Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Babalisme Collaboration with Papercrane is Here! (and there's a giveaway going on)

Drum roll and trumpet fanfare please. This is my first collaboration project with a packaging shop and getting my first stationery set officially printed and packaged and distributed as one serious and legit product!!! Thank you so much Papercrane! I'm so excited I sound like a 5 year old. Also it features my (and hopefully your) favorite theme : the woodland theme!!!!! It's sold right here  for IDR 275.000 or about 24.00 USD. It's a small amount considering the set will include 20 cards, 20 hangtags, 20 envelope lined with babalisme's exclusive woodland pattern, with a bundle of natural colored twine (perfectly fit for the theme), and of course, bonus stickers. It's also very limited!! You have to hurry to get yours now! 

All illustrations are handpainted by, yours truly, ahem, me, with watercolor. Papercrane did such a good job printing the illustrations that you'd feel like it's a real watercolor on paper. I guess it's their paper choice, but really, the things is, you won't notice it's printed. See what I mean? here? 

AND YESSS!!! THERE IS A GIVEAWAY HAPPENING! Sorry for all caps. I'm just too excited. It's hosted by the lovely ladies at living loving and all you have to do is answer one simple question at living loving's instagram page. The winner will win one package with her name (or favorite quote or whatever she pleases) custom printed on the stationery set. Sounds good? You betcha, because it's normally sold blank, un-personalized. The contest ends at Feb 28th. 

I haven't got the chance to get my hands on the real package. So all pictures here are taken from Papercrane. :D Thank you Papercrane! Sorry for pictures snatching! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Cootie Catcher

I think I do remember of wanting to share a cootie catcher printable with you, but I just can't find the perfect occasion for it. I once thought about fill in invitation, but what a huge trouble for both the sender and the receiver. Some of your guests might not "get it" and miss your party's time, for example. Because I know, some of my guests did have no clue about what to do with a cootie catcher invitation. Can't blame them. 

Then again, what's more suitable for a cootie catcher than be a Valentine's Day game? And I have modified the game a little bit, to be more family-friendly and less pre teen oriented, so smaller children can also enjoy this game with their siblings, parents, or class. :) So please bear with me if this cootie catcher is somewhat played differently than you are used to. There will be no fortune telling involved now. 

First of all print it right here

Follow the instruction below the cootie catcher to make one. Repeat if necessary. This game can be played from as low as 2 persons to up to .. well a class of children will do. :) Here's how to play.

1. Take turns with the cootie catcher, first person up, would spell his name while opening and closing, alternating left right and up down movement, the cootie catcher with his fingers. For example, if his name is Bryan, it would be " B (open left right close), R (open up down close), Y (open left right close), A (open up down close), N (open left down, remain open)"

2. Bryan would pick a number he'd like. for example from 4 numbers available he picks the number 3. 

3. Repeat step 1, but this time counting "1-2-3" while opening and closing the cootie catcher. 

4. Again, Bryan would pick a number, this time he'd like to choose the number 8. Open up the number 8 flap.Hey it's "Whisper Sweet Nothings"! Bryan should do the assignment he had picked to the next person in turn. For example, it's Angela. 

5. After Bryan whispers his sweet nothings to Angela, now it's Angela's turn with the cootie catcher. And she will do another assignment to the next kid in turn. 

Here's the list of the assignments :

Give a hug : the cootie catcher handler give the next kid a hug. 
Tickle Me Crazy : everyone tickle the cootie catcher handler!!! It's a wild ticket bonus everyone will love :D
Share a chocolate : the handler should give a chocolate/candy to the next kid.
Sing a love song : handler sings! or the whole team sings with her choice of song. 
Get up and dance : handler dances, or she may ask the next kid to join her. 
Kiss a cheek : kiss the next kid's cheek
Do an eskimo kiss : between the handler and the next kid. it's rubbing each ones' noses gently btw. 
Whisper sweet nothings : aw, you know this one. 

Bottom note : this printable has been tested by 5 year old big sis G. And she played it continuously you may notice the wear and tear signs on my cootie catcher above. At the first time she had a hard time closing and opening the cootie catcher correctly, but she got the hang of it pretty soon. Hope you have fun playing too!