Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween, Halloween!

Make all the costumes, shop all the candies and chocolates, tell all the scary stories, and watched all the horror movies!! This is Halloween!! What  is your favorite thing about Halloween? What would you be this year? I mean, I know I'm no match to  Heidi Klum or The Harris-Burtkas on celebrating and dressing up for Halloween, but I do share a great amount of excitement about this particular holiday!  So, yes, share your Halloween stories, traditions, or plans with me. I'm wagging my tail (if I had one) to hear your comments! 

While you're thinking about your favorite things about Halloween, here are an array of Halloween fun stuffs at babalisme you can download for free! Let the download while you type! Yes you go, you multitasking diva! 

*** update : You wil be directed to my older blog posts on which the printables' download links available under the picture of each printable, and all those links you'll find there are newly updated links (Google docs version instead of Scribd). Have fun downloading and printing. If you have any troubles, do comment! Thank you! *** 


  1. Cute mini cards! I'm not too much into creepy. :-)

  2. Haha the 'boo' carton glasses are great c: Xx

  3. Bellenza : Yep, I'm gearing towards kid-friendly Halloween printable :)

    Ice Pandora : It also makes for a great Halloween photo booth prop! Share me a pic on instagram/twitter @babalisme or facebook if you've posed with it!

  4. I love the Boo glasses! We've sort of run out of time for those this year, but we'll definitely do them next year!

  5. Those cards are so cute. I'm bummed that Halloween is over already. I hope you've had a nice start to November!


  6. Love your designs!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

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