Friday, July 17, 2009

Back to School Labels!

I just realized that the new school year has begun! Well, at least, in Indonesia that is; my nephew started his kindergarten class this week. But for all of you from around the globe, summer holiday is over, and probably going back to school is the next thing in your home's agenda.

download here.

Fret no more, prepare well, I have got something for you! Labels! For books, pencils, lunch bags, and everything else. I know, I made up cooking class and animal science just because I love pie and hedgehogs images. I get a lot of comments saying my printables are directed for girls only, well, looking back, yes, they do look feminine. I try to include both gender this time, so moms of boys, please feel free to download too.

p.s. The girl/boy image are based on average portrayal of a child, if you wish for a personalized one (braids or freckles perhaps?) please do ask. I will make you a set of labels with your child's image and name.


  1. This is really cute!! I wish I have a printer right beside me now to print them! Thanks for this & I adore your artwork!

  2. Oh those are adorable-as are all of your printables.
    I have an idea for you.
    You can but a full 8.5x11 inch adhesive sheet to print on and just cut them out as labels. They are awesome! thank you, My daughter and son will love their own labeled school supplies.

  3. This post makes me wish I was a mother, so that I could send my babies to school in style with these labels. Where I live, the school year doesn't start for another month. So I'm trying to appreciate this last little stretch of summer before I have to go back.

  4. oh these are sweeeet.! i will have to save them for the new year ;)

  5. so cool! My niece and nephew would be excited to have these labels on their school things. Thank you!!

  6. Oh so CUTE! I wish I had some children so I could send them off to school with these darlings!

  7. thank you oh so much! they are exactly what i need since my daughter started pre-school last week.

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  9. Great idea. Must also do such things. Looks nice

  10. Oh, I'm re-reading your blog has found out a lot of good ideas. Of course to many incarnations it never came. But still in the future. :)

  11. I love this idea! I will be featuring it on somewhatsimple.com on Tuesday, Aug 24th. Thanks for sharing!

  12. So cute! I am definitely going to have to use these for my kiddos! I featured this on my blog at ascrapoftime.blogspot.com

  13. School going kids generally get in trouble because of similar items they all have and sometimes lose or interchange items because of no identification mark on the items.

    Regards William

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  18. Wow, isn't it a good idea to get a personalized bobblehead? It only needs one photo!

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