Friday, March 13, 2009

Get Ready for Spring Dress..

..for free!! Head to Grosgrain to enter her giveaway. I think the paper crane dress is so pretty and spring-y, I imagine it twirling when you move. But I must warn you that the dress is quiet small, I think, judging from the model's figure in pictures. I am not sure but Grosgrain provides the measurement, be sure to check if it fits you or someone you know before you enter the giveaway. Don't shut the chances of your smaller size sisters :).

Me? My post baby figure might not fit in, but I have a cute cousin who might. So, all you pretty petite ladies head over here quickly!


  1. How incredibly gorgeous! I love the pintuck/ruffle detail on the bodice. Unfortunately my donut-leaving self probably won't fit either!

  2. Beautiful dress... if only i can fit in that ! ;)

  3. I love the chest details too. I think it's like paperfolding in origami, I think it's more suitable for smaller chested girls too.

    aah I wish I could flutter around in this dress.

  4. Pretty gorgeous spring dress!! White is really best choice for spring and summer!!


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