Monday, November 28, 2011

Rub a Dub Ducky

Like Ernie of Sesame Street, I do have a thing or two about rubber duckies. They utterly cute and happen to bear one of my favorite color, yellow!! And they squeak! I don't own a bath tub now and I certainly miss  taking a bath with those guys.

thank you Amesh for taking a picture of babalisme printables with your favor goodies!!

If you're a fan of the duck like me, check out a rubber ducky theme party hosted by Dreamesh for her son's 3rd birthday! It's a splash and get wet outdoor party, good thing to be Indonesians is you can host a summer-y party at any time of the year, and everyone seems to have a splashing good time!

Happy birthday, Yuara, and congratulations, *cough* an expecting mother, Amesh for throwing out such a great day! Yuara, enjoy your last moments of having your mom and dad solely for you. *evil laugh* just kidding. I know you'll be a good brother, Yuara. 

On the side note, the winner for kyandkin giveaway is allwiredup! Congrats, Dee! 

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello, folks, did you miss me? I think this year is my busiest to date, I have been on blog absents for most of the time, I'm so sorry! Not to worry, today's about good news only.


I'm going to announce the winner of Cloud Street Lab giveaway! Thank you for all of you who came to participate and join the fun. If you don't win this time, you still have the chance to enter my other giveaway with goodies from kyandkin. Don't forget to increase your chances with additional entries! Soooo, about the winner..


It's number 29, Jill Hogan, 14, Snowfairy, 23, Kimberly, 44, Kartika ,49, Elizabeth  ! You will be contacted soon by Cloud Street Lab to redeem your prize.

And for you, my lovely readers, there are lots and lots of Christmas ideas right here, so stay tune, everyone. Also, babalisme will be participating in Christmas Wonderful event at designdazzle ; 100+ craft ideas and 30+ blogs from all around the world pitching in for a wonderful, crafty, and even edible Christmas projects. Don't you dare miss it!