Monday, October 17, 2011

Boo with your Eyes

Halloween is just 2 weeks away! I'm so excited! If only I could decorated our doorways and lanes with paper tombstones and plastic skeletons without getting myself burnt at stakes. Sigh. I always envy you guys who can celebrate Halloween in the open. Heck, I can always celebrate with you guys, online! Halloween party printables here FREE for you all these 2 weeks (pssst. Giveaway(s) too...)  

One of my reader, Sarah, asked for a not too kiddie Halloween theme like I have always done but not slasher movie material either. So...inspired by this, I think I'd share a photo props that is both safe for children but doesn't felt too childish for a grown up Halloween gathering. 

Do cut along the dotted lines and don't forget to attach both temples to your "boo!". I initialized the "boo!" to fit with A4 printing paper, but do adjust the print size to your ..er... head or heads. For example, a 80% printed "boo!" suit 7 years old well. Or if your head is as huge as a pumpkin, print at 120%. 

Lastly, download, enjoy, and do share your pics!

*** October 2013 update : I'm expiring the Scribd uploaded link and move the file to Google docs, which is user friendly and more awesome, so click away on the newly updated link. It will take you to the google docs site! Or Visit this post for a full list of my Halloween printables. Thank you! *** 


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