Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sho's Vintage Aviation Birthday Party

I was taken aback, when a client asked me to do a special party for her lovely and lively 1 year old, because his name is, Sho. It's such a wonderful name, I was tremendously inspired with the 3 letter name. I also find out it's not a nick name, it's a given name. Sho's mom was initially requested something to match the venue's peranakan  nature; both menu and in-house decor. We later on discussed how peranakan theme can be both too mature and girly for a one year old boy. I suggested a theme, how about a vintage airplane and all things air transportation theme? The vintage theme suits nicely to the venue's decor and the airplane suits Sho's personality. I was again surprised when Sho's mom told me, the meaning of Sho's name (which, 100% I didn't know or had googled at that time) ..... Sho means "to soar or to fly".  

You know how great a coincidence occurs, you just feel it coming but then again still shocked to the bone when it actually happened. I had the feeling that Sho's birthday would fit nicely to a vintage aviation theme, but I nearly pooped myself (in happiness and bewilderment) when I learned about the meaning of his name. Maybe Sho's destined to soar the sky someday! It's been destined by my lousy 6th sense! :D It must be a boring story for some of you but, yes, it's really amazing for me. It's my first time suggesting a theme that fit the birthday boy's name like a glove! It's easy to arrange an "under the sea" theme for a girl named Ariel, but c'mon, how often you heard the name "Sho" and luckily guessed its meaning. I'm still dancing with joy right now. 

Seeeewww, my constant blabbering aside, about the party. It was wonderfully strategically arranged by Sho's mom. You can see all her talent right here right now. The theme is all things air transportation, or aviation, and it's vintage-y to blend with the venue. I love how all the things seem to fall perfectly into place. The boy with the wonderful name is literally active and a bit cheeky (in his mom's own words) in real life. So a portrait of him smiling, riding an airplane, hanging on an air balloon, or just simply being him is everywhere. A nice customization of the party, of course, but for me, it's all about Sho's character. The boy was full of it, we don't need any other cartoon character to stand in his place for his own first big day.

Do you like Sho's birthday party? Tell me what you think!

If you'd like your birthday party to be featured here and on my FB page do drop me some pictures :). I will try my best to keep your privacy safe, as shown in this post! *wink to some clients, you know who you are, dearies!*


  1. Wow, this turned out great! The name is very cute, and so is the party theme. Nice work!

  2. Lovely theme party! Everything is adorable!

  3. Fantastic party!! The entire arrangements are simply lovely. Have to arrange my niece’s birthday party at one of amazing venues in NYC. Want to have Cinderella party theme as loves it. Have purchased the theme dress for her.

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