Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Giveaway : Win Custom Illustrated Portrait

You read the title. yaay! Let me hear some noise! What do you think?

What? What exactly will you win you say?

One watercolor illustration of you! Or your family, or you with your pets, with a friend, etc! I will do it for you for free! Just provide me with a clear un-filtered photo and I will illustrate it for you. Please keep in mind, for this giveaway only, the number of people and pets illustrated will only limited to a maximum of 4 persons (or pets).

The finished illustration will be sent to you via email, so yes, you will receive the soft copy (the file) of your illustration. You may print as many as you want, print it on a T-shirt, or you may also use it as a gift to your family members. Of course, the prize is meant to be for personal use only.

Giveaway time!!! Win 1 (one) custom portrait of you or your family (maximum of four persons)!!! The winner will have to email me his/her choice of portrait. I will illustrate and the winner will receive a soft copy of my illustration, send via email.  TO


The giveaway is opened here at babalisme blog, babalisme Facebook Page, and babalisme Instagram. You may enter on all three as many as you wish, but please follow the rules according to each platform.

  1. If you enter here, please be blog follower first and comment here with your blogger account name. If you are registered with a different email, please comment with your preferred email too.
  2. I love new follower but if you're already a follower, comment again with your registered name! You have gain two entries for being a loyal reader! :D Thank you! 
  3. Follow me on twitter @babalisme  and comment with your twitter name. 
  4. Follow me on instagram @babalisme and comment here with your IG name.
  5. Be a fan at babalisme Facebook Page and comment here with your FB name. 
  6. Share on twitter, typepad, blogger, pinterest, tumblr, anything! And comment with your shared link! As many as you like, one comment for each shared link. 
  7. Tell me who'd you like to be illustrated? Yourself? Your family? With a pet or two? 
Custom full body portrait - surprise giveaway coming soon. You might get your family illustrated for free!!! When? Stay tune! 😍 #illustagram #illustrated #illustration #portrait #family #custom #personalized #handmade #sketchbook #sketch #summe


  1. Open internationally. No hard copy or actual item will be sent to your address.
  2. Giveaway starts now until 7/7/2015 at 10.a.m Jakarta time (GMT + 7). 
  3. The winner will be picked randomly among FB, Instagram, and blog entrants. 
  4. The winner will be contacted using the method he/she's in,  if I can't reach her/him after 2x24 hours, I will pick a new winner. 
  5. The prize is not redeemable to cash or any other products. 

That is all! Good luck people! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Daily Menu Planner Free Printable

I am so much unaware of the planner business hitting the crafting world alike. It seems so sudden (at least to me) and a little bit overshadows the scrapbooking world. Now don't laugh at me just yet, of course, I do aware of a planner. I had it since junior high, filled with magazines cutouts of boyband members, among my daily homeworks, and preteen typical doodles and quotes (you know, how my name sounds followed by a crush's last name .. and cheesy love songs lyrics).

But since when does it become associated with washi tapes?? Washi tapes have a celebrity status in the crafting world since like 6 years ago, and oh my, cute leather covers! Extra charms! Specialty stickers! Colorful pens and markers! And most of all, cute notebooks and inserts! Of course, not too mention the amazing community! I'm really thrilled and excited!

menu plan daily

I promised you a printable insert, right? So after lurking around and doing some research (drooling on people's hobonichi, midori, foxydori...), I present to you an A5 inserts for your planner. And it's not just another plain inserts, it's a menu plan!! Mothers and home cooks rejoice! It's really hard to plan a meal everyday if you know what I mean, and I hope to help you plan and list in style.

babalisme free A5 planner inserts daily menu plan

I designed it in A5 size. That's half of a letter/A4 paper and fits to most planner, especially the hobonichi cousin. It is layouted on an A4 paper so everytime you print, you'll get 2 pages of inserts, you may cut it in half or you may not. It's up to your planner. Print on both sides of paper if needed. A little warning I'm new to this planning activity, so you may find this inserts unsuitable or could use an extra imporvement, please let me know!

There you go, have fun with it. Please upload and share your planner and babalisme's insert on Facebook, instagram, or twitter! Tag me @babalisme! 

Hope you all like it and welcome me in the planner community! 
Listers gonna list! Planners gonna plan! 

ps. Babalisme webstore will open this month so please stay tune and expect a mega giveaway to go with it!!! Yay! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

June Printable Month 2015

Happy June everyone!! Welcome to Babalisme's annual June Printable Month! If you're new here, it means I'm going to share loads of FREE printables during this month, you may even request the theme or what printable do you need!

And no, I'm not hiding under a rock, so I see that planning has taken over the craft world lately, it might somehow push scrapbooking aside for awhile :) I know because some of scrapbooking blogs I follow are slowly shifting to planning. It's a huge phenomenon! So what do you think? Does anyone need any planner inserts ;) ? I'm no planner expert so all suggestion is highly appreciated. 

For the mean time, here's Super Mario photo props we're talking about last post. Have fun!  

babalisme super mario photo props

Ps. June Giveaway is coming your way too! Keep your eyes peeled, but not literally, that would be scary!