Monday, March 23, 2009

Quirky Little Chandelier..

.. of forks and spoons. from bikinbarang.

(I'm sorry for the short post, but I'm not feeling well today, and I have to see the family doctor now. Sorry!)


  1. That's an amazing chandelier! Get well soon!

  2. aw hope you feel better!
    haha wow that's so cool! i never knew that before.

  3. i love this chandelier! how much are they? and do you ship to the United States?

  4. Hi celeste, it's not mine actually, I wrote the shop's name and link up there, the shop's called "bikinbarang". You can visit the link on my post or paste this on your browser http://bikinbarang.blogspot.com/
    and contact the seller for the item.

    Be sure to tell them you come from this blog! :)thanks!

  5. wow that's nice, another than you can made art from anything or anywhere, thanks for share, nice lamp by the way.

  6. Hi celeste!! your blog rules! is the most incredible stuff I've ever seen!


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