I’ve been doing. Just a few online tutorials here and there. My mom tried to teach me how to sew when I was little but I just didn’t have the attention span nor the patience to figure it out lol.

What is the most challenging thing to face in your business?
Definitely getting enough attention, there are so many other amazing shops with just as equally great plushies so theres A LOT of competition, but that doesn’t stop me I’m always up for a challenge. ^_^

Do you have a favorite among your creatures?
Hmmmmmmm, well I have quite a few, one that I actually haven’t posted yet is just sooo soo cute ^_^ it just makes me make that face every time I see it haha. As for the ones that are up I adore my owl Owen, Wub, Harper, My wonderful zombie couple, and mummy boy whom I sold was def a favorite, I put so much time and so much love into each of my critters that they all really do have a soul.

What is the most memorable compliment from a satisfied customer you have ever received?
Probably the custom order dinosaur I just did for seriously the sweetest women in Ireland. She came to me saying that my adorable spots the dinosaur (who just sold actually) looked exactly like what she wanted just a few alterations needed to be done. So she sent me the picture and I worked my magic. Through out the whole process she was just the sweetest thing ever, and I would gladly do business with her again. It wasn’t so much what she said that made me happy its the intentions she had for the little dinosaur. But every compliment I’ve received on my little critters have all meant the world to me, people opinions really matter to me when it comes to stuff I create cause I want it to appeal to them.
On the contrary, what it the meanest, heart breaking criticism you have ever heard?
I haven’t gotten anything heart breaking yet, but whenever I go into chats on etsy, or show my stuff to people, I think the thing that hurts the most is just my stuff not getting posted or people just doing that kind of non chalant kind of response where they just say uh huh ya that nice.

Ok, that's it for now, thank you for your time!!
Your most welcome, thank you! For wanting to interview me it’s a absolute pleasure <3


  1. OMG the post is gorgeous thank you so much ^_^

  2. Not related to this post - just wanted to let you know that I posted about your Halloween dress-up doll printables on my blog (since you asked to know). We had fun with it, and also wanted to share that I have been giving the printable to my children's friends as a little Halloween craft gift. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. These creatures are very cute. The owl especially.

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    thanks for the interview!

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