Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pokaku : Creating My First Custom Case

I love online shopping, I really do. It really has helped me to actually browse, compare prices, and purchase my needs (and wants) anytime anywhere. It also cut back the time I spend on actual shopping (less traffic, anyone?)

But I have a strong love and hate relationship with online shopping business. One business I usually despise the most is a custom smartphone/ gadget case business. Not all of them but the ones taking images off the internet and sell them as their own. Deviantart is usually the best place to find high resolution images with marketable quality. Yes, they stole images and sell them as "custom case".

photo 3

It was a dream come true when one website, www.pokaku.com launched, and they offer exclusive artists' works, all truly designed and owned by the artists/ designers themselves, sold at your choices and customization, with an affordable prices!! You can even designed your own case, which I did, and here is the result! I'm using my woodland print from my collaboration with papercrane as a last minute image choice (lazy mom) and it turned out quite good.

photo 2

I am quite pleased with the final result, let's just say it really worth the price.  You just can't compare the quality with original manufacturer's cases, but it is OK. It's not as easily fitted when I put it on as original cases,  but you can't really complain about it, regarding the price it offers. The designing process itself is the most amusing thing, and very user friendly too. You will be guided with a step by step instruction, just upload your image from your computer (or a photo), or you can pick from one of their clip arts, which at the moment, are still quite limited in variety, but I hope more additions would come. Edit, if you must, add text, if you please, pick a coating finish (glossy or matte) and boom, your custom case is ready to be delivered to your front door. The service, both customer service and handling&shipping service are astounding! They excee my expectation of a locally manage online business and deliver safely and on time.

photo 1

Check them out and start creating one yourself!