Thursday, November 6, 2014

Carrousel Print Instagram Giveaway

Hi Everyone!! How was your Halloween .. or Dia de los Muertos to some? What or who were you dressed up to be? Well, it's like we have not taken a deep breath from past Halloween excitement, we are relentlessly served with more excitement to come! Thanksgiving! The grand Christmas! New Year! And here we are wondering where did 2013 do? 

In the limelight of excitement, let me give you more! Here is my first ever Instagram exclusive GIVEAWAY! Why? Because of the increasing number of my instagram followers, and many of them complained that they don't own a blogger profile to join my blog giveaway, so... here's to you my insta-friends! 

You'll win one original watercolor painting by moi, it's me, ladies, printed on 240 gsm textured cardstock paper, also handcrafted individually to give a slight 3D feeling. It's one of a kind. Part of my first experiment with it, and haven't been sold anywhere!  

carrousel print boy by babalisme

How to win? 

Well this time, don't comment on this blog to win. Go straight to babalisme instagram page and if that link fail you, just search @babalisme in the user page. Don't forget to follow ;) 

Find the Carrousel Print Giveaway pic, repost with #babalismeinstagiveaway and tag me on your repost pic. 

That's it. One ticket to win. 

Increase your chances to win by reposting as many as you like, tagging friends, sharing on other social media, etc.. and just let me know! The giveaway open internationally and I will announce the winner on instagram on November 25th. 

carrousel print boy 2 by babalisme

Good luck, peeps! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Bobbling Deads

This is Halloween month, The Walking Dead returns with new season, and if you're one of the millions thrilled by those undeads (and a few living ones), you'd love Whoppass Enterprises' new line of the Bobbling Deads. What are the Bobbling Deads, you say? In 5 words : zombified booble-head of you. Yes, you! Ever imagine what would you like missing a limb, blood gushing out of your body, and gritting your teeth through your bloody lips? Or maybe surprising your friends and family with their version of zombie? Well, you can order one now from Whoppass Enterprises.

I had a lovely chance chatting with Whoopass Enterprise's founder, so here it is, a bit of our conversation ..

 - When/where did you start this business?
Whoopass Enterprises began in December of 2003.  We launched it after our trip to Mexico where we saw a custom bobblehead and got in touch with the artist.  You can read more about the story here: http://www.whoopassenterprises.com/about-us/our-story/

- What makes your product different than competitors?
Our company is based in the United States and works with you to make sure your bobblehead is designed especially how you want it.  We speak your language and make sure everything is done to your specifications.  Other companies are shipping these overseas and don't have a solid understanding of what you want and a lot can be lost in translation.  At Whoopass Enterprises, you talk to our customer service person in Chicago, and we go above and beyond to make sure you'll be pleased.

- What makes your product/service special?
Our customer service and attention to detail is what makes us special.  We really want our products to be something you're proud to display and will work with you to revise things until you're happy.

- Who's your target market?
Anyone with a fun sense of humor!  These go well for anything from a gag gift to a wedding cake topper, and anything between.

- What's the biggest obstacle when you first starting out?
Being able to produce custom dolls quickly and effectively.

- How do you overcome it?
Instead of producing them in China like other companies, we work with partners in Mexico.  It makes communication much easier, allows us to keep costs down, and provides customers with a better overall experience.

- What's is your best selling product?
Our completely custom dolls are the most popular, but the Groomsmen bobbleheads are also extremely popular.  Seasonally, our zombie bobbleheads do very well around the Halloween season.

- How do you see your business in the future?
We really hope people will start using our "build your own bobblehead" custom applet.  This is a cool app that allows users to select clothing and accessories, customize their bobblehead doll however they want, and submit it online.  It reduces the back and forth and makes sure we get things right the first time so you don't have a lot of revisions!

Did I mention that you can even customize your own zombie pose? Yes, you can! It's so much fun playing zombie without having to apply and wash all those fake bloods. Be sure to drop by and get your own Booble Deads figures! 

Happy Halloween! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Frebie : Haunted Hause Favor Box

Well it's officially October, yet again. Time to dress up, time to scare. And it's time for babalisme's annual Halloween printable! This time around, we'll have a cute small favor box, in shape of a classic milk cartoon for you to download, FREE!  

babalisme halloween 2014 haunted house box free printable2

Here I am using a glossy photo paper for the house, which I deemed not quite the best choice for paper crafting, but I'm out of my usual matte card stock paper. As you can see, the glossy paper is well, duh glossy (it made my black house rather blueish, ugh) and cracked mercilessly when folded. So yeah, be careful when you pick a paper. #lessonlearned

babalisme halloween 2014 haunted house box free printable1

Instructions : 
  1. Print on your desired paper/card stock and cut out. Make sure you cut your "window" open too. 
  2. Using the blunt edge of a small kitchen knife, or x-acto, or a spoon, or really, invest in a good bone folder already (Martha made a pretty good one), creases all the dotted lines. including the triangle on the rooftop, those are important. 
  3. Fold away your creases. Glue or double taped on sides where the edges met to form a box. 
  4. Don't for get to leave your "roof" open for now. 
  5. Fill in with candies. 
  6. Close off the roof  a stapler, or punch two holes on it and close it off with a ribbon. 
  7. Be generous handing out your treats. 
babalisme halloween 2014 haunted house box

If you have missed out many of my Halloween freebis, click here! Download them all and have fun!   

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pokaku : Creating My First Custom Case

I love online shopping, I really do. It really has helped me to actually browse, compare prices, and purchase my needs (and wants) anytime anywhere. It also cut back the time I spend on actual shopping (less traffic, anyone?)

But I have a strong love and hate relationship with online shopping business. One business I usually despise the most is a custom smartphone/ gadget case business. Not all of them but the ones taking images off the internet and sell them as their own. Deviantart is usually the best place to find high resolution images with marketable quality. Yes, they stole images and sell them as "custom case".

photo 3

It was a dream come true when one website, www.pokaku.com launched, and they offer exclusive artists' works, all truly designed and owned by the artists/ designers themselves, sold at your choices and customization, with an affordable prices!! You can even designed your own case, which I did, and here is the result! I'm using my woodland print from my collaboration with papercrane as a last minute image choice (lazy mom) and it turned out quite good.

photo 2

I am quite pleased with the final result, let's just say it really worth the price.  You just can't compare the quality with original manufacturer's cases, but it is OK. It's not as easily fitted when I put it on as original cases,  but you can't really complain about it, regarding the price it offers. The designing process itself is the most amusing thing, and very user friendly too. You will be guided with a step by step instruction, just upload your image from your computer (or a photo), or you can pick from one of their clip arts, which at the moment, are still quite limited in variety, but I hope more additions would come. Edit, if you must, add text, if you please, pick a coating finish (glossy or matte) and boom, your custom case is ready to be delivered to your front door. The service, both customer service and handling&shipping service are astounding! They excee my expectation of a locally manage online business and deliver safely and on time.

photo 1

Check them out and start creating one yourself!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guest Blogger : How to Stay Safe Online

The Internet is a great way to get the information you need and connect to those that matter to you. However, there are many risks associated with sharing your own information in the online world. What you share online can expose you to various risks, such as fraud and identity theft.
Sam over at SingleHop has helped me put together some of the most common vulnerabilities you can find online to help show us how we can better protect ourselves. SingleHop is a dedicated server and cloud hosting company based out of Chicago. Sam is a Senior Infrastructure Engineer there, and deals mainly with in-depth Linux issues and server clustering, but he's also a frequent author on their blog! SingleHop's dedicated servers page has an abundance of information on the types of servers they offer -- check it out if you're interested in learning more.
babalisme stay safe online

Financial Information
To make online purchases, you would need to provide the e-commerce site with your financial information, such as your credit card number. Some online shopping sites allow you to store your payment information on the site in order to make future purchases faster and more straightforward. While this may certainly be convenient, it does expose you to certain security risks. The recent Target security breach  is one example of this. If your credit card information is stored on a site's secure server and the server's security is breached, your financial information can be stolen by hackers. It can then be used to make fraudulent purchases, which is why you should avoid letting sites store your payment information.

Social Security Number
Providing your social security number online can also put you at risk of identity theft, which is a very common cyber crime. With your social security number, criminals may be able to obtain other financial information about you. This can then allow them to steal your identity, which can be used to open fraudulent credit accounts in your name. Avoid sharing your social security number online, unless you are absolutely sure that the site is secure. Even if you won't be responsible for any fraudulent debts, dealing with the fallout of identity theft can be a huge hassle.

Vacation Plans
Many people share their vacation plans on social media. While it may be fun to tell your friends and family that you're traveling, it does come with certain security risks. Groups of organized burglars have been known to go through social media sites to find out more information about people that would be away from their home for an extended period. They would then break into their homes and make off with their belongings. If you're going to leave your home unattended, be careful about what you share online, as you never know who might have access to this information.

Staying safe online is more important now than ever. While there are many security risks, there are also ways to protect yourself. For example, you can update the privacy settings on your social media accounts so that your posts aren't visible to the public.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Shop Highlight : Dolls2Get

Hi there! It's time for another shop highlight!!

Today's shop highlight is Dolls2Get. Dolls2Get provides you with customized bobblehead dolls, match to your likeness and you can even customize anything it comes with, for example, its clothing, the theme, the activity, the background, additional items, etc. They also offer free proofing until you're satisfied with your dolls. All start from US$ 69.90. 

Here is their introduction : 

  • Dolls2Get was the first large bobblehead company to make individual dolls, and we've been making them for many years now. Over 96% of our customers would recommend us to a friend, which is quite a testimonial! 
    We know the best way to keep our business healthy and growing is to give you an excellent product and top-notch service. Our bobbleheads are a lot bigger than you can find elsewhere, also made from polyresin, best quality compared to our competitors. Our best selling product includes custom made bobbleheads, custom made cake toppers, custom made wedding cake toppers.

If you're in the hunt for a one of  a kind gifts or momentos, here's how to order : 

1. Choose a bobblehead body from our listhing.
2. Send your pictures online or thru email.
3. Choose the options and purchase your bobbleheads 
4. Check regularly your email inbox to follow the production
5. Get your custom bobbleheads at home after your final approval

Or you can just simply visit their site. Dolls2Get site is pretty user friendly and you will guided on an easy step by step instructions.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Frozen Paper Dolls in action!

Do you know what I crave more than doughnuts? A customer's feedback photo that is!! Just look at what Mom Natalie sent in today, her picture perfect daughter playing with my free printable Frozen paper dolls!!! Natalie is one of the moms who initially asked me about sharing a Frozen themed paperdolls. So it's such an honor! 

Doesn't she look like little Elsa herself? Look at that smile and bright eyes!!! 

Thank you everyone for downloading and do remember than I always appreciate your photos!! And thank you Natalie!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Kick Start your Summer with Travel Jam's NĂ©cessaire

If you are a stylish mom with a bunch of kids with who share your good tastes, you might love Travel Jam magazine. Three years after the first issue published, Travel Jam team up with Surf's Up Kidside to present you  the ultimate summer travel kit, perfect if you're traveling this summer with your mini-me(s). The travel kit contains a 59ml shampoo, shower gel, and a moisturizer, a perfect week-end capacity also adapted to airport controls.  You can be rest assured and relax on the beach, because all products have no parabens, phtalates, formaldehyde, DEA, MEA nor TEA, absolutely worry-free.

pics from http://www.sochickidz.com/

If that's not enough you can entertain your youngs with 3 postcards, exclusive temporary tattoos printed by Tattyoo (to tell you the truth, this is the one that got me hooked firsthand, I can't resist cute temp tattoos!), stickers, candies...all wrapped up in a eco friendly cotton bag that you can reuse as almost anything. And have you heard? Pineapples are in!!

pics from http://www.sochickidz.com/

They are limited, so be sure to get your hands on the travel kit at www.sochickidz.com

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sponsored Video : Lifebuoy's Tree of Life

Lifebuoy has been campaigning and raising fund for better sanitary and hygiene, particularly in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), one of the province in Indonesia with the highest rate of deaths from preventable diseases, such as diarrhea and pneumonia, statistically speaking of course. But as you know "statistic" and the campaign "wording" can raise controversy. In December 2013, the aired TV spot for the campaign has sparked some controversy from local government. NTT officials had stated that the "help a child reach 5" slogan was insulting, saying that it's degrading their life situation (read: no, we're not that dirty). In Lifebuoy's defense, they are stating that they used proven statistic data published by national health department, which showed NTT has 71% deaths of 1000 births in NTT are caused by diarrhea. Truth aside, as a graphic designer, I am mostly challenged with advertising issue on daily basis. And if you ask me, yes, a single word, choice of colors, models, etc, can cause huge impacts, either positively or negatively. Even if your intentions are noble and well, with a slightly unfortunate wording it could all go wrong. 
Remember the fit mom with a post baby body, Maria Kang? Well if you need your memory refreshed, she's your daily mom, not a professional athlete or a celebrity (when the photo was published), who post her toned body picture alongside her 3 boys, aged three, two years old, and 8 months old, respectively on her Facebook account. So.... what made the internet crowds tick? Above her picture, there it is, a letter in (perhaps) bold arial font, "What's your excuses?" As predetermined, her post became an internet controversy. Most of the readers said the picture (and subsequently, Maria herself) is mocking them for being fat after having a baby. Well, she's starting a website about health and fitness, so I guess there's no such thing as bad publicity in a brand promotion, but if she would have want a "nicer, more approachable" public message, she should have gone with, "if I can do this, you can too", or "Don't give up yet, I'm the proof!". See. The once insulting picture become very motivational instead. With just one sentence. 

Well so far, Lifebuoy had helped Thesgora, India teaching healthy hand washing habits and reduced incidents of diarrhea from 36% to 5%. And they're willing to reenact their success in Bitobe, Indonesia. So here I am, presenting you the brand new video, another try from Lifebuoy's life saving campaign. All slogan and advertising issues aside, IT IS a noble and important cause. If you're from Indonesia, you all must be aware that, let alone Bitobe, in the metropolitan capital, Jakarta, hygiene is still a common problem. So if you want to find out more... 

Visit Lifebuoy Website 
View Lifebouy’s channel on Youtube 
Reach Lifebuoy on Facebook 
Ask questions at Lifebuoy on Twitter and do your part to help children reach their birthday by sharing this video and Utari’s story on social media with #helpachildreach5 

This post has been sponsored by Lifebouy, but all thoughts are our own

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Free Paperdoll : Frozen Inspired! (Anna, Elsa, and Olaf)

You know, since the movie Frozen hit the theater, everyone seems obsessively infuriated by its charm. And yes, almost everyone, from young to old, boys and girls, men and women. Who hasn't heard the song "Let it Go"? Well, something changes at my email inbox as well. Suddenly, after the movie's out, I was spammed by lots of people asking : 

"Can you please do a Frozen paperdoll (at your blog)?" 

Seriously, it's a significant amount of email asking about Frozen paper doll and to this day, I am still getting about 2-3 emails particularly asking about this. What? Like 5 months after the film released? Frozen fever is indeed a real thing! 

After much consideration (and procrastination of lots of work and lack of sleep), here it is, I'm making a Frozen inspired paper doll of  Princess Elsa and Anna and one happy snowman. I was at first getting giddy because I'm too terrified of Disney suing my tail for trespassing their copyrights and laws. But one lady ( hi, Kerry!) convinced me, "Do you realize how many Frozen images are taken for profit? At Etsy? Everywhere else? They don't even knit or paint Elsa themselves, they google it, print it on some cushion covers, and sell it as it is!" Really? I thought.... and thought.. and thought.... 

Soooo .. I don't own anything about Frozen and the guys at Disney should take all credits... I guess it's just fair I put it up for free for the rest of the world. This paper doll would be a mere fan-art. Please enjoy and have fun! In return.. I'm only asking you to do the same, please do not re-distribute the file for profit. For example, please feel free to use the doll design in your cake for your own personal party. But don't sell the cake including these design. 

Check out my  fairy tale paper doll too ...  with snow white, the little mermaid, and prince charming.. If you're missing out!

Well then, ladies and girls, enjoy your Frozen inspired paperdolls buuuut please pay it forward by not making profit out of it. 

download here

giveaway reminder : 

It's still on!!! Scroll one post down and go enter! 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Giveaway : Papercrane x Babalisme Stationery Set

As announced two months ago (sorry about the delay, there are tons of ruckus to be taken care of in terms of both life and works here at babalisme), here is the long awaited giveaway!!! *DUN DUN DUUUN* 

Papercrane and babalisme are so excited about our brand new collaboration that we are giving you, babalisme's reader a set of your own stationery box! Brand new, unopened, sealed, of course. The one you see here obviously mine, it has personalized with my name, but yours will come clean and free of customization (of course, I wouldn't know who the winner is, right?). And you are absolutely lucky if you win one now, because... *wait for it* ... this LIMITED EDITION BOX is currently SOLD OUT at Papercrane's store. 

Here is what you'll see when you open the box.. quite neat, huh? The box filled in with 20 cards (2 designs), 20 hangtags (2 designs), 20 matching envelopes, a roll of twine, and one sets of clear transparent stickers. All are decorated with my own hand painted watercolor drawing, printed on a heavyweight grained (textured) matte paper.  Feast your eyes on the details first, before entering.... you're ready? Giveaway after a few scrolls down!!

Now for the giveaway! Who is eligible for entering? 
  • Anyone in the world. But let me check for my local post office for any restriction on destinations. (I'm in Indonesia, by the way)
  • If you're under 18, please make sure you got an OK from your parents to use your family's home address as mailing address, and also to share all your necessary info and details. :) 
  • Please use the same email for your blogger comment and rafflecopter's sign in, but if you're not, please tell me your rafflecopter name on your comment. 
  • I will contact the winner as soon as rafflecopter picked an eligible one. If he/she failed to reply my attempt in reaching her, I will pick another winner in 2x24 hours.  

There are tons of ways to enter, and some of them are DAILY tasks, so you can enter once a day to increase your chance of winning! But do your best to stick to the details of what the task ask you to do, that is, don't forget links, or mention (@) or hashtags (#) if stated. Your entry will be disqualified if you didn't do exactly as stated at rafflecopter. Good luck, everyone! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Babalisme Collaboration with Papercrane is Here! (and there's a giveaway going on)

Drum roll and trumpet fanfare please. This is my first collaboration project with a packaging shop and getting my first stationery set officially printed and packaged and distributed as one serious and legit product!!! Thank you so much Papercrane! I'm so excited I sound like a 5 year old. Also it features my (and hopefully your) favorite theme : the woodland theme!!!!! It's sold right here  for IDR 275.000 or about 24.00 USD. It's a small amount considering the set will include 20 cards, 20 hangtags, 20 envelope lined with babalisme's exclusive woodland pattern, with a bundle of natural colored twine (perfectly fit for the theme), and of course, bonus stickers. It's also very limited!! You have to hurry to get yours now! 

All illustrations are handpainted by, yours truly, ahem, me, with watercolor. Papercrane did such a good job printing the illustrations that you'd feel like it's a real watercolor on paper. I guess it's their paper choice, but really, the things is, you won't notice it's printed. See what I mean? here? 

AND YESSS!!! THERE IS A GIVEAWAY HAPPENING! Sorry for all caps. I'm just too excited. It's hosted by the lovely ladies at living loving and all you have to do is answer one simple question at living loving's instagram page. The winner will win one package with her name (or favorite quote or whatever she pleases) custom printed on the stationery set. Sounds good? You betcha, because it's normally sold blank, un-personalized. The contest ends at Feb 28th. 

I haven't got the chance to get my hands on the real package. So all pictures here are taken from Papercrane. :D Thank you Papercrane! Sorry for pictures snatching! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Cootie Catcher

I think I do remember of wanting to share a cootie catcher printable with you, but I just can't find the perfect occasion for it. I once thought about fill in invitation, but what a huge trouble for both the sender and the receiver. Some of your guests might not "get it" and miss your party's time, for example. Because I know, some of my guests did have no clue about what to do with a cootie catcher invitation. Can't blame them. 

Then again, what's more suitable for a cootie catcher than be a Valentine's Day game? And I have modified the game a little bit, to be more family-friendly and less pre teen oriented, so smaller children can also enjoy this game with their siblings, parents, or class. :) So please bear with me if this cootie catcher is somewhat played differently than you are used to. There will be no fortune telling involved now. 

First of all print it right here

Follow the instruction below the cootie catcher to make one. Repeat if necessary. This game can be played from as low as 2 persons to up to .. well a class of children will do. :) Here's how to play.

1. Take turns with the cootie catcher, first person up, would spell his name while opening and closing, alternating left right and up down movement, the cootie catcher with his fingers. For example, if his name is Bryan, it would be " B (open left right close), R (open up down close), Y (open left right close), A (open up down close), N (open left down, remain open)"

2. Bryan would pick a number he'd like. for example from 4 numbers available he picks the number 3. 

3. Repeat step 1, but this time counting "1-2-3" while opening and closing the cootie catcher. 

4. Again, Bryan would pick a number, this time he'd like to choose the number 8. Open up the number 8 flap.Hey it's "Whisper Sweet Nothings"! Bryan should do the assignment he had picked to the next person in turn. For example, it's Angela. 

5. After Bryan whispers his sweet nothings to Angela, now it's Angela's turn with the cootie catcher. And she will do another assignment to the next kid in turn. 

Here's the list of the assignments :

Give a hug : the cootie catcher handler give the next kid a hug. 
Tickle Me Crazy : everyone tickle the cootie catcher handler!!! It's a wild ticket bonus everyone will love :D
Share a chocolate : the handler should give a chocolate/candy to the next kid.
Sing a love song : handler sings! or the whole team sings with her choice of song. 
Get up and dance : handler dances, or she may ask the next kid to join her. 
Kiss a cheek : kiss the next kid's cheek
Do an eskimo kiss : between the handler and the next kid. it's rubbing each ones' noses gently btw. 
Whisper sweet nothings : aw, you know this one. 

Bottom note : this printable has been tested by 5 year old big sis G. And she played it continuously you may notice the wear and tear signs on my cootie catcher above. At the first time she had a hard time closing and opening the cootie catcher correctly, but she got the hang of it pretty soon. Hope you have fun playing too! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sasi's Vintage Toys Birthday Party!

Remember when I told you that coincidentally I always landed on an attractive looking customers? Either toddlers or adults? Here's another fine example. It's a long due post, but I am glad to design the party and so much pleased with the results. Look at that. Sasi is a one good looking little girl, don't you think? Pira, her mom, asked for a theme of a vintage doll, the illustration must resemble Sasi. That wouldn't be a hard work since Sasi already look so dolly-like and so much adorable! 

Since we don't want to go full throttle on a girly doll theme (Sasi enjoys lots of outdoor-sy fun instead of having a tea party with her dolls), we decided to do a vintage toys theme, everything from bikes, rocking horses, and of course, a doll!  

Being the crafty mom, Pira did a really great job, just look at her go! I am mostly fond of the goodie bag she screen-printed herself using my printable! Ain't that cute? The guests will have something cute to tote about. 

And here's the goodie bag's fillings. Lots of happy things. Sasi is particularly gets excited blowing bubbles in her free time, so why not a free bubble for everyone? 

Enjoy more party pictures!!

Thank you Sasi and Pira for having me! Hope you had a blast to remember! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh My Devita Baby Giveaway!!

all images are taken from Ohmydevitababy.com and courtesy of  Oh My Devita Baby. 

I'm very excited to announce this giveaway, since today, I'll be giving a full range, one FULL RANGE of a newly launched baby skin care product line : Oh My Devita Baby!! Yes, one really lucky winner will bring down all of the products pictured above, including diaper bums' favorite, the Butter Check Baby Balm. Here let me break down what you will win : 

Bubbly Babies Shampoo & Body Wash, $9.95: A 2-in-1 moisturizing body wash and shampoo that is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and fragrance free with a gentle, tear-free formulation. The wash features an organic aloe vera base with supportive vitamins and natural nourishers, available in both fragrance-free and calming calendula-scented varieties.

Powder Puff Baby Powder, $9.95: This talc-free baby powder is enhanced with probiotics and made with GMO-free organic cornstarch and zinc oxide to absorb moisture and protect babies’ sensitive skin. It has a silky smooth texture that gives a natural, stay fresh feel all day long.

Butter Cheeks Baby Balm, $11.95: A balm that helps to protect and soothe baby’s bums and sensitive areas of the skin by creating a barrier with a vegan probiotic blend. The balm is packaged in a roll-up, easy glide applicator to help relieve skin irritations quickly and effectively.

Flutterby Baby Brulee Lotion, $11.95: Organic aloe vera and shea butter pair up to make the perfect daily, all over lotion to naturally relieve dry skin. This fragrance-free, non-greasy lotion is perfect for baby back rubs.

YES OH YES, you'll win these all!!! 

Oh My Devita Baby has just launched, yesterday on selected Target stores. If you want to do some online shopping, you can visit their site, OhMyDevitaBaby or go to drugstore.com. DeVita Natural Skin Care is the fastest growing all-natural, 100% paraben free, PETA Certified, vegan cosmeceutical skin care line in the country. Cherylanne DeVita, Ph.D., the president and CEO of DeVita Natural Skin Care, started the company in 2000 out of her desire for affordable, natural and effective skin care products that she could use on her own sensitive skin. Today, DeVita Natural Skin Care has over 100 different DeVita Natural Skin Care products, absolute minerals™, a complete line of revolutionary aloe-infused mineral make-up and DeVita Rx, a professional line of skin care products sold exclusively through licensed professionals. DeVita Natural Skin Care and Color Cosmetics are available online and in natural foods stores throughout the United States, Canada and in over 10 different countries. And of course a cute illustration on a well designed packaging won't hurt us either. 

I know you've been itching and scrolling down to this point and internally screaming, "So, where's the giveaway??" Here it is ladies, all you have to do is do some simple task guided by our trusty ol' rafflecopter and you're in the game. Sit back, relax, and cross your fingers! 

*** due to international shipping regulations for liquid goods and other distribution limitation, I'm sorry, today's giveaway is only open for US readers only ***  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Story of Heather.

"With hope, the odds doesn't matter" 
Heather, now, with 8 years old Lily.

.. and if you were wondering, the story is a courageous inspiring one. Cancer is a dreadful thing. I already lost two of my best friends of it, and they were no more than 25 years old at that time. So that's one problem. Most doctors would shy away at the prospect of cancer because you're so young, you're active, your family doesn't have a history, you don't smoke, you are not exposed to hazardous materials, to put it simply, your chances are small.

Heather was diagnosed when she was only 36 years old and just giving birth to a lovely baby girl. She was diagnosed with a mesothelioma cancer. It is such a mouthful but I try to make it easy for you. Mesothelioma is a cancer that occurs in mesothelium, which is a thin membrane that holds up all your internal organs. It is caused by abestos exposure. What is abestos again? It's a fiber like minerals, mined, mostly used commercially in building construction industry, for roofing, insulation, piping, tiling, and so on. It's even found on (some) automotive's brakes, paints, adhesive materials, plastics, garden product, and even crayons. *gasp. 

Heather got in contact by a secondhand exposure, her dad, often came home in his work clothes, covered in white dust. And as a little girl, unbeknownst to her, she often played with her dad's attire. Upon diagnosed, she was given only 15 months to live. And here she is now, 8 years and counting after winning her battle. 

Take a time to look at her 3 minutes video, or maybe read her courageous blog, or visit The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog or Mesothelioma Lawyer Centre for more info about the cancer. When I lost my baby Glenn last 2011, I got many many many surviving comrades online, parents who has lost their little angels, and I continuously exchanging emails with some of them, catching up and holding on to each other for support. I can only assure you never underestimate the power of a total stranger's love and compassion. We are extremely lucky to be in this digital limitless era, so make the most of it! Let's build hope, reach out, and raise awareness.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year, New Resolutions.

Soooo, Happy New Year, everyone!

For me, resolutions making is a huge new year must, not only it keeps my hopes and spirit high up in the cloud, but also the beauty of not sticking to most some of the resolutions remind me of how flaw of a human I am. (Anyway "the unresolved" usually sit on the same bench with "regrets" and "only-ifs"). Personally, resolutions, whether you stick to it or not, is such a marvelous, new year tradition, don't you think?

I had fun with confettis! Glitter stars are essentials! 

I don't know about you but this year, one of my list includes MAKE A babalisme's PAPER DOLL APP!! Yes, yes, yes!! You have read it right! I have been giving lots and lots of free printables here on my babalisme blog for the past 5 years, and one of the most coveted by readers is the paper dolls printable! I was so extremely thrilled to make personalized paper dolls, of boys, and girls, and families, I have lots of paper dolls orders last year! But it really made me sad to turn down an order because I can't fulfill them all at once. I came to a (crazy) solution last year, why not make an app out of it, that you can personalize yourself, and also print it on your own! Even share your creation on social media! I once conducted a small survey on how much you guys would be willing to donate for my free paper doll printables, and mostly answered US$2 for a set of paper doll. Just imagine, for maybe US$0.99 or even free you can get unlimited set of paper dolls!

And here's where I need your help so together we can make the app happens, please tell me more about your ideal children's app, I want this app to be fully consumer driven, please fill in this survey to let me know about your thoughts. I can't offer much, but for every one of you who completed the survey, your name would be put on the app's free download list ;). You gotta be the first testers! So here goes, my first online survey, please please please share me your thoughts! Let's make one of my resolution  came true!

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