Monday, May 23, 2011


If I had a F.A.Q corner this one might be the most frequently asked question by email from babalisme readers: "How do I create a professional looking, coordinating party decoration without spending much money/creating much DIY crafts?".

Fair enough, I think, most of party decorations demolished or even perished/lost/damaged in less than 12 hours after the party started. So, no one wants to really invest much time or money or effort in creating decorations, right? You know how fast party balloons gone? They're quite affordable, thankfully. But here is a little trick to boost extra "oooomphs" and generate extra "aaaawwws" to your party without breaking any bank account: Use cupcake topper ANYWHERE. Yes, I mean it, anywhere. These little dudes are usually easy to make and affordable as well. And..they are so versatile in terms of shapes and wording they can be used anywhere. Here are some of my ideas :

the cupcake topper "modeled" here is free, get it here if you haven't.

I may set the font too small to read so here are what's actually written there :
  • as a cupcake topper, doh!
  • as a party garland
  • as a favor tag
  • as a lunchbag name tag
  • as a lollipop or party straw label
Do you have any ideas on how to make your cupcake toppers work real hard at a party? Or even after the party? Do share with us!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

and in and out of weeks ..

where the wild things are still

....and almost over a month I abandon this blog. *sob* Currently in high summer holiday mood, so I spent much time running barefoot in the garden with Baby G, spraying water hose. I don't know , I kinda avoid anything high tech during summer. Also the fact that Baby G will start her first real school without me *gasp* terrify me a bit. You know, how much I will miss her during those 2 hours everyday?
Unable to meet my nautical holiday dream, I am currently mesmerized over other summer holiday probability: a nice lazy summer afternoon under the trees. Think : Where the Wild Things Are. Rope hammocks and tents are purely a must. Enough with words, let the wild rumpus start with these pics.
swoon worthy party spotted at ohdeedoh

cute cute interpretation at jackieculmer's blog

Flower girls can't be any cuter. Spotted at howtotietheknot.

Space 15 twenty Pop up store. via foxisblack.

And the cutest Max I have seen so far.

So, what are you doing this summer?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ahoy Summer

Hello, everyone! Back from early summer holiday (more of the topic soon), I can't help but thinking about nautical themes on everything! I feel the urge to immediately share the inspiration with you! Just think Donald Duck in St. Tropez! Sands between your toes and cold wind playing with your bed hair. Aquamarine sea under the sun. swoon.
Zara kids' sailor tee.
swoon worthy catalog images from Erin's blog.

Blanco's spring/summer 2011 found here

Table setting by TrelesCreations

Classical tote bag from bayanhippo

I also want to thank you all the positive feedback for Bob's party. Including a feature at
PartyPerfect and CraftGossip. Not to mention the next party issue of InGoodCompany online magazine! Thank you very much!