Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Free Paperdoll : Frozen Inspired! (Anna, Elsa, and Olaf)

You know, since the movie Frozen hit the theater, everyone seems obsessively infuriated by its charm. And yes, almost everyone, from young to old, boys and girls, men and women. Who hasn't heard the song "Let it Go"? Well, something changes at my email inbox as well. Suddenly, after the movie's out, I was spammed by lots of people asking : 

"Can you please do a Frozen paperdoll (at your blog)?" 

Seriously, it's a significant amount of email asking about Frozen paper doll and to this day, I am still getting about 2-3 emails particularly asking about this. What? Like 5 months after the film released? Frozen fever is indeed a real thing! 

After much consideration (and procrastination of lots of work and lack of sleep), here it is, I'm making a Frozen inspired paper doll of  Princess Elsa and Anna and one happy snowman. I was at first getting giddy because I'm too terrified of Disney suing my tail for trespassing their copyrights and laws. But one lady ( hi, Kerry!) convinced me, "Do you realize how many Frozen images are taken for profit? At Etsy? Everywhere else? They don't even knit or paint Elsa themselves, they google it, print it on some cushion covers, and sell it as it is!" Really? I thought.... and thought.. and thought.... 

Soooo .. I don't own anything about Frozen and the guys at Disney should take all credits... I guess it's just fair I put it up for free for the rest of the world. This paper doll would be a mere fan-art. Please enjoy and have fun! In return.. I'm only asking you to do the same, please do not re-distribute the file for profit. For example, please feel free to use the doll design in your cake for your own personal party. But don't sell the cake including these design. 

Check out my  fairy tale paper doll too ...  with snow white, the little mermaid, and prince charming.. If you're missing out!

Well then, ladies and girls, enjoy your Frozen inspired paperdolls buuuut please pay it forward by not making profit out of it. 

download here

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