Thursday, April 16, 2009

You are such a deer...

Don't we all love little Bambi? Embarrassing as it sounds, but I do cry watching him losing his mother. Bambi falls into a second place in tear jerking Disney movies to Lion King, at least according to me. Ok, enough about him, I'm sure we like the little wide eyes Bambi with wobbly legs, but there's something about Bambi's dad that captures us, and not even teenager Bambi can't beat. His antlers. Deers are blessed with beautiful antlers for us to envy, not that we want the huge thing on top of our head, but it's regal, beautiful, and captivating, making the deer in popular list of head taxidermy. ( But please, stop accessorizing your home with dead animals.)

Enjoy my Etsy antlers find. None of my pick is made from real antlers, of course, I am against using real dead animals as craft and fashion. Enjoy your antlers moment.

top row: White Twig's monogrammed linen pillow, Neawear's wallwear
second row : Nice's deer plague, Catrabbitplush's bonnet cat plush, Tastysuite's decal sticker
corner : Corid's original painting


  1. I'm such a crybaby too everytime I watch Bambi! I love your antler etsy finds!

  2. Ow, I looooove Bambi!!! Great selection.

    By the way: I'm hosting a printabel paper goods swap at swap-bot. Maybe you want to join in? (have a look at http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/35101)

  3. Lovely picks!!! Thanks so much for having me :)

  4. this is a wonderful blog, and a magical little grouping. thank you for including me.

  5. thanks so much for thinking of my mini deer plaques! i'll always love deer, haha.


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