Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Giveaway Winner and Merry Christmas to all!

I'm not exaggerating, but I'm always in awe on how every Babalisme's clients are always both genetically good looking and flawlessly photogenic. Including our Christmas Giveaway winner, Nahyr and her family! *cheers for the winner!* 

I had no hard time illustrating my clients, really, no joke, from the depth or my heart, it IS easy. Because they are all beautiful! When one mom asked me to illustrate her baby daughter, I went "wow, we have a baby product commercial actor right here". Another time a couple asked for a wedding illustration and I went, "good Lord, what is this? Disney Prince and Princess?" And believe me I'm not kissing up their *** right here. It is just, coincidentally always, the good looking people happened to be my clients. And I can't believe my giveaway winner is so painstakingly perfect as well! 

I can't share Nahyr's own pictures that I use as a reference, but here is my illustrated version of Nahyr and her family. I tell you that my illustration really didn't do justice to their real life beauty, especially her daughter! To those who didn't win, fret not, don't give up. I have more giveaways coming up, either a product from me or a third party, I can assure you the giveaway will rock. So anyaway, all and all, I hope you have had a really good year, and here's to looking forward to a brighter brand new year, and of course, a Merry Christmas. See you next year!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Giveaway is Here!

Falalala lalala. As I announced yesterday, here are babalisme's Christmas *rather flash* giveaway! I have also gave you the lengthy chit chatty type of giveaway intro yesterday, so now we can go through all the technical stuffs about the giveaway! Read on!


One (1) winner will get a digital file (that means no actual products will be shipped) of his or her choice of Personalized Christmas card design. The card is sized A5 or half of A4 or about 8.26x5.9". The design will be placed on landscape. The winner must choose either one between wreath design option 1 or 2 and portrait design of a or b. Please state your choice on email, alongside your name/family's name. The Winner must send in his/her/family's picture(s) to me so I can make a personalized portrait of them on the card. Since we're on a tight schedule to Christmas Day, I will pick another winner if the first one fail to send in their picture before Dec 22nd. If you hesitate to send me a pic, a wordy description will do, as long as you satisfied with the result :)

The winner may print as many as she/he like for as many Christmases as he/she desire, but please use for PERSONAL USE only. If in any way the design gives you any direct or indirect monetarial advantage, it is considered a violation to my rights as the creator and will be prosecuted. 

Open worldwide, everyone can enter!
It will run from now, through Dec 21st, 2013 at GMT 5.00 or Dec 20th, 2013 at PST 21.00.
I'm using rafflecopter so all your tasks are easily done and of course, checked! No tricks!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
May the odds be ever in your favor! (in Effie's voice)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Giveaway : Mark your place!

I have been taking Christmas orders since October, so, yes, carols are blasting from around Halloween in my home to get my spirit and inspiration in tune with the theme. I heard lots of people complaining when they hear Christmas related songs in public places on November, but hey, some of us need the spirit!

So, yes, I have been all about Christmas. This year, I have been thinking of sharing the joy with a giveaway. I usually have a limited quantity of maximum personalized orders I set for myself per month, after all I'm still doing this gig one by one, on my own. For special times like Christmas the maximum bar is upped for a bit. Fortunately for you guys, this year, we have some numbers left! I might set the number a bit higher on purpose because I really do want a giveaway, or some printable might be accidentally left out by a runaway client (hint: oh, please don't ever, EVER, do this), but either way, the odd is in your favor.

So, please, bookmark the blog, I'll be announcing the giveaway real soon. I'm still making all these happened and preparing all the stuffs needed. See you *ehem* tomorrow! Save your seat!