Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet Thea (pronounce it like "thea" in "theater"). She brings her imaginary friends to life with her outstanding stitchery skill. And do they look good in fabric and felt. ...and she's only 18. Yes, eeeeiiighttteeen!! Envy. Envy.

Thea's shop on Etsy called Lucy's Colorful Dreams are displaying these little creatures here, and if you're swift enough to grab now, you're in luck, she's having a sale right now until Nov, 1st. Her blog, the LoversCanvas can be viewed here.

In all of my interview, I never edit my participants' answers, let it be their notations, use of capital letters, etc, I like the irregularities as they bring out the characters of the interviewees, even if it's only from their typing habit. So, Thea here had warned me about her punctuation and her random mind walking that could put a 4 year old toddler into deep shame. That's what she told me, not me mocking her, I swear! Seriously, I think it might be one of her charm, and please put this in mind while you're reading. You have been warned!

Where do you find the images of your handmade creatures? Do they appear regularly in your dreams, sketches from your childhood, or what?
In all honesty I have absolutely no clue haha. I’ll be in bed (this is why I keep a drawing pad under my bed at night) and I’ll wake up and have this image of something draw it and then finish it in the morning haha. Just little sprits of creativity. I still like to think that I have the imagination of a 4 year old, I’m a total little kid in a big kids body dealing with all the responsibilities of a adult.
Certain sounds in music will set of a design cause I try to think what it would look like in physical form.
Is that just a little weird? Hehe
As a little kid I had tons and tons and tons of plushies I still have them all and sleep with one occasionally I haven’t kept any of my own plushies for myself but I will one day I’m sure haha.
Plushies can be your best friend, another plushies enemy, they’re just such a source of pleasure and imagination, That I feel that everyone needs one cause they just take you back ya know?

How do people around you initially react towards your creatures?
My wonderful amazing boyfriend/future fiancé absolutely adores my plushies.
Just about everyone that’s seen them loves them or just thinks they’re ok (generally those who are closed minded and don’t like out of the ordinary things lol) Me well I’m my best critic and I will admit I have scrapped a couple critters even after the stuffing process cause they just didn’t come out right, but even I’m surprised with how adorable my things are here and there ^_^

How does living in Las Vegas affect you and/or your creatures?
Well living in Vegas is a new thing we only just moved here a few months ago, I’m a California grown girl whose moved around quite a lot, born and raised in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Hawaii (yes Hawaii, Maui), then back to California and now here in Nevada, personally I haven’t found it to affect my business at all, but I don’t have TOO many options for craft shows which is a big bummer when California both north and south have such awesome opportunities. (But living in Nevada will change with the coming of the new year)

Speaking of business, when and how did you first see making dolls as an opportunity?
Another thing I can honestly say I have no idea haha, umm well I am a avid poster on the threadbanger forums and I think it was just me starting to want to sew because I was seeing all these other people creating. A phone call to my mom resulting in my mom buying me a sewing machine and then getting some fabric drawing up my own pattern and going for it. I’ve taught myself how to do everything I’ve been doing. Just a few online tutorials here and there. My mom tried to teach me how to sew when I was little but I just didn’t have the attention span nor the patience to figure it out lol.

What is the most challenging thing to face in your business?
Definitely getting enough attention, there are so many other amazing shops with just as equally great plushies so theres A LOT of competition, but that doesn’t stop me I’m always up for a challenge. ^_^

Do you have a favorite among your creatures?
Hmmmmmmm, well I have quite a few, one that I actually haven’t posted yet is just sooo soo cute ^_^ it just makes me make that face every time I see it haha. As for the ones that are up I adore my owl Owen, Wub, Harper, My wonderful zombie couple, and mummy boy whom I sold was def a favorite, I put so much time and so much love into each of my critters that they all really do have a soul.

What is the most memorable compliment from a satisfied customer you have ever received?
Probably the custom order dinosaur I just did for seriously the sweetest women in Ireland. She came to me saying that my adorable spots the dinosaur (who just sold actually) looked exactly like what she wanted just a few alterations needed to be done. So she sent me the picture and I worked my magic. Through out the whole process she was just the sweetest thing ever, and I would gladly do business with her again. It wasn’t so much what she said that made me happy its the intentions she had for the little dinosaur. But every compliment I’ve received on my little critters have all meant the world to me, people opinions really matter to me when it comes to stuff I create cause I want it to appeal to them.
On the contrary, what it the meanest, heart breaking criticism you have ever heard?
I haven’t gotten anything heart breaking yet, but whenever I go into chats on etsy, or show my stuff to people, I think the thing that hurts the most is just my stuff not getting posted or people just doing that kind of non chalant kind of response where they just say uh huh ya that nice.

Ok, that's it for now, thank you for your time!!
Your most welcome, thank you! For wanting to interview me it’s a absolute pleasure <3

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The world of make believe.

No, I'm not posting about Barney, so all of you sick of the purple dinosaur can relax. (anyway, who dresses up like Barney this Halloween, please raise your hand!! Noone?? last Halloween? no? So am I the only one finding Barney a little, emphasize this..a liiiittlleee... cute?) I loved role-playing as a kid, heck, if I'm not ashamed of my age, I'd still love to. And here are some make believe tools that keep me drooling all day..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Warming up.

For Halloween. I won Florspace's Halloween giveaway (yaaay!) and the package arrived this morning. Wow, what a way to start a weekend! Don't get jealous, peeps! Here they are, taken early in the morning. There should have been a cute pumpkin lantern with the package, but you know, paper lantern and Baby G don't get along too well, so... OK, let's say it's not ready for its close ups. (I nearly cried when it was torn in just 6.5 seconds after I opened the package!) Now I just wish I can get Florspace's talent in sewing, she sews the best bags!

Have a great Halloween warm up and weekend too!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloweenie dress-up printable : accross the blog.

You have the girl dollie, and the boy counterpart. But have you had the dog? This is what I call a lovely coincidence, Amy of LivingLocurto made the dog Halloween dress up printable way before mine came out, and if you already have both of mine, Amy's doggie dress up would be a very nice addition to the family!! And please don't stop there, Amy has dozen of printables and ideas for Halloween, do browse a little more!

If you're thinking of ways to make the printables live longer to (at least) next Halloween (or is it until this year's Halloween?) Amanda of funny days with mommy and maddie has the keys to immortalized the paper printables. Magnets and a cookie tray. I know!! How can I think of this before?! Look for her instructions here.

*update* Now that Amanda has printed the boy version, her little Maddie sure loves cross-dressing them. Bwahahaaha, take it easy, people, she's just a kid and I think it looks cute!

And it seems that Amanda's idea is perfectly suited to Kim's Molly. Look how serious her face is! (notice the Halloween placemats? It's so cute!)

Visit Learning Vicariously and you may never run out of activity for a toodler, seriously, I think Emily is a certified pre-school art teacher, reading her blog is like an endless fun toddler's dream! (And of course, one of the activity includes the magnetic paper doll by me :))

JustPouch used the Halloween pattern for candy bags inside this Halloween treats!

*update* Here are some of the most creative ladies of the blogosphere's more neat ideas :
  • pocacosas' intending to use the dress up dolls for placemats at the kids table for Halloween! Make sure they don't bring their own scissors if you want the placemats still in one piece before dinner's served. :)
  • Have a feltboard around in your home? Glue sandpaper to the back of the printables and there you go, play with your feltbouard, as suggested by Cynthia.
*update* You can also find the printable links at these wonderful places, thank you, everyone! If you have linked and I'm a total moron who miss you out, please do remind me again. :)
kid stuff world
at home with kim vallee
craftgossip's indie craft
small for big

See, what else have you created this Halloween related to the dollie printables? I'll keep this post updated with things I found accross the blogosphere, just give me a head up!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloweenie dress-up printable: Boy Version

I feel like a perfume manufacturer, after a hit with one scent for women I do it again for men. This is purely after tremendous emails and comments ( I got 26 comment for the girl dress up printable, my most commented post so far, thank you!!) asking for a boy version of the dress up halloweenie, and my concern for little boys everywhere playing with a paper dress.

If you have blogged about this, either about the printable or how you are having fun with it, please leave a link in your comment, I'd like to see, of course! Any criticism and/or suggestions are mighty fine, also. That would make my day even brighter than ever. Enjoy!

*** October 2013 update : I'm expiring the Scribd uploaded link and move the file to Google docs, which is user friendly and more awesome, so click away on the newly updated link. It will take you to the google docs site! Or Visit this post for a full list of my Halloween printables. Thank you! *** 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Curioser and curiouser ...

Welcome into an imagined wonderland, say hello to LaCurioshar ! I was browsing Etsy for handmade Halloween cards, well, the more gothic and adult Halloween, and I stumbled upon this lovely twenty something girl's creation. After a few chat turns up that lovely Shalimma is Indonesian!! Wow, I never expected that!!! Etsy is such a small place after all! :)
If I have to describe her works in only a word, it must be "whimsical". The colors, the tone, the moods, and the overall theme seem to bring you into a world you only dare to dream, a very romantic one I must say, no, not the casanova romantic, but rather a childlike innocence with a touch of romance. You are not only buying prints from LaCurioshar, but also a story, that's what makes Shalimma's print stands out! Check out her 'story' about Handsome Dan, an eagle headed gentleman (or is it an eagle with a gentleman's body and attitude?) :

Everyone would cheered each time Dan Eaglehead walks into a room. Not only he is very dandy, he is also a real gentleman with a very good sense of humor. He is what you will proudly call “a jolly good fellow”. Three cheers for Handsome Dan! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Oh, that naive description. Oh, those cheers. Oh, Handsome Dan!! See, like I told you, you're buying a whole lot of a package here! Want to know more about the lady behind Handsome Dan? Do continue reading, folks!
Tell me a bit about yourself!
I am in my late twenty, love books, and love to try things out , and have an acute scatterbrain problem (mentally I am still a toddler)

What inspired/motivated you to work in this craft?
My growing infatuation with greeting cards and the likes prolly started since I was 6 or 7, as I began to collect them I also began to make my own. Art and graphic design are also a big part, although I don’t really have a background education on both, I am always sort of drawn into it. Now with design software programs and digital printing-shops, it is so much easier to have your own design printed the way you wanted it to be.

Is it your childhood's dream to work as an artist?
Nope, I wanted to be a pirate! Yarrrr!!!

How would you describe your perfect day?
My perfect day would be waking up early in the morning, have a yummy breakfast, then out with my sister/best buddies to go thrifting or museum-hopping continued by browsing bookshops and then we go watch a good movie after dinner. And by the time I come home all happy and tired, there’s an e-mail saying that I just got a sale on my Etsy, YAY!

What's the best thing(s) to get you in the mood of making art?
One of those dream-like state when I get those fuzzy feelings when inspiration struck me and I couldn’t stop working until it is done right.

What is it like living in Jakarta? How does it influence you and/or your work?
Jakarta is vibrant, noisy, and unpredictable. Despite everything, Jakarta is an interesting melting pot where people and their cultures collide. I think I kinda infused those elements into my works, if I live in the country I think my works will be much “quiet”.

What is the most common reaction from people toward your art?
Unusual and un- Indonesian, for whatever that means… hehehe…..(ah, I'm not the only one then...)

If you were able to transform into one animal, what would it be and why?
Dolphins travel in what it seemed to be a friendly and fun-loving pack and yet they have a certain respect from other creatures of the sea including sharks. I think it will be grand to be one of ‘em.

What are we going to swoon over next in your shop?
I will be working on Christmas-themed card-sets and ornaments, while trying out some new craft. I also plan to make a woodland-inspired pincushions , as soon as I found the perfect teacups…..
..and great minds do think alike. If you love craft and tutorials, visit her daily blog for inspiration. I love hanging out at ThisSundayChild for inspirations. Personally love the recycled mailers box tutorial. Thank you for the chat, Shalimma!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloweenie dress-up printable

I'm sorry about the figurine, it's a girl, I know, I just don't think dressing up paper game is appealing for boys. But if you're mommy of a boy who's dying to play with the printable, just give me a head up. I will make the boy version.

It's apparently more difficult to make than a bowl of pumpkin soup, so I'm pretty spending much more time on this one! I hope you have fun with this, and pssst..while your little one playing can you snap a picture or two?

*** October 2013 update : I'm expiring the Scribd uploaded link and move the file to Google docs, which is user friendly and more awesome, so click away on the newly updated link. It will directly take you to the google docs site! Or Visit this post for a full list of my Halloween printables. Thank you! *** 

Friday, October 9, 2009

Vintage at Heart

I used to cringe at my mom's old fashioned cooking appliances, table cloth, and even plastic cloth hanger that maybe she bought in the 70's. Now that I see Little Miss Heirloom store, I regret why didn't I rip my mom's vintage stuffs and dress my home with those. Pricilla, the owner of the store and mom of 2 great looking boys is providing authentic vintage pieces for nursery decor, playroom, party supplies and even books. Just look at these treasures.

This one is my favorite, vintage kitchen play set!! Not to mention the matching fridge!

I maybe fight Miss G to play with these first. Shame on you, you, you..shameless mother! *slapped myself* OK, now unto the fun part. Pricilla is being generous to us, she offers 25US$ gift certificate to the store! Visit her on her blog and tell her which is your favorite vintage treasury, and you might take home one. The giveaway ends Oct 17.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I told you I love Halloween. This October, expect lots of Halloween printables from me, so follow me if you can!

First, an invitation to print garnished with tiny little tags, or stickers, or anything you'd dream those circles to be. I find it really hard to get a not-so scary or not too gothic Halloween invitation, so moms of toddlers, this is for you. Fill in the empty dashes as instructed. For example; What .. Jason's Pumpkin Carving Gathering, Where ... Jason's Haunted Mansion (or your address or any address the party's held), When ... Friday night, sunset. I recommend to print this on the back of my Halloween pattern paper, so you won't get a white blank invitation.

Please feel free to use as you're not making money out of this and/or claim this as your own. Be nice, lovelies. And show me what you came up with this, I"ll be more than thankful!

*** October 2013 update : I'm expiring the Scribd uploaded link and move the file to Google docs, which is user friendly and more awesome, so click away on the newly updated link. It will directly take you to the google docs site! Or Visit this post for a full list of my Halloween printables. Thank you! *** 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October's best

Halloween is one of my favorite holiday, easy to know since my all time favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas and Tim Burton being my favorite director. And it's not even religious nor I celebrate it big here in Indonesia. To tell you the truth, I have never put a single costume on my entire life! Because I would be considered very weird here. I wish I live in countries that put much effort in that festivity.

I know you love Halloween as much as I do. I designed a Halloween print for you to use. Use it as a candy bag (hint: here), bunting, paper bow, garland, candy wrapper, box, anything you can dream on!!

Since the internet has grown into such a big scary place, I beg you for not to use it in any kind of commercial purposes, please, please, please. You can print this into fabric (or upload it to Spoonflower, but in case you were wondering, I have uploaded this to my Spoonflower account ), and sew a skirt for your little one, but please don't sell the skirt. And if people ask you, just say that you are very good with needle and make the skirt yourself but show them where you got the print. I know you're nice as a pumpkin. ;)

If you see this design on sale on anything (bag, shirt, stationary,etc), please report it to me. I will reward you greatly. Otherwise, just enjoy the design and have all the fun you want from it. (Don't forget to share your creation with me!)...ummm did you notice my new blog title?? It's Halloween's special!!

*** October 2013 update : I'm expiring the Scribd uploaded link and move the file to Google docs, which is user friendly and more awesome, so click away on the newly updated link. It will take you to the google docs site! Or Visit this post for a full list of my Halloween printables. Thank you! *** 

Friday, October 2, 2009

A little game for today, tag, with a twist. I'm so excited, as today's game of tag is pretty surprising. Dear Hollyrocks, the one who tagged me, is rarely predictable, I must say. Let's see the rules of the game now.

1. Open your first photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo on your blog and tell the story behind it.
4. Tag people to do the same.

mmm... mine is this.

Ha! I knew it must be Baby G's pic, since the first folder must be the "BabyG" one ( I have no folder started with "a")!! And I knew too that it must be her first days of life pic, since I always arrange it based on when the picture taken. So this is it. Baby G at around 10 days or so, sleeping soundly, while mommy took a picture of her monkey and bunny dolls. I love the matching crib bumper and sheets too, it's the first one I bought so the color is gender neutral. I missed her baby days.

Enough about the picture let's get tagging!! Here are the lucky (or not so lucky) people I wish to peek into their photo folder. Natsumi, Noomie, and Rosey, tag girls, you're all it!

And today is Indonesia national batik day. I'm wearing one while I am typing. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Practical Gift Bow How-to

I always love everything practical, because I'm a last minute person. That means I never spend half an hour, or more, to decorate my gifts. But what's a gift of box without a bow, eh? For you lazy crafters, like me, here's a cheat sheet.

First of all, like all good recipe, we start from the ingredients. Measure your 0.5" (standard) ribbon for around 8", twice, so you have two of them. I am using a blank white paper for this tutorial for easy viewing, but any ribbon will do, as long as they are not to silky. Gift wrapping ribbon works best, and that also reminds me, any scrap gift wrapping papers would do just fine. Find a 0.25" ribbon, or measure your first ribbon/paper and cute them half vertically, and make two of 8" each. You'll have 2 big ribbons and 2 thinner ones. You will also need a double sided tape (or any glue) and an office stapler nearby.

"Sandwich" the thinner ones among the big ones. Make sure they stay in the middle.

It's a good idea to make the snake's tongue end now. (this is optional)

Glue your ribbon sandwich at the top only (around 0.5" from the top), make sure all ribbons, thick and thin, are secured at the top.

Now this is the tricky part, staple the thick ribbon together, at around the red part I'm showing here. No precise measurement necessary, just remember not to staple along the thin ribbons inside, make the two of them stay in the middle.

See the red lines? There's where your staples go.

Yep, stapled it diagonally, at around 45 degree, downward, upward, downward, upward. Once again, don't staple the thin ribbons inside (you'll know why soon)

OK, now place your hand on the last staple, hold still, but not too tight, and pull down both thin ribbons with your other hands, automatically your staple will go upwards. See? Are you making the bump like shown here? Keep pulling.

Pull it until the top and you can't go no more. Voila. It's looking good, we're almost there.

Spread the remaining thick ribbons and now you got yourself a bow. Easy, no?

What do you do with the thin ribbon, you ask? Well, tie it around your gifts, your daughter's head, or simply curl it (with the back of scissors). Hint: You can always alter the length of your bows according to your needs.

I keep a lot of un-pulled practical bows around my house. I mean I love putting an effort to decorate a gift but there's always the time when a 1 minute bow might be needed. I hope this is helpful.