Monday, April 28, 2014

Giveaway : Papercrane x Babalisme Stationery Set

As announced two months ago (sorry about the delay, there are tons of ruckus to be taken care of in terms of both life and works here at babalisme), here is the long awaited giveaway!!! *DUN DUN DUUUN* 

Papercrane and babalisme are so excited about our brand new collaboration that we are giving you, babalisme's reader a set of your own stationery box! Brand new, unopened, sealed, of course. The one you see here obviously mine, it has personalized with my name, but yours will come clean and free of customization (of course, I wouldn't know who the winner is, right?). And you are absolutely lucky if you win one now, because... *wait for it* ... this LIMITED EDITION BOX is currently SOLD OUT at Papercrane's store. 

Here is what you'll see when you open the box.. quite neat, huh? The box filled in with 20 cards (2 designs), 20 hangtags (2 designs), 20 matching envelopes, a roll of twine, and one sets of clear transparent stickers. All are decorated with my own hand painted watercolor drawing, printed on a heavyweight grained (textured) matte paper.  Feast your eyes on the details first, before entering.... you're ready? Giveaway after a few scrolls down!!

Now for the giveaway! Who is eligible for entering? 
  • Anyone in the world. But let me check for my local post office for any restriction on destinations. (I'm in Indonesia, by the way)
  • If you're under 18, please make sure you got an OK from your parents to use your family's home address as mailing address, and also to share all your necessary info and details. :) 
  • Please use the same email for your blogger comment and rafflecopter's sign in, but if you're not, please tell me your rafflecopter name on your comment. 
  • I will contact the winner as soon as rafflecopter picked an eligible one. If he/she failed to reply my attempt in reaching her, I will pick another winner in 2x24 hours.  

There are tons of ways to enter, and some of them are DAILY tasks, so you can enter once a day to increase your chance of winning! But do your best to stick to the details of what the task ask you to do, that is, don't forget links, or mention (@) or hashtags (#) if stated. Your entry will be disqualified if you didn't do exactly as stated at rafflecopter. Good luck, everyone! 

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