Monday, March 16, 2009

Watch your back, Agyness!

If the center of fashion hasn't moved yet, last time I check it was Paris, France. Even their child's fashion magazine is sooo fashionable, in a Paris kinda way, of course. And look at these adorable models, they are so good at posing, I think they are re-sizing Gemma and Agyness with photoshop. So here's a little indulgent for your fashion sense to decorate your desktop. Warning : if you're a 50 years old guy and happens to feel really excited looking at these, please look for help, immediately.


  1. i often look at my middle child and think she would make a great model. if only i had the time and money to promote her... :)

  2. Is it Mia? If my guess is right, yes, I think she has a camera friendly face and natural pose. I don't think you need any money to promote her, just a little time. Your blog has point that well (even I can notice which of your angels is model material), maybe you should try to contact your local clothing store (one which always print a catalog every season) by the net and send them her pictures..


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