Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Printable

I always, always forgot that international Mother's day falls on every second Sunday of May. Please excuse my lack of Mother's day related printable/craft. I'm hitting my head on the keyboard right now. 78#$^%!jasrey 6asd$%&*^&@s$d^*a&a34mp;  *  )jfh~#al#ir  ... There you go. I ruined my keyboard.

But, if you're also a last minute lovers like me (no offense, Mom, I always love you, no matter how big a procrastinator I am), I have these two cards available for you to download. TWO! for Free!! Please make you choice and pick a card more suitable to your mom's aesthetics preference. You don't have to even leave your seat now, just download and print. And we all know, although your effort is minimum, your love for mother is to the max. Agreed? Cheers for Mothers!

this one right here

And this one right here.

What are you planning on Mother's day? Do you have any DIY ideas to surprise her? 


  1. always lovely <3


  2. These are pretty cards! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy mother's day!

  3. aw the last one is so cute!

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