Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shop Spotlight : Little Owl Big Trouble

Hello, folks, Happy belated Easter! I want to thank you guys for entering my California Baby giveaway, and congratulations to *drum roll* our winner Rita I!

Anyway.. I don't know with all of you parents with boy(s), but I never have a hard time dressing and finding cute clothing for Big Sis G. After all, she's pretty confident on determining her own style and her style is well, pretty easy to shop. It's pink-and-glitter-overload-princess style by the way. *eye rolls...easy peasy shopping, right?*

And like all  -cough-*hipster *-cough- ..ahem.. modern and aesthetically educated mothers, I, once in my lifetime I have solemnly sworn not to put anything with licensed character on my daughter's body. Of course, that could only be achieved for the first one and a half year of Big Sis G's life. And she begged for her first Disney Princess Ariel t-shirt. I cursed myself, well done, mom, but hey, the only Ariel (and later Dora, Rapunzel, Hello Kitty..) hurts is my own ego.

Boys, however, I heard is pretty easy to steer into licensed-characters-free zone. They are typically not really bothered with things put on their body as long as they're comfy and free of obstruction in any way. BUT, shopping for boys in a stylish way can be a bit of a challenge. Girls have more options. Always. But don't be discourage on dressing up your little man. Stylishly. Finally. I want you to meet ..

Little Owl Big Trouble!!

1. J Shoes Orange IDR 275.000.-    2. Gray Vest   3. Trendy Training Pants   4. L/S Shanghai Red Shirt IDR 135.000,-   5. Girl's Skull Tee  6. Sweater w/ patches Green

Well, those are only a few of my personal picks to create the perfect little man outfit. I cheated, I put in one girl's t-shirt there. I can't help it I'm sorry. Aren't they the opposite of those licensed character outfit you wish you didn't have to buy for your kids? (Cars and Angry Bird franchise, I'm looking at you.) I have touched and experience it myself. Big Sis G love their harem training pants. (yes, I make her wear boy's clothes, please don't judge me). Not to mention it's easy on mom's pocket too. They are 100% made in Indonesia, too. 

You can shop Little Owl Big Trouble right here or drop a visit to their Facebook page and share some love. 

If you happened to live in Bandung, Little Owl Big Trouble is available on Bebe Bloom at PVJ mall and The Fabrik, Jl Riau. Isn't their Bebe Bloom stockist the cutest shop? I snapped a few pics while I was there and trust me, the pictures did the real store no justice. Excuse my lame photography skill. For more info about their stockist and products availability you are welcome to contact on twitter or Facebook page. 

Thank you for having me Little Owl!