Monday, March 2, 2009

Feature Artist : Muchlove

Don't you love sweet quirky things, especially the ones you can put on your body and defines your whole look and fashion statement? Let's face it, all girls love to accessorize. How many bracelets are too much? And how many necklaces does a girl need in her lifetime? You don't know a thing about being a girl if you say 12 or 20 and you're completely clueless when you say 6 or so, and which planet are you from when you say none.

Given the fact, I'd thank God for those who make fine accessories. Meet one of accessories crafters extraordinaire, Anna from Muchlove (and thank the people who run Etsy)! Her design can be describe as sweet, pretty, yet quirky. They seem to fit in a girly girl type of person but a vintage dress fan can also put her accessories too. And so is a one of kind unique personality. They all seem to fit everyone's taste. Anna doesn't just have eyes for accessories but also a keen interest in design and fashion. Visit her blog for inspiring arrays of fashion talks and creative tutorials like what you can do with old thights. A natural on her field (Anna is a Flash/Graphic designer), she hauls from birthtown Jogjakarta (an iconic cultural city with a lot of traditional and modern art scenes in Indonesia) to Melbourne, Australia, and settles there now happily and creatively.

She is also kind and patient enough to let me interview her! So here's the sum of our little chitchat yesterday ...

Hello, Anna! Introduce yourself to our reader, please!
Hi, my name is Anna, and I like pretty things.
Do tell me, what is your biggest inspiration source? I am mostly inspired by my thoughts and imagination. Everything around me can inspire me... people, blogs, culture, fashion, I like to take it all in.
Let's say, you're not making accessories right now, what would you do? If I were not making accessories, I'd probably be trying to do something creative anyway. I've always liked to dabble in art and crafts.
What do you regret as a child? I regret that I wasn't more outgoing as a child
Have any desirable item(s) lately? Recently, I am dying to get my hands on the latest issue of Lula magazine! That magazine is insanely gorgeous.
Please share your best kept policy as a craft seller? My ultimate personal business policy as a seller that I'd like to keep in mind all the time is I would never make or sell something that I wouldn't wear myself! It wouldn't be as fun if not.
(quite simple yet so true!)
Do you have any pet peeves? My most un-tolerable pet peeve(s) is/are arrogance

Thank you, Anna!! Keep making those beautiful things for us!


  1. oh wow, thank YOU so much!!! You made me sound so good and I love how you arranged the photos!


  2. Yaaay... no problem, I love your works. You ARE good, dear.


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