Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My luck meter is decreasing again...

..for winning an adorable Bunny pin from RE-read! I won it on February and it just arrived yesterday, for Indonesian snail mail it can be considered extra quick, trust me. Anyway, I am soooo.. excited when the neat package laid on my mail bowl (yes, the bowl looking kinda empty nowadays.. in that case I'm double excited!). This would be my second winning this year!! Whooaa if this is hoe things are going for me, I'm sure my luck meter will run out by June!

I was thrilled too about the fact that Re-read actually use magazine covers and such for the envelope, labels, and stuffings. How thoughtful! Even my prize is also made from recyclable stuffs! How great is she? I'm into recycled craft and if you're like me, RE-read has a whole lot of them at her store.

What make my winning more interesting is that my friend Anna also won a bunny from Re-read, just a week or so before I won mine! Isn't that a pretty coincidence or what? You can read about Anna's bunny here. I can't find a proper dress to pin this baby on, so meanwhile she sits on top of a book that have a pretty matching color. Say hi to everyone, bunny!


  1. Your goodie prize is soo cute! I wish your luck never runs out! Happy St. Patrick's Day!




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