Sunday, May 3, 2020

May Free Desktop Wallpaper

May is here, I hope you're still having fun despite being at home 24/7. And just in case you'd like to have a desktop computer or laptop makeover, here's a new freebie for you. I hope it will brighten up your workspace and get you pumped up for the new month!

You can download which size suitable to your computer/laptop. Click your preferred size to start downloading. 

Enjoy! If you're feeling to be a total dear today, share your photos of your new desktop wallpaper in action and tag me in instagram @babalisme! Don't forget you can find matching mobile phone wallpaper at instagram! Just screenshot and you're ready to go!  

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Easter Printable

Download here for your egg-citing easter printable. Make em your garlands, buntings, cake topper, anything!! Be sure to follow babalisme Instagram @babalisme because I'll be sharing craft ideas using the eggs!

Enjoy and don't forget to tag me either on instagram or facebook to share your creation! 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

First Ever Babalisme Watercolor Workshop at Bandung

Workshop details update!!! Please head to @refinery_id for more info and registration! #instaart #illustagram #illustrated #illustration #instagram #picoftheday #photooftheday #potd #handmade #diy #draw #design #love #madeinindonesia #workshop #watercolor

On 30-31st July, last week, babalisme and refinery.id just hosted a watercolor workshop! I'm so excited, it's my first formal class! We decided on floral theme because it's highly demanded, and it's appropriate for both beginners and advanced painters. To make it more interesting, we're making a flower wreath, specifically! 

I was overwhelmed with joy and bewilderment too, frankly, when just in a matter of minutes of the announcement going online, the seats went fully booked. Originally, we were set only on one date. We have to open up a second class due to high demand! I don't know how I feel, mostly amazement and gratitude, but also terrified. I was expecting a slower seat filling, I even thought that the class won't be fully booked and we would have a smaller more intimate class where I won't even have to leave my seat and speak with my daily talking volume. But it turned out huge!! What will this class become? What if I fail such enthusiasm, not being able to deliver what the class had expected?   

Fortunately, all of the participants were so lovely and endearing, they were great listeners and students, they embraced my flaws, they laughed and they had fun! That's the most important thing! We had actual fun! I'm glad to know there are even a teacher, a doctor, mothers, a dress designer, young uns, and even men among the class! Men are such a rarity in a female driven subject such as flower wreaths... but well technically, there was one man, because the other was a young man, persuaded if not dragged along by his mom who is also joining the class. :D  

What matters most is WE HAD FUN! I had fun, and I saw smiling faces and I hear laughter. We made new friends, we greeted our old acquaintances who unexpectedly know each other, and we came home as happy as we can be. Thank you all! 

Here are some snapshots of the days and some of the participants' results! 

Thank you all who had joined @babalisme watercolor workshop with @refinery_id !!! You're the best ever!! Huge thanks for @ourcactus @brown_id @refinery_id  @madeiracookies @glosisresto @chiayo.id #workshopindonesia #class #watercolor #paint #diy #handmade 
What we made today!! @kathmelisa did a really amazing job!! #instaart #illustration #illustrated #illustagram #potd #paper #paint #watercolor #watercolorclass #workshop #workshopindonesia #photooftheday #picoftheday #madeinindonesia #handmade #diy #craft Yesterday class!!! I don't think they need class, really. Everyone turns out to be an expert ❤ we were using Sakura Koi watercolor paint.  #watercolor #watercolorclass #workshop #workshopindonesia #paper #paint #brush #handmade #diy Today's workshop class!!! Tag yourself here! ❤️ Thank you again everyone! I hope you had a good time!! Thank you @glosisresto for the scrumptious meal and dessert @madeiracookies @chiayo.id @brown_id for goodie bag fillers and @ourcactus for decorat Lovely artwork guys!!! ❤️😍 #instaart #illustagram #illustrated #illustration #watercolor #watercolorclass #workshopindonesia #workshop #class #potd #picoftheday #paper #paint #painting #draw #sketch #art #handmade #diy #drawing #craft Results from one of our friends yesterday at @babalisme x @refinery_id workshop. Definitely not a beginner's work. #illustagram #illustrated #illustration #draw #drawing #paint #painting #watercolor #watercolorclass #workshop #workshopindonesia #class #pa

I'd like to thank @refinery_id and @maubelajarapa for hosting the event, handling the promo and registration. Another round of applause for Glosis Resto Bandung for the venue and scrumptios meal, @ourcactus for an understated yet beautiful decoration, @madeiracookies @chiayo.id and @brown.id for goodie bag fillers, last but not least, @artemedia for the watercolor paint used in the workshop!  You can find them all at instagram! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Happy Eid Essentials Printable

Ramadan month is closing in and Eid ul-Fitr will finally come! This calls for a big celebration! So in honor for the Eid, here is your free Eid essentials printable. If you're not familiar with Eid celebration and wonder what are those things I drew front and center, they are "ketupats". Ketupats to Ied is as turkeys to Thanksgiving for most Indonesians. They are basically dumpling-like rice cakes, carefully molded inside a diamond shaped container that is woven palm leaves. Impressive, huh? As with turkeys, we eat ketupats with gravy-like "opor" and other seasonal holiday dishes.


Included in the page is :

1 one-sided card, could be use as a tag, or if you're feeling crafty, you can make money envelopes. 
2 straw flags for your drinking straws
3 circles for cupcake toppers and gift tags 

Not included is the patterned paper I used to line the envelope :( I'm running out of drive space here. But if you'd like it, I'll share in another post!

Share me your photos using this printable by tagging me at facebook page babalisme, twitter @babalisme, or instagram @babalisme! 

Giveaway Winner Announced

Sorry to announce it so late here on the blog, but if you're an instagram follower, you might have caught the announcement. So here it is again, congrats Instagram follower : @_miranti.

Just in case your video won't load. Here it is again, the winner, @_miranti !!! #instaart #invitation #illustagram #illustrated #inspiration #instaartist #illustration #indogiveaway #inspirationstation #paper #paint #painting #worldwide #watercolor #madei

I didn't use rafflecopter or any other random number generator, because I'd love writing 500++ entries down by hand and pick the name out of a jar old fashioned way. 

If you don't win this round, please don't be discouraged. Stay tune for more giveaways! I am planning one actually. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Giveaway : Win Custom Illustrated Portrait

You read the title. yaay! Let me hear some noise! What do you think?

What? What exactly will you win you say?

One watercolor illustration of you! Or your family, or you with your pets, with a friend, etc! I will do it for you for free! Just provide me with a clear un-filtered photo and I will illustrate it for you. Please keep in mind, for this giveaway only, the number of people and pets illustrated will only limited to a maximum of 4 persons (or pets).

The finished illustration will be sent to you via email, so yes, you will receive the soft copy (the file) of your illustration. You may print as many as you want, print it on a T-shirt, or you may also use it as a gift to your family members. Of course, the prize is meant to be for personal use only.

Giveaway time!!! Win 1 (one) custom portrait of you or your family (maximum of four persons)!!! The winner will have to email me his/her choice of portrait. I will illustrate and the winner will receive a soft copy of my illustration, send via email.  TO


The giveaway is opened here at babalisme blog, babalisme Facebook Page, and babalisme Instagram. You may enter on all three as many as you wish, but please follow the rules according to each platform.

  1. If you enter here, please be blog follower first and comment here with your blogger account name. If you are registered with a different email, please comment with your preferred email too.
  2. I love new follower but if you're already a follower, comment again with your registered name! You have gain two entries for being a loyal reader! :D Thank you! 
  3. Follow me on twitter @babalisme  and comment with your twitter name. 
  4. Follow me on instagram @babalisme and comment here with your IG name.
  5. Be a fan at babalisme Facebook Page and comment here with your FB name. 
  6. Share on twitter, typepad, blogger, pinterest, tumblr, anything! And comment with your shared link! As many as you like, one comment for each shared link. 
  7. Tell me who'd you like to be illustrated? Yourself? Your family? With a pet or two? 
Custom full body portrait - surprise giveaway coming soon. You might get your family illustrated for free!!! When? Stay tune! 😍 #illustagram #illustrated #illustration #portrait #family #custom #personalized #handmade #sketchbook #sketch #summe


  1. Open internationally. No hard copy or actual item will be sent to your address.
  2. Giveaway starts now until 7/7/2015 at 10.a.m Jakarta time (GMT + 7). 
  3. The winner will be picked randomly among FB, Instagram, and blog entrants. 
  4. The winner will be contacted using the method he/she's in,  if I can't reach her/him after 2x24 hours, I will pick a new winner. 
  5. The prize is not redeemable to cash or any other products. 

That is all! Good luck people! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Daily Menu Planner Free Printable

I am so much unaware of the planner business hitting the crafting world alike. It seems so sudden (at least to me) and a little bit overshadows the scrapbooking world. Now don't laugh at me just yet, of course, I do aware of a planner. I had it since junior high, filled with magazines cutouts of boyband members, among my daily homeworks, and preteen typical doodles and quotes (you know, how my name sounds followed by a crush's last name .. and cheesy love songs lyrics).

But since when does it become associated with washi tapes?? Washi tapes have a celebrity status in the crafting world since like 6 years ago, and oh my, cute leather covers! Extra charms! Specialty stickers! Colorful pens and markers! And most of all, cute notebooks and inserts! Of course, not too mention the amazing community! I'm really thrilled and excited!

menu plan daily

I promised you a printable insert, right? So after lurking around and doing some research (drooling on people's hobonichi, midori, foxydori...), I present to you an A5 inserts for your planner. And it's not just another plain inserts, it's a menu plan!! Mothers and home cooks rejoice! It's really hard to plan a meal everyday if you know what I mean, and I hope to help you plan and list in style.

babalisme free A5 planner inserts daily menu plan

I designed it in A5 size. That's half of a letter/A4 paper and fits to most planner, especially the hobonichi cousin. It is layouted on an A4 paper so everytime you print, you'll get 2 pages of inserts, you may cut it in half or you may not. It's up to your planner. Print on both sides of paper if needed. A little warning I'm new to this planning activity, so you may find this inserts unsuitable or could use an extra imporvement, please let me know!

There you go, have fun with it. Please upload and share your planner and babalisme's insert on Facebook, instagram, or twitter! Tag me @babalisme! 

Hope you all like it and welcome me in the planner community! 
Listers gonna list! Planners gonna plan! 

ps. Babalisme webstore will open this month so please stay tune and expect a mega giveaway to go with it!!! Yay! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

June Printable Month 2015

Happy June everyone!! Welcome to Babalisme's annual June Printable Month! If you're new here, it means I'm going to share loads of FREE printables during this month, you may even request the theme or what printable do you need!

And no, I'm not hiding under a rock, so I see that planning has taken over the craft world lately, it might somehow push scrapbooking aside for awhile :) I know because some of scrapbooking blogs I follow are slowly shifting to planning. It's a huge phenomenon! So what do you think? Does anyone need any planner inserts ;) ? I'm no planner expert so all suggestion is highly appreciated. 

For the mean time, here's Super Mario photo props we're talking about last post. Have fun!  

babalisme super mario photo props

Ps. June Giveaway is coming your way too! Keep your eyes peeled, but not literally, that would be scary!  

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Super Mario Party

I love everything about old school gaming. Those pixels basically sums up my childhood in the 90s. And who reigns icon of retro gaming other than the ol' Mario himself! *insert Super Mario Bros. opening theme* 

Kids know Mario and friends from Wii's version of Mario's Kart, Super Smash Bros., and even the newest version of Super Mario, but for an old timer like me, nothing beats the original, not that I don't enjoy the new one. But the 80s and 90s Mario is so nostalgic!  And more hard to beat. 


So today's party is tailored for a 10 year old birthday boy. Here is the goodie bag! I made the printable coins for treasure hunting game, chocolate bar wrapped in printable Mario and Luigi's face, printable trademark question mark box filled with gold coins (duh, of course!), a cookie cup disguised as piranha plant's pipe, and a scratch off tickets to win some prizes! 


I also did some stickers by hand using store bought circle stickers sheet, it was so much fun (and affordable too). Big Sis G got to color the stickers and she's doing a great job as you can see here.   


I also did some background for photo booth. And of course it's almost mandatory for today's party to have some photo props.  



Here they are in action! 


FullSizeRender (2)

Not pictured here is a home made piranha plant pinata, he's got down really bad in no time :) 

Do you need any Mario themed photo props? Should I share the printables here? 
Tell me what you think! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Free Paperdoll from Redbutton


Recently I got honored to design a paperdoll for redbuttonlabel, a children clothing line proudly made in Indonesia.What's special about the paperdoll is, that all the outfits are actual clothes sold at the store! Now we can actually be matching with a paperdoll! Maybe I'm just a big kid, I don't know, but to me this is an amazing idea :D  

You will get yourself a free copy of the paperdoll for every purchase including any of redbuttonlabel girl collection, either off or online purchase.

Stalk them at instagram @redbuttonlabel and Facebook : redbuttonlabel

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Give a huge congrats to the winner of babalisme Giveaway : London stationery set from Papercrane....

It's ... IG username eyeofpritha!!

Sorry blogfriends, it's Instagram winner this time. Never fear though, I have more awesome giveaways planned. Here is the screenshot of random.org and my numbered list.



Monday, February 23, 2015

LONDON themed Stationery Set GIVEAWAY

The time has come!!

Do you want to win these ...

wc 011

wc 008

wc 005

wc 012

Brand new, sealed, but unfortunately un-personalized, because how can I know your name beforehand, right? Because many of you lovelies asked for both instagram and blog giveaway, I will open this giveaway both on instagram and right here at the blog simultaneously. No rafflacopter this time, I'm sorry, but good ol' commenting grand you an entry and random.org will do me a favor picking the winner. If you want to double your chances, enter right here AND over at Instagram! I will put your name twice on the hat!

To win :

  1. For mandatory entry, leave a comment, stating what would you like to see more on babalisme the blog? More free printables? If so, what kind of printables? Paperdolls? Cards? Don't forget to include your active email address, so if you win I can reach you easily.  (1 entry) 
  2. Follow this blog! Tell me your blogger user name! (2 entries, please comment twice using separate comment box)
  3. Follow me on Facebook! Please leave 2 separate comments stating your FB name. (2 entries) 
  4. Follow me on Instagram  @babalisme! Please leave 2 separate comments tellling me your Instagram name. (2 entries) 
  5. Follow me on Twitter @babalisme! Please leave 2 separate comments tellling me your twitter name. (2 entries) 
  6. Follow me on Pinterest @ningfathia!  Please leave 2 separate comments tellling me your Pinterest name. (2 entries) 

You have to be 18 years or older to enter, or have your parents' permission to share your email here and use their mailing address if you win. Open Internationally. 

What are you waiting for now? Comment away!! May the odds be ever in your favor! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Free Retro Inspired Valentine's Day Card

Ah, how I love tacky and kitschy retro ephemeras, especially for Valentine's card! Inspired by the classical retro Valentine's Day card, here is babalisme own version of retro Valentine's Day card!

valentines day 2015 babalisme

It's a regular side opened card, so the instruction should be very simple, just cut, and fold! Write sweet nothings or pour your Shakespearean heart out on the inside. I purposely keep the wordings simple for this card to work well for mothers, sisters, friends, or even teachers! Don't forget them, show everyone your love this year! 

I would love to see your creative takes on the card and it's now even easier to share! You can tag me on Facebook @babalisme FB page, or instagram @babalisme, or twitter @babalisme. Share us your photos!!

If you'd like a game to play for Valentine's Day, check out last year free printable, the Cootie Catcher Valentine's Day Game.

p.s. Giveaway update. I'm so sorry for the delay on the giveaway, I scheduled the giveaway to end before Valentine's day, but here I am, hospitalized for the whole last week for dengue fever. Please stay tuned for giveaway on later date. Thanks! 

p.s.s If you live in a tropical weather do buy lots of insect, particularly, mosquitoes repellent, seriously! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Giveaway coming soon!!

Is there any better way to celebrate new year with an awesome Giveaway? I'm giving away babalisme X Papercrane London stationery set  worth IDR 300.000,- or about USD 30.00. Today I'm going to give you a little sneak peak of what you'll win. The set consists of 2 variants of 20 cards, 10 for each design, 20 hangtags also in 2 designs, 20 envelopes, beautifully lined and ready to use, lots of london themed individual stickers to seal your envelope or selfish-ly keep to yourself (I won't judge ^_^), and a string of red twine.

wc 3040

wc 3035

You'll win yourself a brand new sealed box, this one is mine, as you can see from my personalized name. Don't worry you won't receive yours with my name on it ^_^  

wc 3024

Please do tell me, do you like giveaways? And what method of entry do you like best? by Rafflecopter? Facebook or other social media? 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Carrousel Print Instagram Giveaway

Hi Everyone!! How was your Halloween .. or Dia de los Muertos to some? What or who were you dressed up to be? Well, it's like we have not taken a deep breath from past Halloween excitement, we are relentlessly served with more excitement to come! Thanksgiving! The grand Christmas! New Year! And here we are wondering where did 2013 do? 

In the limelight of excitement, let me give you more! Here is my first ever Instagram exclusive GIVEAWAY! Why? Because of the increasing number of my instagram followers, and many of them complained that they don't own a blogger profile to join my blog giveaway, so... here's to you my insta-friends! 

You'll win one original watercolor painting by moi, it's me, ladies, printed on 240 gsm textured cardstock paper, also handcrafted individually to give a slight 3D feeling. It's one of a kind. Part of my first experiment with it, and haven't been sold anywhere!  

carrousel print boy by babalisme

How to win? 

Well this time, don't comment on this blog to win. Go straight to babalisme instagram page and if that link fail you, just search @babalisme in the user page. Don't forget to follow ;) 

Find the Carrousel Print Giveaway pic, repost with #babalismeinstagiveaway and tag me on your repost pic. 

That's it. One ticket to win. 

Increase your chances to win by reposting as many as you like, tagging friends, sharing on other social media, etc.. and just let me know! The giveaway open internationally and I will announce the winner on instagram on November 25th. 

carrousel print boy 2 by babalisme

Good luck, peeps!