Monday, August 29, 2011

Doily Lust

Don't you just love the versatility of paper doilies? They can decorate your party walls as well as inviting your guests. These will help spruce up your party : doily wreath US$40 from myhaleygirl and DIY invitation from bijouxbride.

Doilies can be displayed in every mood, from helplessly romantic to curiously standout. I'm obsessed with this valentine ready doily bloomers set from myhaleygirl, US$50 a set, and illustrated doily from daresong, US$45.

Even though store bought doilies are ridiculously cheap it doesn't mean you can't make doilies on your own. Only a regular hole puncher and pieces of papers needed. Get the tute here from Lorajean.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Much Needed

Hi everyone. Have you noticed anything changed on this blog? It's slightly changed, you probably won't notice it but, thank you if you do :) SO .. I finally decided to give it a makeover, 3 years in the run and I think the blog deserves some face lift. In fact, the blog really need one! Do tell me what you think! do you have any more suggestion?

And I also want to tell you that I may not be really available to you during Idul Fitri Holiday break, but I try as much as I can to be online. :D I can't breath without puffing some http nowadays. Cheers!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free Hari Raya Card!

I guess I'm pretty lucky to reside in multicultural Indonesia. I'm pretty proud on that subject. I get to celebrate lots and lots of holidays around here. From Chinese New Year, Easter, Christmas, Halloween.. we didn't have St. Patrick's Day tough, sob. And this is the time of the year for Moslem's Hari Raya or Idul Fitri or Moslem's New Year. I'm not a moslem myself, but like any other Indonesians I do get my share of ketupat lebaran and opor ayam ( those are rice cake dish and stewed chicken with coconut milk, kinda like eggnog to Christmas and turkey to Thanksgiving, really tasty :P)

I get many orders for Hari Raya greeting cards and tags too. But one cracked me up. Since I am not a Moslem, I tried to honor the occasion with a traditional greenish design with diamond pattern. Because I didn't know any better way to portrait this holiday. This client of mine said she's not really satisfied. And I asked "Why? I thought I used green to capture the Fitri spirit?" And she said, "Yeah, yeah, I don't really care about all that, I want a modern design."

I chuckled to myself. It is almost unbelievable how we always portray the "holidays" as "traditional" or "old". You know, blushing fat Santa Claus in Norman Rockwell's illustration, the witch's silhouette for Halloween... and most of all, we always think that there are no modern interpretation of Hari Raya design. It's always Arabic ornaments here, ketupat imagery there... mostly green... Sooooo... I kinda wish I satisfied all my clients this time. And to you my dear readers out there with this free one. Tell me what you think!

ps. Btw, if you feel left out and want to use the card for other occasion, do tell me! I'll set up a blank/ other greetings a.s.a.p.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Blog Loving

All pictures are from Ledansla. New blog that stays on my chrome tab all day long. I could never ever get tired looking at these pictures; chubby baby legs? My weakness. Do you have any blogs that keep you staring all day? Do share! Oh don't be stingy and keep those good blogs under your sleeves. :) We all love some eye candies.

Friday, August 5, 2011

On the Rack

Clothes are beautiful when they are lined up together like these, aren't they? One of my silly obsessions. Clothes hanging peacefully in their homes, a.k.a the closets.

Blog update : I'm still alive and busy catching my own tail. I don't know why it is irresistible to do so. plus I'm drooling like tap water too. JK. Truth is it's almost the biggest juiciest national holiday here in Indonesia, Idul Fitri, and I got more deadlines than I could handle right now. Please stick around, I'll be back as usual :)

Matryoshkas party picture submission is still open. Have a great weekend!