Thursday, December 23, 2010

Doorbells and Sleigh Bells

and schnitzel with noodles.. Pardon me, once again. I promised you not to sing again but with Bing singing, it's hard not to sing along. That is that or I am just too lazy to think of post title. Anna of Hey Bubbles just emailed me that she's been using my printable paperdolls! Double yays when I found out that her blog is filled with holiday delight! Enjoy a little and do take a visit while you're still holding that mouse.

This is the kind of customer picture that I like. I want to little-piggied her toes so bad.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Coming to Town

I got all the present wrapped up, the lights turned on, and the hot chocolate stocked up! It's the craziest Christmas for all of us, don't you think? Snow in Australia at this time?! And I bet some of you must be experiencing the worst winter of all time. I hope for our earth to heal well and we can still, hopefully, inhabit it next year. Wishing you aMerry Christmas and a happy new year .

From babalisme..
See u next year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mail-y Christmas

Nothing beats snail mail. The crisp envelope, the stamps, the red and blue stripes, the post office markings.... E-mails are fast, reliable, and certainly make us feel young and updated with the world :P, but sorry, e-mail, as much as I rely my whole correspondence life on you, I still have my biggest crush on anything snail mail.

So, I have been thinking, every Christmas day I share gifts to my family, but most of them can be reached at 10 minutes drive or so. That makes me reluctantly avoiding postal service for this matter. But how if I want the gifts as if they're freshly stamped out of the post office? Luckily, my friend Adobe is always here to help. Meet my post office-y mail tags (and sticker if you want them to be).


Do share your pictures if you're using it :). Happy gift wrappings.

ps. dear fake commenters/scammers/advertisers/youknowwhoyouare please, my blog as you can see is non profit and aimed toward families with young children. Please do not link or comment something un-appropriate in your comments. Thank you.

*** if Scribd is troubling you, please head here for Googledocs version of this printable! ***

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paper Wonderland

As you wish, readers. Make some reindeer garland/bunting as in here. How to make it? Remember the children paper bag garland you used to make in kindergarten? Same treatment here. Anyhoo, if you're still puzzled here's how to do it.
  1. trace the pattern into desired card stock/paper of choice, to avoid arthritis I suggest in not much weight than 90gsm.
  2. did you notice the red vertical line on the pattern? that's where you should fold the paper (in accordion fold) and be careful not to cut through that line or your reindeer won't kiss.
  3. once you finish, the reindeer chain will look slightly curved. If you're using A4 paper, and print the pattern by 50%, like I did, you'll need 3 chains of reindeer to make full circle.
Easy peasy. Talking about paper.. I have made and mailed my cards for little.lovely Christmas card project. I thought I told you I got scissors happy this Christmas. My first try on paper cutting, please do gentle criticism. Just kidding. Do harsh criticism if you like. Here's them before they hit the envelope.

My humble "box" tree. :)

This one is, obviously, inspired by 1948 Disney short, Once upon a Wintertime. As a kid I watched this over and over again, swooning to the song and the images. Thanks to youtube, I get to watch it again and again and again...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deck the Doors

..with paper reindeer garland falalalala.. .. ..OK, OK! I'll stop singing if you stop sneering. My version of cheap and chic holiday garland, not to mention they can be built in less than 20 minutes. I didn't make any pattern I just got scissors happy, but if you need one, do tell me and I'll try making one. Also, excuse me for all un-reply emails, messages, and comments. I'll be back to blogosphere as soon as I am done with this one deadline. Have fun holiday decorating!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jolly Pals


I haven't set up any Christmas tree nor decoration! sob. I know, it's beginning to look less like Christmas at my home, why do deadlines come right on the jolliest season?

Anyway, enjoy the second Christmas Tag Pals. Meet Angel, Ginger, and Elfie. If you are using this please do share your picture with the rest of babalisme's readers. Have a merry weekend!

*** if you have trouble using Scribd, here is the Googledocs version. Enjoy! *** 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

on the First day of Christmas

(sing) .. babalisme gave to you. A pair of Christmas pals tags....

*insert blowing-winter-wind sound*

Can I have a little excitement around here? It's Christmas, everyone!!

I'm planning to give away 12 Christmas printables for free!! Yaay! Hold on. I get excited too easily I might lose my breath (or peed my pants, whichever comes first).

First one is here, free tag (or tree ornaments, garlands, placecards, whatever your creativity takes you) of Mr. Claus and his favorite (and ours) reindeer, Rudolph. The tags are inspired by tin vintage Christmas ornaments. And I know a Snowman is very tempting to be fitted in the design but I need your ideas, which Christmas pals do you want to see next?

And I am using Google doc this time, I hope you can all download it minus the trouble Scribd have you. I personally like Scribd more. But hey, we gotta try, right?

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday from the Past

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I went all vintage last year. I'm lucky because I have a mom who treasures all those trinkets from the year she married my dad, but if your mom has thrown away all of her stuffs, don't fret. Because these days, vintage can be bought (great gift ideas too!).

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