Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Felt so Good: GIVEAWAY

Care to win one of this? Read on, ladies.

Yes, I'm giving away newly released Big Little FELT Universe by Jeanette Lim from Lark Crafts. The author, Jeanette Lim, lives in Singapore and is a felt artist extraordinaire. She is an Etsy star who has sold close to 9,000 patterns of her designs since she opened her shop in the fall of 2007. Like a wizard, she can easily transform everyday objects, and I mean ANY objects, into fluffy felt creations.

I'm a craft book addict and Japanese ones are on top of my ever growing collections. But to my surprise, Big Little FELT Universe DOES amazes me! It's everything you want from a Japanese craft book; accurate felt color definition, step by step photo tutorials, mostly actual size pattern (no resizing required!! YAY!), and of course basic methods and tips explained in less words and more pictures. I love the fact that it's in English, and unlike many Japanese craft books, the patterns are individually placed, even the big ones like cutting board template stands on their own. Well for a novice like me, that's one big help!

The book's patterns cover most of your children basic toys, like medicine kit, birthday cake kit, vegetable and cooking utensils, grill kit, camping kit, and even ones for the holiday (gingerbread house pattern! what more could you ask?). So I'm guessing if you have kids this might be an excellent source of day to day craft ideas.

And oh, by the way, I made this kiwi fruit from the pattern above. Sorry for the rough stitching and un-match colors... ( boo boo).. But I gotta test if the instructions and pattern work well, and yes, they work just fine for sewing idiots like me, it'll work excellent for you felt experts.


Enough babbling, so you want to win this book, right? Here goes..

How to win :

Please be a follower and simply comment below what felt pattern would you like to see next by Jeanette Lim? Could be a theme and/or an object. e.g Big Little FELT Universe offers everyday objects theme ranging from vegetables to computers... but how about fantasy theme next with unicorns and toad princes?

I will pick 1 winner with random. org. and the winner will be mailed by April 22, 2010 at 14.00 my time (same day 07.00 GMT). So please, be sure to leave your email. Giveaway opens internationally.

Want extra entries ?

Subscribe to this blog (put your email in the box on your right) 1 entry
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Please put each extra entry in separate comment and write down your link too so I can check!

If you can't wait to have your own, you can purchase Big Little FELT Universe at Amazon or bookstores near you, available from March or April this year. Still can't wait to do a project? Well, Lark Crafts is generous to share one of cute patterns from the book. Make a sundae here.

Enjoy your felt!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pink Anatomy

Don't you love this chart? I am currently obsessing!

via here

Pssst. I'm having a spring giveaway soon be sure to check back here often :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Oh Dear..

..H&M, why wouldn't you open up a store in Indonesia? We have Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Armani, Balenciaga, Versace, and tons of Zara outlets, but why not you? -sincerely, small budget fashionista"

LOL, I just having fun sketching H&M online shop collection. With my daughter's new crayons. Gotta test them thoroughly, now that I'm a good mother. Working just fine, dear. *toss crayons to Baby G*

** note to worried parents : I didn't actually toss the crayons to Baby G, I handed it over nice and slow, and I made sure she didn't chew them. They're toxic free, but you know...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zine Crush

Have I mentioned that I'm a magazine addict? Though I can't deny that the existence of blogs and e-zines has significantly decreased my appetite for monthly subscription. Funny, even some big name magazines have an online version now. But sometimes good things can only be seen, felt, and touched in paper and prints. If you're an old dog like me (and in the mood to really feel the paper while you read, just curious, when is the last time YOU read from a real piece of paper theses days?), these are an array of lovely magazines out there, which stands tall against tsunamis of blogs. Go visit a stall and grab a chewing gum too while you're there.

hello, sandwich. pic from here

Marche (in Japanese) pic from here

Lula. pic from here.

seriously, Martha? Where would we be without you? pic from here.