Thursday, March 5, 2009

70 Years of America Style Icons

Amazing photography, great style, notable icons, and great modern day depictions. I love the idea of newest Glamour magazine fashion spread to celebrate the magazine 70th anniversary, not as exciting as Bazaar's fashion spread with the Simpsons, but hey, I love seeing icons brought back to life. And the choice of models is simply intriguing! Alexis Bledel (Gillmore Girls, Sisterhood of Travelling Pants), for instance, who occasionally played the role of miss goodie two shoes, is depicting Rosie the Riveter ( the 40's "We Can Do It" poster lady) or Hayden Panettiere as Amelia Earhart. That's what I like. When you say American icons, you don't always go for Marilyn or Bridgette (though Hepburn still make the list). A missing female pilot is an icon too! Glamour picks icons from athletes to an imaginary poster lady, from hippies to 2000 New Yorker fashionista.

Nice one to read through lazy afternoon.


  1. This is great. I adore the one of Alexis!

  2. wish i had the money for any magazine i desired! that looks fab.
    %^_^% rosey

  3. by the way your profile says your gender is male? is that right? if so you have great taste for a boy!


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