Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Martha's Craft Dept

I am a Martha Stewart fan. Go on, laugh, despise, and humiliate me if you want, but I do love Martha Stewart. Not Martha as a person, of course, but her whole media and especially the decorating, the wedding, and the craft section. When I first grab the issue of Marta Stewart Living I always flip all through the recipes and other articles to see what's in store for craft and decorating. Same thing happened to MS Wedding, I safe the gowns and rings for later to see the decor and the invitations. (Yes, my husband continually asking why am I still reading MS Wedding after I get married? Men, they never get it, don't they?)

So do you ever wonder why MS publications have all the best layouts, greatest projects, and of course, the best craft section? Here is the blog of their craft dept called The Craft Dept (how unpredictable)! Why so excited, you say? Well for me, I love to peek into someone else's kitchen, even more intriguing to me if the kitchen actually serve the tastiest, most good looking foods. So here I am drooling over pictures of my dream job, dream office, dream stack of papers...

Well, since you're there, they also post about other things too like craft projects they made for the magazine, so be sure to grab a triangular box pattern.


  1. haha, me too. Martha Stewart is amazing. i used to wake up early on Saturdays just to watch her show. too bad it got canceled ):

  2. waaa ruang kerjanya... impian jadi kenyataan... makasih ya link-nya, martha stewart tuh udah kayak "kitab suci"nya kantor kami.
    btw, si thomas kereta itu properti kantor tetangga..hihi..

  3. oh what's wrong with being a Martha Stewart fan? She's on my list of favourites too :)

  4. yep! What's wrong being a Martha fan?

    I don't know but sometimes I get teased for being her fan!


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