Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fast Fashion FAQ

Hi there, long time no blog. I guess getting used to blogger new layout took me some time. Gee, how old I am! Today I'll be answering to the most frequently asked question landed on my email by you, awesome readers, second to how Scribd works, "What's your personal style like?" or "Can you blog an outfit post?" or "Are you even dressed up everyday or do you blog nekid (naked, LOL, I know it's still pronounced the same but why with this spelling?)" I'm going to answer the nekid one first : um, not literally dressed up but not naked either. 

Samantha Hahn's illustration
It's not a surprise that these questions arise, since I think 70% of Indonesian blogs are about fashion/personal style. And each craft and/or parenting blogger had also at least one outfit post, so many of you think I should come up with this. But to tell you the truth at this point I'm not really into outfit post, because : I'm not really camera ready, REALLY. I'm beyond awkward when it comes to posing. But do I interested in fashion? Yes I do!

What about personal style? Let me do a quick trivia about my personal style :

  1. I never wear fur. I live in a tropical town, it'd be suicidal to even consider one. 
  2. Nor do I lounge around everyday in bikinis or summer floral prints. Please stop imagining that all people in tropical lands dressed the same way as tourists everyday. 
  3. I don't have a favorite or taboo color in fashion. I love them all! 
  4. If I must live with only one  fashion staple let it be a slightly over-sized crisp white shirt and a pair of good fitting jeans. OK, I cheated, that's two items. 
  5. I have a common obsession for shoes; flats, boots, wedges, heels, pumps, you name it.. I ain't gonna kid myself and deny it. There. 
  6. I have my own Hermes Birkin dilemma; it's the queen bee of all designer's bags, perfectly sized, great investment, classically designed, outstanding choice  of colors and materials, shortly: I will never got bored with it. Yes, it's totally pricey, but the price tag aside; everybody else is wearing it. I'm not so sure whether I want one or not based on that fact alone. 
  7. I luuuurve my waist. I'm a curvy girl in pear so I'm naturally more attracted to vintage cutting than modern one. I love seeing modern cut on everyone else, but it just doesn't work for me. 
So I think that's all I can share for now. Please do tell me what is your numero uno personal style rule? 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Room Envy

I once read an article in an interior magazine that a bulky furniture is not recommended to be put in a room, unless, it's a storage room. Also the concept of a house/ a room within the real house or the room itself can also make your actual space look even smaller. But I think when it comes to kids' room, the only rule that should apply is : Imagination.

and budget of course.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

All Ears

Hiya everyone! I'm back from a short trip and my do I feel recharged inside and physically exhausted at the same time! When I'm away I heard so many of you asking for this card in a more neutral mood. SO here it is everyone, the card in all occasion greetings. "thank you" and "best wishes". Kinda like 2 phrases in life you should have said the most, right? Feel free to download, click below, and don't forget to share your picture when you're using it.

Speaking of "phrases", maybe you have read it all over the net about JCP's slogan on girl t-shirt. No, I'm not going to moan or rant all over the blog for it, but I would like to share my "if" quote now. I grew up with lots of boys around me, 1 big brother and 2 boy cousins who always hang around the house and I call brothers as well. IF my mom had bought me that JCP t shirt and I had worn it, I would not have lived by now. :) Share your thoughts about the t shirt here! I'm in the mood for lending my ears!