Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Woodland Wedding Inspiration

Though I already had my wedding years ago, I refuse to let my wedding obsession runs off. I guess I'm just into pretty things -or- before you judge as a shallow and impossible fairy tale pursuer, I also think my years spent designing wedding related stationery gets into my head as well. So, yeah, I love wedding.

There is one particular theme, one I almost wish-I-had-that all the time. And it's a woodland theme for a wedding. It's never been the most popular wedding theme, especially here in Indonesia. Let me explain some things about weddings in Indonesia and maybe, some of other similar Asian cultures, weddings tend to must be huge, and lavish, and glamorous! Wear as much gold as you can, if it's not glitter-y safe it for another occasion! I think it's our tradition, did you know that one of Indonesian's traditional wedding dresses includes a 3 kilos worth of a golden head dress? And by infusing something, natural, something green or earth-toned, something woodland-ish, considered to be a taboo right here. Duh, obviously.

These stationery from Postal Press found via ohsobeautifulpaper is beyond charming.

Preston Bailey's magic at work. See the full blown detail at VanityFair.

But I see more and more nature inspired wedding these days, yes, even in Indonesia! In a wedding world, you might remembered the theme topped by Sean Parker's Vanity Fair covered millions dollar wedding. The bride wore Marchessa and Preston Bailey (who else?) decorated what's already a beautiful nature given venue into a more ethereal, out of this world place. And do I spy a rabbit on Olivia Munn's (one of the celebrity guest) lap? Is that the wedding favor? Ehem, ok, so celebrity always sets a trend, whether you like or not. Apart for Parker's wedding controversy, I still think it's a pretty theme to explore, and you can attain it with whatever budget you already have in hand.

Ok, enough with the talk,.. without further ado.. if you're more into succulents than gold ornaments, I present you the woodland wedding inspirations. I hope you're enjoying them!

Why settle with whites? Opt for ethereal forest nymphs look. Dresses from Dress First

Finally, some ideas for the guys, and pretty buttonaires of course. Courtesy of Weddingchicks

Anyway, is the rabbits as wedding favor cute or over the top (would our venue and guests'  dresses be covered with rabbits' poo?, discuss!



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