Friday, April 22, 2011

Wonder Felt Winner

Congrats chimerathreads! You just won a Big Little Felt Universe book from LarkCrafts.

the winner made this! Isn't she awesome?!

Thank you everyone for joining in and I'm so sorry I picked the winner 2 hours earlier, I had plane to catch and I'm worried that in my destination I won't get connection. I had fun anyway! Keep your eyes open for next giveaway!

***edit *** I'm so sorry that I have not heard anything in reply from chimerathreads, I have picked another winner it's #56 theenchantedtree! Congrats, Tree! (Her real name is Tree, I know! How awesome is that! )

Monday, April 18, 2011

DIY Wild West Birthday

Howdy and Yee-haw! Must be one of the most and well said words during the day! It's my nephew's Bob 6th birthday and cowboys and girls suddenly roaming all around the house. Can't believe how energetic 6th year olds could be. I designed the dessert table and all the printables used, I hope I did great, thank you for all the help from Bob's mom and her crews. She's baking all the cookies , the puddings, the smores, and the cupcakes, plus all the food we got to eat that day, have I mentioned that to you? Isn't she some kind of kitchen wonder?

Enough talking, I guess, enjoy the party!

If you think Bob's mom done a great job in mouth watery department.... You're in luck, she's accepting orders at the moment, contact her here.

The macaroon stand is also a paper printable, but to get it sturdy enough, I lined it with thick cardboard before assembling. Better than the idea of cutting through whole cardboard printable, arthritis alert!
See? It's now strong enough to hold a dozen macaroons.

Since we can't find many store bought cupcake stands that don't scream "girly", the cupcake stands is also part of DIY aspect of this party, it's basically a styrofoam lined with wrapping papers and embellished with thin rope and japanese washi tape along the edges. Lucky to have wood patterned wrapping papers around.

The photobooth and props are all DIY too! The moustaches are all felt and the rest are cardboard. Including the wanted poster, my, boys do love it! Baby G help me colored in the hats! What do you think of her job?

Here's some of the results... Can you spot Baby G around? If you were wondering what did we do with such noisy cowboys/girls, we did had some games to play, there were coin tossing to an old boot, shooting range, hitting horse pinata, and passing hat to old time favorite like "She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain". Why didn't I take pictures of those happy moments and props? It lasted only 5 minutes. Literally. And the props were too sad to be photographed. Mental note to self : take pictures BEFORE the party. During? Hire a photographer. Because you can't wrestle with one or two 6th years old while taking pictures.

So long, pardner! See you next time!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Easter-iffic!

Another bad pun made the headlines. Sorry. Pun really intended because you gotta see what I mean and say (heck, shout) "Easter-iffic" with me.

I'm sure I had once or twice mention jinjerup here on my blog, she's just way too talented! And to celebrate Easter jinjerup teamed up with myowlbarn and share this with us! For Free! How cool is that? Go on take a hike to the owl's nest and indulge yourself in some easter-iffic favor bags. Don't forget to thank them and tell them I sent you. HA! No need to do the later one, but be polite and thank them :)

If you haven't download my own Easter-iffic go right here.

Do you want to create your own Easter-iffic things? GIVEAWAY still runs! go right through here!

Have a nice week!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sorry for the bad pun, and in the title too! What was I thinking? Just as I promise you guys, free printable for Easter! They are tags, but you can use them for almost anything! Banners, cupcake toppers, scrapbook embellishments, stickers, even as confetti (just alter the print size into smaller size). Just make sure you do share your creation with the rest of us :D Happy Easter!

PLEASE respect my effort in making and designing the printable. Though I share it for free doesn't mean you have the right to sell, alter, and/or claim it as your own. Use it for personal use only, if your friends want a copy don't give them yours, give them the link to this post.

PLEASE do tell me if you found the printable elsewhere that violated my rights as the maker.

PLEASE share your real parties, modifications, creations, ideas, etc using the printable, you can send the link on this post or you can send the pics to my email.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Bunny Season

'Tis the season for a long ears and buck teethed, whiskered fellow. And some yellow chicks. God I love Easter. I'll promise you one free printable to celebrate, I hope I can manage to make one in my tight schedule (sorry readers, sorry Baby G). In the mean time you can always rely on Martha for some festive ideas. My favorite is the one pictured up there.

Yes, don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY if you haven't! Or if you had, you can still increase your chances by tweeting or sharing it on social network sites like FB. Good luck!

ps. I'm getting new followers but why haven't you guys entering? waiting for the near closing time luck? :D

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sew Fantastic

Truly an eye candy! Jillian Tamaki for Penguin Books. via black*eiffel.

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