Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pom Poms : Strikes Again

Remember this? If you haven't managed to make a pair for your shoes, you'll be hearting new line from ban.do : shoe clip! Available in colorful pompoms, sequin hearts, and pretty flowers. And I have hot glued my comfiest ballet flats ... doh!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Edible Cuties

hiphostess' chocolate fondue ideas.

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have been either arguably terribly busy or just plain lazy. I don't know why but many clients decided to order at this time of the year, yes, every year. So this is probably my busiest season. Anyhoo, been lurking all over baking blog out there because I am learning the how-to. Today Baby G and me baked some classic sugar cookies. I'm practicing for Christmas! No, we don't have any photos to share because being the baker and the photographer isn't easy, the icing didn't look that proper, and the cookies were gone in about a minute or so. I only made a dozen though, the possibility of baking tragedy scares me much.

If you're not afraid of baking failure and in preparation of Christmas dessert options, these might be good ideas to try on.

rikrak studio and june bride's snowflakes cookies. They're having a giveaway too!

A new baking blog, the daily mixer shares a cute chocolate mold tutorial!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wall Ornaments..

found Henry here

.. shouldn't have to be pricey "we-are-absolutely-clueless-about-the-meaning-of-it-but when-friends-come-over-we-act-like-we-do" abstract paintings or dead animals' heads. Take a clue here and start decorating. Now, where did I put my grandmother's old house basement keys?

Monday, November 8, 2010

You've got Mail

Have you ever received a mail, a real one, along with envelopes and stamps, and not liking it? Apart from junk mail, that is. I might sounds a bit crazy but I really really adore all things mail. I love the blue and red stripe on air mail envelopes, I love the ridges on stamps, I love the uneven paint of a post office seal, I even love the smell of freshly delivered mail.

Since all my families and friends prefer texting and tweeting by now, I decided to join little.lovely.'s holiday letter exchange. I can remember when I was a kid, every Christmas was spent by licking stamps and writing addresses. I got creative with decorating the envelopes and picking the right card with the right message for our relatives. It wasn't easy and such a laborious task to do compared to check-listing your email/ facebook contacts and click "Send". I wish for Baby G to remember something from the much forgotten era, that once, a greeting was sent inside an envelope. I think the project is supposed to be random, so if you feel like putting a smile on a stranger's face this holiday, do join :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Anthology Issue 1

If you're like me, who has more magazines on her rack than clean panties, you'll be thrilled of a new magazine about decor and lifestyle called Anthology. Judging by the cover and the blog, it's a kind of magazine I won't be throwing away in piles. They're having launching party at San Fransisco, lucky you if you live nearby, you can RSVP here. Sigh. Well, the rest of us can sneak peak a little here, and I'm already thrilled!

picture and news via OhJoy.

Anyway, in the mood for some braided pigtails and a little cuteness? Visit for more at All ThingsPeachesandCreams. Yay for playing with Halloweenie doll! Thank you, Taline!

One more question before I leave, have I gotten into the Xmas mood too early?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloweenies Around the World!

So, how was fright night? Who were you on Halloween? I read that this year's popular costumes are Snooki and Gaga. LOL, I'd love to see a fabric meat dress and shoes. Anyway, I'm here to share some Halloweenies printable put up to good use.

PinkPug thought she's too old playing magnetic dress up, she thought of better (and more creative) ways to use them. Looking lovely? MUCH!

Amesh ordered an all pirate costume theme for her son Yuara's birthday, here pictured with all the good things she share for the lootbag. I envy her guests. Check out Yuara's 2nd birthday here! I love her puppet show stage and DIY puppets!

I also did Yuara's invitation, which was printed on potato sack fabric! Great idea! The sailboat plushie is Amesh's DIY, I went gaga over it!

If you have printed and played with my Halloweenies printable, plesase do share! I love great surprises like these!

p.s. Some of you might have heard about the earthquake and eruption in Indonesia. It's like the catastrophe in the movie 2012 coming as predicted. My home, fortunately, still miles away from ground zero. But yes, as a country, we are struggling to help and comfort each other as much as we can, right here and now. I hope for your prayers and smiles to keep us strong. If you wish to help more, visit Indonesia Red Cross and distribute your share of help via Red Cross ONLY. Indonesia is listed with most corrupt government officials and lots of faux charity events emerging lately, do not trust easily. If you have trouble reaching Indonesian Red Cross, you can contact your local Red Cross or email me for any further questions. Thank you for all your support.