Thursday, April 30, 2009

Put a Smile on Your F..

..ff..food? I just stumbled upon this fun blog recently, and I'm hooked. Too bad the blog's not updated often. I go there everyday just to see a gross face made of food (sometimes plate leftovers). So, if you have great food face shots, submit your photos to the FoodFaceFriends blog! ..and make me smile.

..an ad like this can be fun too.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swap Sneak Peek.

..could be gift tags set, letter set, sticker set, or a box? mmm.. what should I make of this? Today is the last day to join the swap, I didn't manage to find a lot of friends in the swap.. oh, well, there's always be next time..

(Chubby matryoshkas and baby, drawn by drawing pen, edited in photoshop)

Blog, Illustrated!

I started my own blog just a few months ago, still a crawling baby of the blogosphere, but I have read many great blogs before I decided (and have the courage) to start my own. Here is the celebration of Blog world that I just discovered: Igor + Andre's Blogger Portrait Series. Can you recognized any of them? They are mostly fashion blogger, so if you're in tune, they're all be familiar. Danny Roberts, the man behind these drool worthy illustration, is a Californian based artist. He's simply doing a portrait of whoever inspire him as a way of giving back, how cool is that? Simple, yet very flattering and effective idea to capture your muse.

Here are my favorites of the series, not based on the object of illustrations, but on the execution of illustrating itself, I love the colors, compositions, and the whole feeling and energy these masterpieces have.

To enjoy more, visit here.


I am no Fairy Godmother nor do I have a pair of glass shoes but I love pumpkins with all my heart.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dozo Yoroshiku, Yuuco!

..That means "Nice to know you, Yuuco" or something like that, easily stated, it's the nice you'll say when you first meeting someone. I'd rather say "Thrilled to see your work, Yuuco!" but I can't say that in Japanese.

Yuuco is a Takamatsu (that's in Japan, folks!) based artist. I was thrilled the first time I saw her illustrations, transferred into prints and postcards which can be bought at her shop. Her lines are delicate and soft, naive and detailed. Her subjects are simple but never boring, she always put a touch of whimsical homour if you put your attention closely.

She's also super nice and chatty, letting me do a simple interview for her! She is learning English and I think she's doing great, much better than I first learn my lessons! Here's our little chitchat..

When was the first time you realized you can earn a living from drawing?
May be it's around when I graduated from university. I started selling my works around then.

(finish the sentence, please) If I didn't draw like I do now, I'd probably ...
It's difficult to imagine but I'd study foreign languages and travel all over the world. I'm interested in foreign cultures.

What is the thing(s) you continuously drew as a child?
I drew many many things though I loved to draw animals, especially horses and frogs.

What is the thing(s) you continuously draw now?
It's animals, insects and hands lately.

What is your biggest inspiration(s)?
I'm always inspired by nature. And other artists' great works do inspire me, of course.

If you were a superhero, what superpower you'd have? (she had the hardest time answering this one, but she came to a satisfying conclusion :), it's hard to not to be greedy I guess )
If I was a Superman..., I want to fly in the sky like Kiki, in 'Kiki's delivery service'. :) It may sound like a kid's dream though I really want to do that! :))

What is your current obssession(s)?
I'm obsessed with foreign language now. I'm learning English and started French recently. It's so much fun for me! I'm also addicted with chalcography and photography. I love cute toy cameras and I'm now a collector rather then a photographer though. I want to shoot many more if I can get enough time.

Can't get enough of her? Visit her blog often, don't bother to switch the translator on, Yuuco provides us a very great translation on everty post.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Etsy Day!

Ok.. love it or not Etsy has changed the way we shop and sell and of course, craft. Today is Etsy day and many stores have special offer!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Joining a Swap

This is my first time so I get a little excited, umm...ok a lot. I'm joining Printable Paper Goods Swap, so I am swapping printable goods over the internet with every person who joins the swap. Everything is in pdf, no shipping cost necessary! See anything you like up there? They are all printable goodies in pdf files and are ready to be sent away for my swap partners! But they are not all. See this mother's day card I made? It's going to be included too as one of the items in my printable file package!

The list of items of my printable package (so far) :
  • "Loving Bee" letter set.
  • "Green Bloom" envelope set w/ stickers.
  • "Poodle in Blue" note paper.
  • "Retro" mini greeting card set (in 'happy birthday' and 'blank').
  • "Kitten's Mother's Day" card.
  • ...and many more (some are secret to the end, some will be revealed in blog in a few days)
If you want to join, it's easy. Head over to Swapbot, register if you haven't been a member yet, and join! Super easy! You will be assign to 3 swap mates (randomly pick, I assume), and you'll send them a package of (minimum) 4 printables to all your mates (you can send the same package to three of them, and obviously you get 3 different designs, yaaay!). The swap deadline is May 26, so be sure you'll be ready before the deadline. Last day to enter the swap is April 28!

Please join, people!

Another award...

..just when I need it!! Yaaaaay (again)!! When I got my first award yesterday, passed it on, I thought, no way, I want to pass this award to more people, it's very hard to pick, I wish I could pass the award to more friends. ... and my wish granted, another award to share with more friends!! Yaaaaay (again and again)!

The lovely and adorable (I mean it, check out her creations!) Zee, of little Z handmade, gave me a Renee award, a very cute award indeed (thank you, Zee!!!). This was quoted from Zee's post about the award :

This Renee award was created by Bella and Ces in honour of their friend Renee.In Bella's own words "this is a brand new award and I have the pleasure and honor of spreading the seed, watching it grow. I hope it finds it's way to those who are like Renee: the acorn, a small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak, giving more acorns, becoming tall and sturdy oaks, giving acorns...

How cute the award is?? .... I know (giggling annoyingly like little girl)!!! Without further babbling, here are our beloved bloggers who will continue Renee's spirit; Lisa, Rheea, Rosey (and her 3 angels who might love this award more than her mom :)), bunnycreates and mushroommeadows, lovelylittledeer, the dedicated Rachel, and Lolly. Pass this one, ladies, because it's too cute for not to!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I just got an award!

Lovely Diana from our.city.lights. is full of surprise! You haven't forgotten the Nara postcard she sent me, right? Now, look what a deer she is, sending me this beautiful award!! I was stoned for a moment or two in disbelief as the array of other recipients are the most creative bloggers, from fashion blog, design, even a culinary one!! (Check out all other great winners here.) I don't deserve the same spot as them, not even close!!

Funnily, my friend Anna from muchlove got the same award as well. Tee-hee, Anna, this is our second time coincidentally share the same winning streak! Here is our first. Her blog is better than mine, though.

Thank you Diana for the award, and I'd like to pass on this lovely deer and cupcake award to my friends too! Jessica, Christy, mamamima, sally, Eva, Lotta, Carrie, and yuuco (she's so talented, stay tuned for our little interview!), you ladies won an award!

Earth Day Pledge!

I don't think I care for the earth enough, the evidence is clear, I am spending my entire day in front of the computer instead of planting trees or recycling my trash. I am trying to be more care though. I try to use less plastic bags, if I do, I use biodegradable ones. I try to spend less time in the shower. I switch off unnecessary lights and other electronic appliances. I charge my cell if I really need too (believe it or not I used to let the phone attached to the charger all day!! Hang me to die with those charger cords!).

To help you people saving the earth while living your daily life, I know you're trying as much as I do, even more, maybe, here's a quick pledge page for you to print. It's a good activity to share with the kids too, add some more doodles and drawings, and put it on the fridge to look at everyday.

Happy Earth day, everyone!

Click on the image for larger view, or to download bigger file, head here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I can't seem to let that word stays in my throat as I finally received Diana's (from our.city.lights, great blog, you should check, by the way) Yoshitomo Nara's postcard. What a bliss! I ask the kind Diana to send me her least favorite one, but she gave me her fave instead, isn't she lovely? I have been a fan of Nara sensei's art how I don't know how long, but I haven't got a thing, not even a desktop wallpaper, let alone the artworks and books. If you look at the artworks you'll fell like you fall in love again, trust me.

Just take a look at this postcard, for instance, it's entitled "Mitsuko". How heartbreaking her gaze is? Aawww...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easy Stamps...

I love stamping. But I'm not a good carver. Dang. So, I make simple shapes out of my rubber eraser blocks, and play with them, a lot. I like easy and simple that can be used over and over again.

Like this one, it's a leaf shape, obviously, didn't take too much effort making all the details.

...on the contrary, when it comes to the stamping I like to make it loud. (yaaay... my hand's appearance!! Wish I manicured it before taking pictures though.)

..perfect for Christmas, I think. The red dots? I use the back of eraser head attached to some pencils like I did here. Our next simple shape is..

..a "B"? Sure it's simple, but why would I need a "B" if it's not my initial? ..or is it a reading glasses? Bucktooth? Two rock stumps? See.. the alternatives are endless, OK, they're not good-stamping material, that's not what I meant to do with the "B", by the way, here's what I did...

..scalloped border, anyone? I am such a sucker for pretty things. This stamp is perfect for prettifying any plain white surface, use it on envelopes, note cards, book corners, kitchen towels, you name the thing, you can stamp it.

See, stamping doesn't need too much carving talent, right? Or so I'd like to think to cheer myself up. Anyway, I carved this too but haven't put it to the test. Do you have any ideas?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

You are such a deer...

Don't we all love little Bambi? Embarrassing as it sounds, but I do cry watching him losing his mother. Bambi falls into a second place in tear jerking Disney movies to Lion King, at least according to me. Ok, enough about him, I'm sure we like the little wide eyes Bambi with wobbly legs, but there's something about Bambi's dad that captures us, and not even teenager Bambi can't beat. His antlers. Deers are blessed with beautiful antlers for us to envy, not that we want the huge thing on top of our head, but it's regal, beautiful, and captivating, making the deer in popular list of head taxidermy. ( But please, stop accessorizing your home with dead animals.)

Enjoy my Etsy antlers find. None of my pick is made from real antlers, of course, I am against using real dead animals as craft and fashion. Enjoy your antlers moment.

top row: White Twig's monogrammed linen pillow, Neawear's wallwear
second row : Nice's deer plague, Catrabbitplush's bonnet cat plush, Tastysuite's decal sticker
corner : Corid's original painting

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not too late for another spring clothing...

The talented Grosgrain strikes again! See the beautiful top up there? It's up for giveaway at her place. Personally altered by Grosgrain herself, the top is perfect for spring!

This is before picture of the top.

.. and the after...
She works like magic, isn't she? Hop on to Grosgrain to win your chance of this lovely top!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Adopt me.

The Father, The Mother, The Son, and The Dog. Add a camera and a few whimsical and funny properties, you have the most entertaining family portrait ever. It's the same ingredients over and over again, but why can't I feel a little bored (can't even take my eyes off them!)?

Here. Anna told me.

Back from Vacation..

This is my first ever vacation after, say a year or so.. I was very excited, I got the baby with me but not the laptop. I was away from computer and internet related things for a week! That's good news for my husband.

I was so irritated about the fact that my Easter printable here is taken off by the pdf-share web hosting before its limited time (30 days) without any cautions or what so ever. I have received a lot of emails asking about the matter, and I am truly apologized for those of you who can't download it anymore. I contacted and asked the web about it, and I got an automated reply stating that I violate their rules by uploading more than 5 files in a month or sharing a file containing illegal material or signing up twice or using a fake name etc, which of course I didn't feel ever do. I hate it when they replying with automated content, why don't they just point my mistake and ask me to correct it, personally. A list of wrong doings I have never done is just so confusing and it didn't solve my problem.

If you have a pdf-share web hosting that you use (preferrably free and the files can be shared in a long time ;) ) and would like to recomend to me, please do. I really need it to post more printables and projects (yaaay!). I think I'm quitting from my web hosting.

I know Easter's already past, but if you really need the tags, you are welcome to contact me by email and I'll send the pdf files to you. Ooops, ...I almost forget but Happy Easter everyone.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


.. I don't usually post a health products review or hygiene products, or ..er... I don't even know what category this product falls into. But anyway I think it fits my blog because hey, it has good design. Ehem.. sooo, this is for us ladies, ..to...pee while standing.

You may laugh and/or ask "who needs such a thing", "do you want to be a man, you radical feminist", "grooooosss!!", etc, but you haven't seen our public lavatory. I'd rather hold it for the next 2 hours than sit my lovely clean b**t on top of that nasty toilet ring. I have been half standing half sitting up until now, but sometimes it is really hard to do when I wear high heels, clutch a big bag in my arms, or the public toilet is beyond disgusting. I think it's suitable for adventurers and backpackers too, since you'll never know where and when you have to pee in your adventure, right?

Sooooooo... what do you think? If you've been using it, please let me know your experience.

Can be bought here. Found via Queenbee.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goodie goodie.

My brother's feeling a lot better, but he has to stay at the hospital for while longer. I thought he looked pretty bored now that's he's fully alert and awake, not the drowsy one I used to see in the hospital bed, hehe, though I have to admit that he looked funny in fever (bad sister!!). I went to a bookstore yesterday, hoping to find something for him to read in bed. I found something for him, a textbook he might like, and.....look what I found for myself! They were there on a dusty SALE pile nobody cares to look at. Thank you, brother!

I bought two children books, both in mint conditions, only a bit dusty, "Guri&Gura's Special Gift" by Reiko Nakagawa and Yuriko Yamawaki and "Goodnight, Koguma" by Wakayama Ken. I won't tell you the price of each right now, I'll let you guess until the end of the post, you can look, but it's always more fun to guess, because the price is something that made post about this in the first place. Here are the pictures to look how great are they. (Koguma reminds me a lot of Dick Bruna's Miffy, and apparently Koguma reads Miffy book before he goes to sleep!)

And now, I have to remind you that both books are imported, hard covered, with good quality printing, which have to cost me more, right? The Guri&Gura book is 10.000IDR, less than 1US$, maybe about 90 cents, the Koguma is 5.000IDR, more or less equals about 50 cents.

I am very lucky. hehe.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quick Post

Sorry for another quick post, but my brother just got in a hospital for dengue fever. It's very common in tropical weather, and it's deadly if it's not treated immediately. You can google or wiki it, but here's a brief description (unprofessional, by me). It's a virus, breaking down your immune system, causing sever muscle and joint pains, headache, and (duh) fever. How you get it? The virus is well breed in one particular mosquito species' saliva called the Aedes aegepty (I don't know if I'm spelling it right) and when it bites you, the virus is transmitted from its saliva to your blood, voila, you get the fever. Nice.

So of I go to the hospital now, and I'll leave you with something to do while I'm away. The instruction is in Bahasa Indonesia but I am sure you all are clever enough to do what you have got to do. Print and enjoy. Please do show me your finished artwork.