Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

How's the turkey? Let's put away the scale and enjoy the feast.

Speaking of feast... I nearly faint in joy (and peed my pants a little) when I found out I won the "Which Marc Jacobs are you?" contest at hotchocolateandmint, the uber famous fashion blog in Indonesia. I won 100US$ gift certificate of shopbob.com!! Yaaaay!! Christmas came early for me! Don't get me wrong, I may not sound like a fashion expert, but my affair with fashion has long been intertwined. As you can guess, I love fashion but fashion is just not into me. *sob* no worries, I will always love you, dear fashion. (why am I writing this with Karl Lagerfeld's image on mind??)

I painted this as my gratitude to lovely Diana. Check her blog out, she's the Brianboy of Indonesia.

ps. now now what shall I get with my 100US$? *winkwink*


  1. I read your winning entry. Wow! It got my attention!

    Congrats! Enjoy your spending spree!

  2. happy thanksgiving Ning! Enjoy your shopping spree you lucky girl! Show us what you bought, ok?

  3. Geez, I cant tell you how I love all of your art :) keep up the good work and congrats for the voucher x)
    Hppy thanksgiving !

  4. Oh wow, congrats, Ning! What you wrote was awesome! I wish I could write so well. Are you going to spend ALL $100 on yourself or save a little for Baby G? ;)

  5. haloo, salam kenal.. congratz for you yah.. wah picnya luchu banget yah mirip diana sekali.. btw you seems not living in indonesia, hehe.. your blog is different.. i follow your blog and heart it so..
    terharu melihat karya2muwh.. hehe... sorry i talk too much.. thankss.. ^0^

    ms. hunz

  6. wwwwwwooooowwww...looooooove the pic!! :)

  7. congrats for u as the winner :D
    love ur painted :)


  8. whoaaa this is cooler than cool! so pretty kak :) I'll put your link in my blog, in great drawer section :) hope you don't mind :D

  9. Congratulations on the GC!

    Maybe you can start off on a luxury bag (I'm not sure how that works with a baby) or a beautiful dress! I know you can't get it for 100, but at least it will be 100 off :)

  10. wow your Diana is cool.! may you make me one of my face? hihihi

    visit me visit me

  11. Rhee and Diana : No, I don't think they have something for Baby G, well, In the mean time no. But I might invest on something that she would beg me for in her teen years ;)

    Evita : Of course I don't mind! Love your blog too!! I wish my Baby G would grow up into a pint sized fashionista like you! :D you're so cute!

  12. Wow!!! Selamat yah, when I read that... I went into deep silence... Mengagumi tulisan yang ngalirnya enak, deskriptif...kynya pgn baca lanjutannya... Cool!! You're the girl ;)

    You deserved it, kalo bingung2 mau ngabisin hadiahnya boleh loh dibagi-bagi ke petrushka... hahahahaha kidding :p

    I miss u too, been busy lately... Kluar terus utk foto, jd sm sekali ga nyentuh komputer di kantor...Smp rmh ngantuk, zzzZZZZzzzzZZZZ :D

    I hope you have a wonderful day Babalisme ^^

  13. Cool illustration! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
    I didn't eat Turkey dishes this year but I had lots of wine... Now I have to watch my weight...

  14. Diana rikasari is super cute , she is so fashionable

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