Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Award and Birthday Party Sneak Peak..

I thought yesterday was my first time cradling Baby G on my arms, now she can't barely sit on my lap, always on the run, even if I get a hold on her, she won't stay still. 1 year passes so fast, and being a baby is a short time, now she's going to be an infant, a toddler, finally a small little girl. But I love calling her Baby G, nonetheless, Infant G or Toddler G is just too awkward..

So as you may guess, Baby G's first birthday party is coming close. First! Can you imagine? Her first year of life! She won't be realizing about it, but I'm nearly wetting my pants here. So, as a good mom (yeah, right), I'm browsing all through the net for a good inspiration for her upcoming celebration. I was first thinking of fairy princess theme party, and then think..mm.. It's much more fun for older kids, so I will keep it for the next 3-4 years..Circus/carnival theme...eliminated for the same reason..then I found this particular theme, I can't seem to put a word for it, but I am having the color scheme and all! See these...

from top, left to right :
my2penn'orth. cath kidston. martha youknowwho. cath kidston. little circus.

And this is by far, I have made for the party, it's the favor, an activity book, it's only a proof print, not bound together yet. I will come up with more posts about my preparation, and of course the full post about the party! Yay! I'm so excited!

And by the way, belen of belen: beh-lehn (her name is Stephanie) is giving me this award!! This is surely a day-turner! You know, when I had a "blue" day, this award is suddenly cheer my day up into one bright orange day!! And I guess I have to play along then because the rules of the award stated that I need to divulge ten things about myself that most people don't know and award this to 10 fellow bloggers.
  1. I hate clipping my nails, not that I like them long and spiky (shudder), but I am just too lazy to do it, for me it's the most boring activity I have to do once in a week or two. For the same reason I hate getting a manicure, I always fall asleep at the beautician and it's not a good view.
  2. I really really am afraid of frogs, yes even the tiniest most un-harmful one.
  3. I enjoy horror movies but a really scaredy cat. (hey, there's a huge difference between a movie and real situation)
  4. I am having oatmeal stir fried prawns for dinner (now, that I've mentioned it, I run out of garlic powder, mmm..)
  5. I can adapt to most food served in the world, I am thankful for that, as long as the food is not too extreme it made to an episode of Fear Factor.
  6. On the other hand, I can't adapt to most public lavatories in the world. They have to follow several of my regulations before I can use them, squeaky clean, fresh-smelled, silent (bars and pubs'? no.), and not moving (airplane's? no). I get many complains about this.
  7. Though I seem to like all things cute and lovely, which I really do, I adore gothic and dark stuffs. Wednesday Addams to me is like Hannah Montana to every little girl born in the 21st century.
  8. My husband, which I rarely talk about in this blog, is actually a very nice likable person. I have nothing more to write about him.
  9. I have many things in my mind I want to be better at. One of them is cooking.
  10. My best cooking so far is fried banana with brown sugar. duh. Any 3rd grader can do that!
So that's it for now. I'm awarding this award to 10 persons who suggest the best name of the theme of Baby G's birthday party!

Monday, July 27, 2009

This Girl can Draw!!

It's time for another illustrator interview!! I'm so excited, that Noemi Manalang lives in Jakarta, Indonesia! Well, hello, neighbor!! Noemi was born in the Philippines 19 years ago (I envy her youth!) but she has spent her whole life in Indonesia. Having a painting lesson as a child, she didn't automatically pursue a painting career nor joining an academically painting schools, she's self trained and much much experimenting on her own afterward. She has been in several exhibitions, and in her leisure, still very much enjoy viewing other art exhibitions. She took fashion design in my course, but yes, she still constantly draws (Thank Heaven for that!).

I just love how her flowy, soft, and subtle watercolor first caught my eyes, as a girly kind a girl, I always have a soft spot for soft watercolor illustrations. I must say that I really connected to her illustrations mainly because I'm a girl, and her poetic, dreamy illustrations seem like my own thoughts. Well, if you're in love with her illustrations too, you can always check out her shop, niminami on Etsy. Now's in time to get to know her personally!

What's your most favorite thing to draw?
Leaves are my favourite. And eversince I took a course in fashion design, painting watercolour girls has become one of my favourites too. Sometimes I also like doodling some text art. It depends on my mood.

What/who inspires you the most?
I'm inspired by the things around me. Mainly about nature & people. Sometimes, when I look out the window, I could just stare at a beautiful tree and admire it from a distance. (ah, we do get a lot of beautiful trees here) Then maybe I start drawing it. Little and simple things inspire me and give me ideas.

What's the sweetest thing a person has said about your work(s)?
It was when a friend of mine wrote a comment about my artworks that she wishes to have my hands. Well, not literally cut it of course. Hehe meaning the ability to draw, if you know what I mean. But every compliment is the sweetest thing.

On the contrary, what's the biggest, heart crushing, gut melting criticism you have ever taken?
I have yet to face some criticism. Hopefully, if ever, it would be constructive. Something that will push me to improve.

Is there any things (objects/techniques/material,etc) you wish to master more right now?
Recently, I've just moved from oils to watercolours. Its very light and flowy compared to the heavy oil paints so I have yet to learn more of it. I think it suits my personality more.

This is a little out of the topic, but how do you like living in Jakarta, not to mention the recent suicide bombing?
Oh, the suicide bombing. Such an unfortunate thing that happened and to the poor victims. It's scary, but it doesn't mean I don't want to live here again. I grew up here and there are good people here. Some deserve to be punished for what they've done against humanity.

Finally, what's your biggest beast in making art? (by "beast" I mean obstacles, hindrances, or anything else that put you of making good art, like laziness, perhaps? well, that's my beast :))
Ah, yess, like laziness.. Its procrastinating. I usually put things off till to later because I always think there's still lots of time. Time is money. Hehe its something I have to change.

Thank you for your time, Noemi!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Have you heard of..

..of Rice? Well, it's a shop and since the webpage left me speechless, I'll just share with you some pictures and let them do all the talking. You'll get it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soft Sunlight..

I took this picture while I was at my mum's, she collected orchids too. Second place from the cacti family, this is the flowers I love the most. I'm not much of a photographer but I somehow like how this turned out, maybe all of you professionals are getting a big laugh by now, but hey, not that it's going to win an award or something, I am just surprised at how good it turned out.

To celebrate more warm, soft midsummer sunlight, let's satisfy our eyes from the better photographers...

A denim shirtdress.. on top of my list! here.

swoon. here.

Sun after the rain, ah, my favorite scent. here.

Neighborhood. here.

..and when the sun hits the room, here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I won a giveaway hosted by Kimberly not too long ago, I was so excited! Not only I get picked by Mic the dog (hey, I am loved by all creatures, two legged and four!), but Kim is a real sweetheart!

I love her photography, she shoots the best moods and details, all through the giveaway time I kept my fingers crossed (and maybe my eyes too, but I didn't realize it) and by winning the giveaway, I got to pick my favorite from her shop (yaaaay!).

I want to be honest with her, maybe she really need, so I tell her that my actual personal favorite is this "Swing" but my mom, whose birthday is closing in, loves flowers, and I wanted to give her, this "Sharry Baby". And the package arrived.... I was looking at beautiful Sharry Baby, I turned her around and saw that it was signed by Kim, dated, and titled "Swing", I was, "What? I must tell her immediately that she titled it wrong!" ..but then I saw the note...

I went numb..and eeep! She gave me not one but two prints!! Not to mention the postcard and her lovely note and business card. I'm in love!!

You should check Kim's shop now before July ends, just figure this, she gives me this whole lotta bunch of goodness, what will she give to her customers? She's a gem, I tell ya. Don't forget to make her blog, MyAlternateReality a frequent pitstop too, she's a talented photographer, what would you think her blog made of? Eye candies, yup!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Back to School Labels!

I just realized that the new school year has begun! Well, at least, in Indonesia that is; my nephew started his kindergarten class this week. But for all of you from around the globe, summer holiday is over, and probably going back to school is the next thing in your home's agenda.

download here.

Fret no more, prepare well, I have got something for you! Labels! For books, pencils, lunch bags, and everything else. I know, I made up cooking class and animal science just because I love pie and hedgehogs images. I get a lot of comments saying my printables are directed for girls only, well, looking back, yes, they do look feminine. I try to include both gender this time, so moms of boys, please feel free to download too.

p.s. The girl/boy image are based on average portrayal of a child, if you wish for a personalized one (braids or freckles perhaps?) please do ask. I will make you a set of labels with your child's image and name.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happily Ever After

I know, you probably has seen these photos everywhere by now. It's Disney's theme parks advertising shot by the great Anni Leibovitz. You don't question the quality of her photographs. Ever. 'Nuff said. So yes, I love the series (but on some characters I think they have mis-casted, guess which one(s)?). Check them all here.

On the other hand, Dina Goldstein, a Leibovitz heir to the throne someday ;), has shot the other side of the Princess' coins. Funny, but true. What happens after a happily ever after?

I hate being a spolier and ruin your surprise factor so see and laugh at the poor souls yourself here.

ow...allright, this is my favorite so let's compare these two...

HA! I love Prince Charming potrayal on this one, watching a polo match? In thights? :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Bags. Something you stroll along with, maybe in your hand, on your shoulder, across your body, or even on your back, to store your belongings that you can't just leave at home. That's my definition, you must not take it too seriously. Bags are definitely much more than I had stated there. They are luxurious, one of a kind, must haves in fashion world known as " designer handbags". Hunted and copied all over the world. Geez. Not all fashion items receive the similar treatment, I think. And since I was born to the lesser part of fashion caste, I love the idea of making your own designer handbags. Such as ..

the notorious printable Kelly...

and this Chanel. Aaah, bless the person who made this. (found via SourCherry)

And speaking of bags, these are the ones I'm currently obsessing about. swoon.

from Paper Plane. Bless the designer.

Hello, Summer.

During hideous deadline hours, I usually drop baby G at my mom's. *chuckles* You know why, don't you? My mom wishes everyday would be my deadline (yeah, keep on wishing, mom!). Jk. It's funny that my mother, me, and Baby G is the first born daughter in the family. My mom is your average stay at home mom but she does terribly great craft (explain my undying love of the whole thing), gardening (err..not quite explain anything about me, everything I plant seems to wither in a few days), and cooking (err....I'm trying to make decent edible here! I swear!).
Since the weather is much much nicer at my mom's (although we live in the same city), I always like to hang around a bit at her garden. Beautiful. And what they're saying about green that please your inner side? Trust me, they're saying the truth. My favorite from her extensive garden is the cactus plant.

They're so cute, aren't they?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meet Monsana!

...no..Monsana is not the name of this bear...but the creator of B (that's the name of the bear, if you were wondering) and the owner of the lovely shop called Brand Appliqué. She just opened it a few months agot and got some new listings yesterday, so be sure to visit her and give her some love! I called her shop, which is stuffed by wonderful letterpress cards and papers, not to mention their neat packaging, clean and modern, in a design-y kinda way. On the contrary, her style still somehow reflects a homy feeling too, when other design-y shops seem to lack of. (Oh just look at B the bear!)

Monsana is taken from the word Manzana in Spanish, apparently, the mis-spelled one. But it sounds catchy and the dear lady decide to go with the name. I really love talking to her, as she seems to have many things to share (and indeed she does), so I chat her a little more..but if you really really want to know here, just visit her lovely blog, or you just want to skip our chitchat and start ordering those high quality letterpress for yourself ? Head to her website for more info. If you're here for the coversation, here it is...

What's your main source of inspiration?
Anything that opens my eyes to the new experience.

When and how did you decide to sell handmade stuffs?
When I was in college. I wanted to use my free time to make some extra money, which turned out to be a huge success and later had become my serious business for a while until I decided to pursue my other dreams. I think part of the success was because I was young and bold and willing to take a risk.

I noticed that you do some design works as well, how to balance those two acts; designing and making handmades?
Design is one thing, craftsmanship is another. Although I wanted to have it all but in reality it's impossible. I used to make everything by myself but later got burned out that I felt drained of creativity. At a.angkana, I positioned myself as a creator, I design, select the right materials, and have my team made it. My secret is to have great teamwork.

In designing, which comes first; the clients' satisfaction or your creative idealism?
I have to say clients' need come first. The clients know their business better than anyone else. Besides, it's their budget they're spending. I won't abuse their money to fulfill my creative idealism. I do that to my own brand. :) Brand Applique shop is my creative outlet. I get to do anything I wanted to do without having to concern about demographics, target audience, and trend. Although the sales're not skyrocketing but so far, I'm enjoying it.

Do you have any works that you can call your "masterpiece" so far?
I loved every piece I created, yet won't call them 'masterpiece'. I'm looking for a way to put my skills to good use... you know.. like designing something that improves our society and people's lives. I would call that my masterpiece.

On the contrary, any works you wish people wouldn't find out about?
Yes I do. But if I told you then people would find out about them. ;) Let's keep the skeleton in the closet.

What new skills you wish to master right now?
Networking skills. I'm always envious of people who know how to build and keep up their social networking.

If you're not a designer, what would you do now?
If I weren't a designer, I would do what I'm doing now. I've been living my life. The sky has no limit and I LOVE exploring new territories. Currently, I'm into marketing and branding. I'm also looking into MBA program.

What's the best tips/suggestions/ words of wisdom you have ever received as a designer?
I'm not sure I can call it the tip or suggestion, it's more like a hint. And it came from a design legend who was one of the greatest designer in the 20th century. I got to sit down and had a meeting with him, back in Chicago. At that time, I had already been doing great in my career. My work had been recognized but I was looking to have more exposure. So I was excited to meet the guy. We talked about work, trend, his work ethic, and his life. He gave me a hint as to what I was about to get myself into if my desire was to become a design legend. It's going to be long hours of work, no days off, no vacation, and no life. If that's my goal, he asked me to go back and see him.

And that's my turning point.

I spent a few days contemplating his words. Then decided that's not how I see myself living it. My priority's not my work, it's the people I love. I can live without fame. So I stopped working long hours and started paid attention to people around me. These days I'm doing well with my work-life balance. I've been living my life and enjoyed every moment of it. had I not met up with him then, I won't be where I am now.

Any tips for new designers/ Etsy sellers?
Etsy folks, you're doing good already. We're in the same boat though as I'm new to Etsy as well. As long as we stay optimistic and work hard (don't go extreme on that, would you?) good things will happen to us.

Design folks, I may not be in a position to give you any tip as I'm a rebel one :) Ok.. one thing I can say from my experience. Ever since, I stopped and smelled the roses, I've been doing even better than before!. The secret is I spend more time being out and scouting new territories than sitting at my desk flipping through design magazines. New experiences're great sources of my inspiration for creating great work.

Lastly, thanks Babalisme for having me here today!
(well, your welcome, Monsana! My pleaseure to have you here! )

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tabby Cat Embroidery Pattern

..embroidery pattern is back once again, to bribe you my dear readers for my long absent. Forgive me, but my excuse for that will be on my next post to come. So in the mean time,.. I haven't learned how to embroider myself (lazy thing), but I did manage to learn a few embroidery lingo, thanks to Helen of orangeyoulucky, otherwise I won't have a clue what a Satin Stitch is (and while you visit Helen grab her bunny embroidery pattern as well!).

So here's a pattern of Tabby the cat, under the rain. Oh, I love raindrops, and I love cats too, though I'm more of a dog person. I also give you Tabby in color, for your color reference. For the dress and the umbrella, you can do a full back stitch to fill it with color, or do a straight stitch to give Tabby a striped dress, or better, you can use a fabric applique to create her dress and umbrella. Do as your creativity guides you!

for larger/print size file head here.

If you have any questions you are always free to ask... someone who is an expert in embroidery, not me!! Hahaha! Just kidding, you can ask me, and if I can't answer yours, I'll ask to an embroidery expert I know. Please share your creations, lovelies!

*update* There is a report about the link being infected by a virus. I'm contacting the file hosting admin but haven't got any reply yet. If you encounter similar problem, please let me know. For the mean time, I'm suggesting you to view it on full size and save rather than downloading it. I'm soooo sorry for the inconvenience. (But if you had downloaded and found no virus, please let me know too!)