Tuesday, October 26, 2010

D is for Death

In a Halloween mood, I tried to google up my favorite macabre illustrator name and came up with twentysixtinytombstones. A blog, filled with Edward Gorey's tribute, particularly to his work The Gashlycrumb Tinies (1963). The book itself is filled with alphabet and its accordingly name of objects in pictures, but instead of apples and zebras, we will find children's names starting with each alphabet and their deathly fate.

At twenty sixtiny tombstones, illustrator Patricio Oliver invited his artist /illustrator friends to re-enact any alphabet from the book, it doesn't even matter if one alphabet done numerous times or the artist change the kid's name and how he meet his ill fate. Sounds fun? Go visit or maybe submit your own!


  1. Gosh, that is... that is so cute!!!
    Such a cruel fate but the illustration and idea are so lovely *god bless*

  2. Cruel and adorable at the same time!

    Camila F.

  3. great illustrator!!

    anyway don't forget to join my giveaway.
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    Thanks Mbak Ning :)

  4. Wow...my "gothy-self" was touched...this should be named cruelacute art...cruel and cute at the same time...
    Love it!

  5. oh thats horrible, my sons name is ernest:) loving your blog!

  6. cute pics! :D

    shoesandmuffins.blogspot.com moved to breepluse.blogspot.com . please relink, thanks :)


  7. It took me forever but I finally got a picture of my little one playing with her Halloweenie up on her blog! Check out the link if you want to see the post!



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