Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wikkistix (FREE) Workshop

I really really in full support of anything to get my 5 year olds off the screens (TV, Ipads, computers, handheld game consoles, etc). But then I maybe the one to blame since I'm ON screen most of the dayswhether it's replying emails or even trying to clear all those damn jellies (for those of you who is lucky enough to avoid the addiction and wondering what I'm talking about, it's a saccarine filled app game. Google for "candy" and "app". You'll see what I mean.) Guilty as well for bribing Big Sis G with a screen when she won't let me do my work, or when I'm driving, or when I try to chew my lunch. OK. There you go. My confessions of a tech addict mom.  

So, how do  you have a screen-free day, you say? You might remember WikkiStix from this post. Those sticky yarn thingy is a great great screen distraction. Those little tiny fingers might kept busy for a while longer. And the good news..... For my fellow Indonesian readers, you and your children can actually test drive the product, for free, >ehem< , FREE !!!  ... as in no charge at all, this Saturday, September 28th 2013 at Kinokuniya, Plaza Senayan. The workshop starts at 2 pm and only last for an hour, so, yes, don't be late at all!  Find or ask Kinokuniya staff for the event corner, yep, if you find Kinokuniya is too vast for you. There will also most certainly a huge Wikki Stix promotion, extra gift with purchase and all! 

To RSVP or any further inquires you may reach WikkiStix at http://wikkistixasia.com/contact-us/

Have fun creating, ladies! 

Ps. Since I live 2 hours drive from Jakarta (boooo!) I won't be attending the workshop myself, so if you please please please share with me your experience with WikkiStix to me! Any photos, tweets, FB updates or a sweet email would be fine! Tag me @babalisme! 


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