Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is this a website..

or a moving illustration? Or an interactive games?
In my opinion.. It is so much FUN!
I don't care what it is, just visit and have fun in there, immediately!

If you're wondering, Sour Sally is a yogurt store originated from Singapore and now it's serving in Jakarta, Indonesia. And Sally, apparently, is a quirky girl who makes this yogurt store outstanding. I just love companies who not only sell their products but also feast our eyes with good designs and illustrations too. It'll cost a bit but who does not love eating his yogurt accompany by a sweet girl like Sally.

If you're into games and finding things, you'll discover a wonderful surprise from Sally too.
Find all toppings hidden in the site and download Sally's beautiful wallpapers like this one here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Download Free Gift Tags!

I think everyone is in need of decent gift tags since the Chinese lunar year and Valentine's day are approaching. I was thinking to make a related gift tags to those occasions but I know some of us don't celebrate either one one of them. So in respect of everyone's need, I decided to make tags that last whole years through.

Direction : print them, write your personal message on the back, tie them up with your favorite ribbon, and attach to your gifts. For personal use only, please, and don't forget to grab them quick, it's not on the net forever!! It's free!

Grab now!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Felt Love, anyone?

Felt is one of amazing materials that results in many many inspiring artworks, design, or crafts. It's relatively cheap and easy to find too! What a bonus. I am the kind of person who gets excited by a piece of paper, so here's another material that can get me peed my pants too. Well hello, Felt.

Martha Stewart's felt projects tutorial.

Amypanda's apple brooch

umecraft's DIY tea set felt kit.

Chinese Lunar New Year

It's the year of the ox! Happy Chinese New Year!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Featured Artist : Moonyk

I'd like to introduce a very talented girl, Moonyk! .. umm .. No, she's not talented, forgive me, but she's multi-talented! Yes, you heard that right! She can basically done many things and are practically good at them, illustrating children books, doing comic strip, making manga, even manipulating photographs! Believe me, this 26 year old Vietnam based artist has it all!

I apologize that I am beginning to sound like a third grade infomercial actress, but there are no ways better than this to introduce her, I think, well, I'm not Shakespeare so this is the best I can do. Anyway, I'm serious about how talented she is. Take a look at her stuffs here. If her works are literature, they are going to be poems. I think of her works as poetic and you can almost feel the rhyme, when you see them. Very strong, when needed, and delicate at the same time, all in a very tasteful color combination.

The wonderfully kind artist also allowed me to interview! How exciting! So here's a quick chat we had!

1. I realized I am an artist/illustrator when I got my first paid doing illustrations. :)
2. I am mostly inspired by weird things, strange thoughts, bizarre people.
3. I wish I were better at drawing machines, weapons and perspective.
4. I am most satisfied with "The lonesome weasel" because...telling the story of the lonesome weasel is the simplest way to tell mine.
5. I am a little bit embarrassed that I made few of my works, but I'm not gonna tell you which one :) because I think they're a little too flashy, showy or over-sentimental. (No, I won't! Hahaha, that's ok! I know how you feel.)
6. If I weren't making art, I'd probably be unwaged.
7. Tell us something trivial about you!
hmm, I'm sillily doting on my dog. Sometimes I can be very nerdy, and I tend to forgot stuffs like keys, hats, glasses...all the times.

Thank you Moonyk, for the lovely interview and the inspiration! Keep us inspired by your art!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meet the Mind Behind Hello Kitty

I don't know about how regular designers or artists work, but I am such a scatterbrain and easily bored that when I work, it is not always on schedule, say like in 1 month I definitely finish 2 illustrations. Sometimes I am very productive, and sometimes ideas don't seem to come by my side. And sometimes, in the middle of a project, I get bored and my work is simply awful for the rest of the project. I know. I am irresponsible and unprofessional. But I'll learn.

In my disgust of myself, I'd like to introduce a woman who has been designing the same project from 1980's. Well, the project is nothing ordinary, since it's Hello Kitty brand from Sanrio. Meet Yuko Yamaguchi sensei, Hello Kitty brand designer for everything Kitty related stuff you can buy. Imagine that you have to come up with new design every year/occasion about the same expression-less cat. Imagine that! And she always surprises us for almost 3 decades! Her design is nothing ordinary or lame, though, I think Kitty herself is boring, but Yamaguchi sensei has been the ultimate stylish for Ms. Kitty. Check her latest Kitty makeover for 2009. It's Hello Kitty, the side silhouette! How stylish is that! For sale now on Japan!

You can check Yamaguchi sensei's blog here, it's in Japanese though.

By the way I just knew that Kitty's last name is White. Kitty White. Hello, Kitty White. Umm..It's strangely familiar.

Thanks to Takako.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fantastic Toys, literally!

Meet Fantastic Toys who made really fantastic toys! My, he's really talented! All of his stuff have taken me back when chewing gum was a big matter, blowing it into a bubble was definitely a bigger matter, when holding a stick of a lollipop was heaven, and when all you need in the world is a white pony with pink mane. You'll be amazed at numerous things he creates, a certain little girl's wonderland, and aren't we all little girls inside?

Plushies, paper dolls, and everything nice! If you have the sudden urge to own these lovelies visit his shop, now! Drop him a nice comment too on Fantastic Toys' blog. And if you are really inspired, well, be more inspired by his turorial and freebies printable on his website.

via Bukubuku.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Downloadable & Adorable Calendars

Seriously, if you had to choose between these two, which one will you print and hang? Though choice, eh? Lolly's from Lollychops calendar is too good to be true, she even has numerous ideas including corner paper punch, your own photo, and glued paper to customize your own printable, including a step by step photo tutorial to assemble your calendar! Now, look at Del4yo's from Non dairy Dairy calendar, you'll have the urge to print away without any further thinking! I know that this is my second posts about her blog in less than a week time, but what can I say? I am obsessed with her! How cute are those bunnies!! So, if you had to choose, which will it be? For me? I'll do both.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Too Late for Advent Calendar? Not this one.

Non dairy Diary's blog is a cheerful, cute, and nostalgic one. Her illustrations are often child-like and sometimes folksy. I just stumbled upon the blog recently and my, am I regretting that! That means I missed a series of tiny houses advent calendar to make my own! Just look at them! Can you resist?

There are total 25 of the lovely little houses with different design. Here are my ideas for those who are dying to make this house but can't wait till next Christmas to come;
  1. Any birthday coming right up? How old is the birthday boy/girl? 4? Then print and sculpt the number 4 house. Too bad anyone older than 25 can enjoy this gift.
  2. Are you a kindergarten teacher or homeschooling your little ones? Have joy in learning numbers with these babies.
  3. Make them and align them in your work desk, kitchen table, or book shelf. What for? Cuteness overload.

For more ideas visit Non dairy Diary.
Have fun!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting Lucky...

...is a very rare thing happen to me. I have never ever won a single lottery/lucky draw/etc in my entire life, even when I know I have a huge chance. But then suddenly, I stumbled upon Carrie's blog, Ruffled Feathers, and she was having a birthday giveaway, I mentioned about it in my blog on December too, if you wish to know more. I wasn't expecting but when I visited Carrie's again, THERE IT WAS! My name announced as the winner! Thank you, Carrie!

Carrie is totally sweet and nice too, making me so comfortable on my first entry to online giveaways. (I lived in Indonesia and many giveaways are restricted to US or europe residents only.) She is so lovely to send the package anyway, regardless, the (I know) expensive shipping fee from US. And today the package has finally come!

I am a very logical person, so when it comes to luck, I am used to think of it as a system. But it's only me though, I don't read this from some books or hear from some people, I just made this up.
So the luck system (again, according to me, the scatterbrain) goes like this, imagine your luck as an entity. Say, when you were born you have a whole 100% luck, well 98% if your delivery was a near death experience for your mom. And when you found a 10$ bill on your way to school at age 10, your luck pot decreased by 1%. When you won a lottery at age 18, your luck decreased again by, mm maybe 5-10%, depending on the lottery's prize money. That's the idea.

But I am used to think that my 100% is renewed every year, so in the beginning of 2009 I get a whole luck pot again. So it will never run out. Selfish me. And winning Carrie's giveaway? I won it on 2008, and for the whole year I don't think I had been lucky, so I guess I had used all my luck pot on Carrie's. So here are some pictures I took of the package, as soon as I unwrapped it.

The package from lovely Carrie contains 2 holiday inspired cards, orange scarflette, and one adorable Mr. Mouse.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

This year I will...

...hang out with friends.

my gallery.

...hang out with the elderly.

serious seniors at Advanced Style.

...keep up with the latest fashion trends.

the fashionista bunny Fifi Lapin.

...adopt at least one pet.

shop here.

...learn how to sew.

Japanese handmade how to books.

...Happy New Year, everyone.