Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Happy Eid Essentials Printable

Ramadan month is closing in and Eid ul-Fitr will finally come! This calls for a big celebration! So in honor for the Eid, here is your free Eid essentials printable. If you're not familiar with Eid celebration and wonder what are those things I drew front and center, they are "ketupats". Ketupats to Ied is as turkeys to Thanksgiving for most Indonesians. They are basically dumpling-like rice cakes, carefully molded inside a diamond shaped container that is woven palm leaves. Impressive, huh? As with turkeys, we eat ketupats with gravy-like "opor" and other seasonal holiday dishes.


Included in the page is :

1 one-sided card, could be use as a tag, or if you're feeling crafty, you can make money envelopes. 
2 straw flags for your drinking straws
3 circles for cupcake toppers and gift tags 

Not included is the patterned paper I used to line the envelope :( I'm running out of drive space here. But if you'd like it, I'll share in another post!

Share me your photos using this printable by tagging me at facebook page babalisme, twitter @babalisme, or instagram @babalisme! 

Giveaway Winner Announced

Sorry to announce it so late here on the blog, but if you're an instagram follower, you might have caught the announcement. So here it is again, congrats Instagram follower : @_miranti.

Just in case your video won't load. Here it is again, the winner, @_miranti !!! #instaart #invitation #illustagram #illustrated #inspiration #instaartist #illustration #indogiveaway #inspirationstation #paper #paint #painting #worldwide #watercolor #madei

I didn't use rafflecopter or any other random number generator, because I'd love writing 500++ entries down by hand and pick the name out of a jar old fashioned way. 

If you don't win this round, please don't be discouraged. Stay tune for more giveaways! I am planning one actually.