Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miyuki's Magic

Do you think Miyuki Sakai is just another illustrator with blessed hand? Look closely, for sure, she's not using ink nor paint. Her weapons are thread, needles, and (seriously, she mentions this on her web :)) band aids. Ouch.

Swoon, my favorite, pair of white clogs. Her clients range from Time to Nylon. Do visit to check out more mind blowing sewing experience. found via, newly-found-indie-magz Stella.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Clog Roll

The pair that started it all. Chanel, and no, that's not the year of made underneath. That's the price.

The title is a blog roll pun, get it? *insert cricket sound* This could be the part where I type "LOL" but seeing your response I'd better not. Remember my spring wishlist which feature a pair of clogs? Unsurprisingly I haven't got one not even now. I love today's clogs aesthetic and supposedly comfort, but have yet to find the perfect pair for me and my wallet. I was wondering if they are suitable enough to wear for autumn (in Indonesia of course, every day is summer, but you know "autumn" at a country called fashion). I have been browsing through Shopbop and ASOS, and here's what I got.

What do you think? Do you have a pair of clogs? Do you wear it throughout the year?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still in Circus-y mood..

I hate to be in one mood for too long (I'm a Gemini, what can I say?) but this circus apron by Amy deserves its own blog post here. With no long description to read, just admire. *swoon*

By the way Giselle's Circus party is featured at Sara's blog! Thank you, Sara! Be sure to check out other mind blowing parties for kids there too.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Circus for Two

Finally, the birthday post. Started with the Lego Duplo collection that started it all out. It was one of Baby G's first birthday present and she loves anything circus ever since, I knew what her second birthday theme instantly. And yes those are crazy straws. Gotta love them.

I love the dessert table so much I think I have millions similar angle photos of it, knowing at the end of the day I wouldn't have the perfect shot again. I know, I'm such a perfectionist, so I hope these shots could make Amy Atlas jealous (kidding, of course).

The tiered paper plate was inspired by Martha's. Who else? Easy, cheap, and quick. An instant recommendation to glam up any dessert table. I cheated on the smallest macaroons too, those aren't macaroons. Those were super cute Japanese burger-like biscuits.

We had both real and faux popcorn made of marshmallows on top of cupcakes that day. Thanks to the awesome chocotreats, who made the cakepops and the birthday cake too.

One of my best dressed guest of the day...

The mustache photo props. Can't get enough of them.

Notice my new fabric bunting from ideku? Ain't that sweet?
And the rest of the happy day, oh, well, happy second birthday, Baby G. Looking forward for another wonderful years to come.