Monday, November 2, 2009

I'd like to make an announcement...

So, how was your Halloween? Me? Nah... if I dressed up for Halloween or celebrating something similar to Halloween in Indonesia, we'll be addressed swiftly to city asylum, that's for sure, or burnt on a stake.

OK, enough with the chitchat .. I am here to inform a very bad news for you. My Halloween printables, or any of my other printables will be unavailable to download, TEMPORARILY. That's it. I have heard many of you complaining about the file hosting web I'm using for those printables and I am now looking for a new one. If you have any suggestion for a file hosting web that is :
  • free at all times (for me and those who download)
  • large file storage capacity
  • doesn't have any file storage limit per month/year/GB/etc, if it has, it's got to be a really spacy limit
  • user friendly (for any providers, computers, and minds)
  • virus, ads, malware, and those kind of internet-nasties free
..please do tell me. Maybe I'll be asking about how to use it too as I'm not very tech savvy (I even googled a how-to for Twitter!) , please guide me as well. That's it for now, thank you for your understanding, and as soon as I find this site I will upload all of my printables again.

Thank you

ps. If you really really in need in one of my printables, just email me and I will consider sending you the file, under these circumstances only: you need my printables to save your son's life, you need it to save your marriage, you have better stories than those, send me a bribery/ threat, and/or I have nothing better to do. :) Thanks!

pss. As usual I bribe you with Baby G's photo if I have done something bad. Hope you'll forgive me.


  1. Hi! I have a suggestion that you might want to emulate.

    Jinejerup at http://jinjerup.blogspot.com/ uses her MSN live account and loads the files on her Skydrive on MSN.

    Maybe you can contact her to see how well it works for her.

  2. sorry cant help but thanks for the picture of giselle she is super cute!

  3. Hi babalisme...
    Here is the results of your halloween printable that I make for my son's teachers..
    Hope you like it...

  4. Oh no, my son has been begging me to make the boy printables into magnets for awhile, and I just got home with the magnet sheets and can't print them. If there is any way you can email me the boy file, I would be SO SO SO appreciative. Thank you!!!

    heidikundin [at!] yahoo.com

  5. Thank you Flash..I'll be contacting Jenjerup now.

  6. I wish I could help you.. have you tried google docs??? I wonder if that would work?!?!

  7. Sorry to hear about the troubles with file hosting.

    I use scribd.com and have been thrilled!

    I just save all my work as PDFs, then upload them quickly, easily, and free of charge to scribd, who then provides easy embedding links for my blog.

    Hope this might work for you!


  8. Baby G photos make everything better. Good luck finding the perfect file hosting website for your printables.

  9. I'm still testing each of your suggestions, it's like dating some guys and choosing which one I will have a steady relationship with, ...btw, thank you dearies!

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