Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cinderella shouldn't be the only one.

Hello! Today I'm going to talk about some other thing, a little break away from the party stuffs that's supposed to be going on this time.. I promise all the party printable will be coming your way real soon than you can spell "happy birthday". ;)

You know a thing or two about shoes, right? All the glitz and glams surrounding a pair of shoes.
I know I crave a pair of REAL glass slippers when I was a kid. You know the one that's not made of clear plastic and when your feet sweat it felt yucky and uncomfortable. But I was at the age of believing real glass slippers would have been realistic and comfortable. (come to think of it now logically Cinderella would have been suffered through the night)

The story itself, however, is somewhat logically true. "Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world", or this matter find herself a royal husband. She did changed her life, didn't she? Well, if you live in a third world country like me, it's a very common sight to see people, and children, walking errands barefooted. It was part tradition (our ancestors as farmers and fishermen never use anything to cover their feet working) and part poverty, actually. Children walk miles away to their school without wearing anything, but sometimes they even carry their own shoes and put them on when they arrive at school. Their shoes are so precious and lux they can't bear seeing them dirty.

This info graphic shows us how shoes can really change some children/people's life. No, I'm not trying to make you feel guilty buying a pair of designers shoes, :) but just think how a mere pair of shoes can make an impact not only for Cinderella, but also the rest of the world. I secretly wish they serve in Indonesia as well.

Via: ShopaholicMommy.com

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's a Boy Party Kit : Invitation

Now you have a party to throw, why not invites some friends? Here is a fill in the blank invitation to print. Just print along accordingly to your number of guests, and well, um... fill in the blank parts.

Well, not all the blank parts shown written on the example should be filled, for instance the blue ribbons can be left blank if you wish. The RSVP part could also be left empty or filled with another details (dress code?).

It's your party, anyway, so have fun and fill those blanks as you'd wish. Don't forget, I won't mind a few DIY alteration and creative embellishment, send us a photo of your creations! But please remember to use the file for PERSONAL USE only, and if your friends ask for it, give them the link, not your copy :) . Have fun inviting!

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's a BOY!

I won't be holding the vote any longer since June's almost over, so based on 12 votes, it's 7 for boys and 5 for girls. Real close, ladies, real close, I'm sorry but you girls have to wait till next time :). Thank you for all the voters!

And for my own what's-cooking-in-the-oven reveal.. it's also a B-O-Y. You're right, readers, your vote is exactly what I also have in my belly. Yay for blogger-reader mind reading :D!!

I'm gettting all your free printables ready, but in the mean time, here are some stuff you can stock up first for your baby boy shower/  little man's birthday/ mustache party. :)

Ties for decoration, thank you FullHouse for the inspiration! 

Matching t-shirts for the guests and/or the birthday boy! Shop at BirthdayCouture

Need a snack? What could be better than a batch of mustache cookies? Found one at ThePastryTart Bakery.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pick your Gender!

It's that time again for Babalisme's annual Free Party Printable kit. This time, instead of getting to choose between 2 themes, I'll let you choose between 2 genders.Yes, I know, it's as cheesy as celebrity baby sex guess in tabloids (yeah yeah Snooki's reveal and Jessica Simpson mega shout-out about hers), but I'm so pregnant that all I keep thinking about are babies. Please think of this as my own gender reveal, DIY style :)

Even if you're not planning any babies after all or baby shower parties aren't really on your agenda, please DO VOTE. I promise I won't make the whole kit too "baby-ish", for example, the boy party kit would be still proper for a little boy's birthday, family gathering in man-ly moods, or even a casual lunch with your besties. I pledge there will be no pacifiers or diapers graphic!

Vote away, GIRL or BOY?

ps. I will be doing a free printable based on your vote, not my own baby gender. but I will also reveal my baby gender along with the result :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hi Again

When one of my blogging pal said in an email nearly a year ago, "I think I gave up blogging, but we can still be in contact and I will still be an avid reader of your blog." I was "Whaaaa..aat??!" I enjoyed her blog very much , it's tidily structured and decorated, plus, she's one of those who update her blog regularly every week. She's even much more diligent on that part than I do. I was, "What has gotten to your mind? You can't give up now?!" Well, the same thing almost happened to me. I almost gave up blogging.

On my blogging hiatus, I was so consumed with life and all things happening around me, I was away from the keyboard for almost half a year. I do still read my favorite blogs and what my pals have to say on theirs, I enjoy blogosphere as usual, from outside, looking in. Well, now that I missed Easter, mother's day, father's day, The Queen's Jubilee, and lots of merry things we usually find here, I AM HERE now :) 

Sooo.. a quick catch up about me. I'm 7 months pregnant, it wasn't as easy as my first, so I partly blame the pregnancy for my blogging absent and Baby G is now almost 4. She will be when her sibling arrives. To my pride and joy, Baby G is now fully toilet trained (bye bye diapers, HA!)  and is a master on counting 1 -20 also knowing her ABCs. Pictured above is her own art exhibition.  

June is babalisme's annual FREE Party Printable Month, as usual, you will get to choose between two themes and the chosen one will be shared for free! I will reveal both themes tomorrow, and yes, it will be linked  to my pregnant mood. I hope you don't mind :D

glad to be back. xoxo.